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  1. Does anyone have a link to the page that contains the Billikens records and all time leaders?
  2. My bad, just saw this on the 2018 thread.
  3. Has there been any discussion around the fact that Torrence Watson has de-committed from Ohio State and is "potentially considering options closer to home"? https://www.landof10.com/ohio-state/torrence-watson-decommits-recruiting
  4. I'm guessing the guys in this picture are returning. CoachTFord5 Officially 1 week today as a Billiken...LOVING IT!Another great workout in the books! GO #BILLIKENS https://t.co/c0Zv70n5Dx 4/6/16, 6:43 PM
  5. Is the assumption of the thread that Reynolds is not a PG? Or that he sucks as a PG? For what it is worth his ast/to numbers so far are 3.0/1.7. While that isn't a great ratio, it certainly not bad. KM averaged 3.0/2.5 his soph year and MM averaged 2.4/1.3 as a soph. I am not saying ast/to is the only way to measure a PG, but it is usually a good indicator. MR is not as good as KM or MM defensively, but I would say he is average at worst on D. Maybe slightly above average due to his hustle. Steals certain don't reflect how good of an "on ball" or "help" defender you are, but they are important. MR leads the team at 1.7 per game. KM and MM both averaged 1.4 their soph year. I know the stats I have quoted are a small sample size, but to me, MR has looked adequate at worst. Crews has experimented with letting others guys bring it up, but I would say MR has handled the majority of those duties. I'll pay closer attention tonight.
  6. http://www.sports360az.com/2015/05/lopes-add-graduate-transfer/
  7. Sorry, try this one if that first link doesn't work.
  8. So, I am sitting here watching the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards on my NBA league pass and after I wrote that post I thought to myself, "I bet these teams run inbounds plays". So I rewinded the game to the first inbounds play I could find and...... https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=jCEQ2joKOzg This was literally 5 min ago in this NBA game. I slight cut above CYC.
  9. Lets see, our former Legendary coach, RM, used to talk about using NBA inbounds plays and 90% of teams we play run inbounds plays, but our head coach with a mediocore career winning pct doesn't even attempt to run in bounds plays even when there is less than 10 seconds on the shot clock and we lose 2-3 seconds bringing the ball back across. I wonder which approach makes more sense? Was pretty funny to see that LaSale had scouted the fact that we don't run inbounds plays and sent a safety back and a few of them got interesting as we had no back up plan. Also as noted above they got a dunk in the game off of an inbounds play under the basket. Also thought it was genius a few home games ago when we were down 2 with Ash (I think) at the line for a 1 and 1 with less than 10 seconds left in the game and we still only sent one rebounder in. So if the shot would have missed to the other side we would have lost a couple seconds trying to get over to foul, as opposed to fouling right away. I was actually amazed he sent one rebounder down the actually. He seems to be really proud of that strategy that other coaches with better records don't seem to use.
  10. Too early to tell in my opinion. We saw a lot of Freshman guarding Freshman, so no real chance to see if they can handle the elevated competition. Not sure we will know much until the SIU game.
  11. I don't post much but here are my observations... Ash is the best player on the team, had another gear that the other players on the team didn't have. Has a D1 body. Roby looks like he has big upside to me. Maybe didn't play as well as Reynolds in this scrimmage but his game looks very well rounded Bartley thew a pretty no look pass at the beginning of the game. He tried 1-2 more no look passes later in the game, but they didn't connect. He doesn't appear to look for his own shot, more of a pass first player perhaps. Gillmann looked very raw. I wouldn't mind if he redshirted. Jolly got off to a slow start missing his first two shots pretty badly, but then seemed to settle in an play pretty well. Glaze make some crafty buckets around the basket. Nothing new from McBroom or Manning, they gave the same thing they gave last season. McBroom made a couple shots and Manning looked good on defense. Crawford and Agbeko played but didn't really do anything that stood out. I think Crawford hit a 3 and a layup on a pretty feed from Reynolds, but other than that I don't remember him doing much else. It was noted during intro's that Yarbrough has the longest wingspan on the team and appears to be strong. Might end up being an Evans type player.
  12. Everytime we sign a guard, it is required for someone to post we sholud have used the scholarship on a stud big man instead. Section 108 is where the cool fans sit
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