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  1. It appears in February 2006 it was decided to add track and drop golf. The reason was supposedly to help the cross country program and initially was only distance runners. It caused a little bit of stir with the recently resigned golf coach making a post about it on here. https://www.billikens.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6396-sport-realignment/
  2. I think SLU had an indoor track team before an outdoor one.
  3. First pitch in the the next game is at 3:10.
  4. All 13 people in attendance today loved the place.
  5. ugggg, 5-3 now in the second. Game on ESPN+.
  6. Good start for the Billikens in their second round game against top seed St. Joe's. Bills up 5-0 in the second.
  7. If he is can stay healthy he would be a really nice player. His problem has been an injury history has resulted in him either missing games, playing hurt or working his way back into game condition. His injury problems started with a knee injury in high school.
  8. I think both Yuri and Ford are better off without each other.
  9. Here is what SLU had before the pep band started in 1989.
  10. It has always been that way because SLU doesn't have a band program. SLU used to not have a band play at the games until alumni on their own started bringing instruments to the games and created the "Trumpetiers". SLU decided they wanted a band at games after finishing second in the NIT tournament in 1989 and student interest in the basketball program was as high as it has ever been. Well student interest in playing in the band was so low they not only needed alumni members to fill out the band, but they needed high schoolers from the band director's high school band. So if you only want a band consisting of students, the sad fact is you are probably going to end up having no band at all. Maybe, no band at all is the actual goal. If it is, the right thing to do would be to just admit it.
  11. I can't find a picture of Billy Lou, but I did find a picture of the Billy Lou Strutters that replaced the cheerleaders.
  12. The only reason it exists at SLU is because of the alumni and the pep band has always been that way. Well at least since the Grawer era when the current band started near the end of the Grawer era. That band started out, if I remember correctly, mostly consisting of alumni and Waterloo (I think) high school band members because SLU didn't have enough students interested in the band. I may get a few things wrong in this part because most of this was before I was alive, but ...... Before that there was only the alumni trumpeters in two different versions. The first version was before Ekker and the second was when Grawer brought them back. The first version ended when Ekker decided SLU needed new traditions (does that sound familiar?). Well Ekker got rid of the trumpeters, replaced the Billiken with Billie Lou and I think hired a lounge act to play music at the games. I think I remember hearing that the lounge act had a singer who would sing to Billie Lou. That ended up with SLU almost dropping to D3 after getting rid of Ekker.
  13. Roy, this isn't a Love being in academic distress thing. It is specific to the rules Michigan has in place for the credits required for upperclassmen in his specific major to enroll. If Love would have started at Michigan and had the same credits he has now, he could play for Michigan.
  14. From what I understand this isn’t Love being NCAA eligible problem. It is an issue with what Michigan requires specific credit wise for upperclassmen transfers to enroll depending on the major. It has been an issue for Michigan with multiple transfers in basketball and football.
  15. I don't think he is coming here. I think he is going to be attending the Madrid campus and not playing college basketball. Just strange you would have an announcement for that.
  16. I didn't know where to put this, but this seemed like the best place. I came across this on twitter, https://twitter.com/IMGABasketball/status/1658573276300431364?s=20 Which is just strange because the Madrid campus doesn't have a basketball team.
  17. He would have helped. https://twitter.com/tiptonedits/status/1658603278202961924?s=46&t=6urbQRIhStGl70a4QUhnHA
  18. He is going to finish with 51, 13 boards, 5 assists and 2 steals. +33
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