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  1. 9 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, 1 block and 1 to at the half. 4-4 from the floor with a three.
  2. 2 steals, a block and a team best +12. A great game and one that you would think would get him a a few spots higher in the rotation.
  3. I don’t have the problems that Old Gut appears to have with Ford, but he actually had a losing record in Big 12 games. He is well above .500 in A10 games.
  4. I am almost 100% certain that is the deal for all home non-con and conference games not picked up for national broadcast by one of the conference's media partners.
  5. The Ramsey and Earl thing doesn't bother me for some reason. The weirdest thing in that announcement was just the random drop that Keno Davis would be doing color on some games. Is Keno Davis living in the area now?
  6. One possible reason for the delay is that the Alderwoman for the 17th Ward hasn't been exactly on top of things that she needs to sign off on when it comes to businesses in her ward. Don't know if that is the hold up on the liquor license or not, but it has been a problem for multiple other things in that ward.
  7. If they were going to leave, they wouldn't have cancelled the east coast headquarters in Charlotte two months ago. They would have just announced they were moving everything to Charlotte. The most vocal investors want them to slash costs and St. Louis is a really cheap location for Centenne to operate their headquarters out of.
  8. That stadium is turning into a fiasco. The press for some reason keeps trying to blame the city for the electrical problems at the stadium, but this is one time the city actually isn't at fault. St Louis CITY SC and their stadium contractors didn't follow Missouri law and properly notify the installation of the underground conduit lines. A city contractor then damaged the lines digging in the street because they weren't marked on One Call. CITY SC is lucky no one from the city's contractor got killed. CITY SC then refused the contractor's request to immediately repair the lines telling them they would have their own contractor do the work. The lines weren't repaired or sealed in anyway at St Louis CITY SC's request and then heavy rain moved in the next day. Rain water then got into the conduit lines and fried CITY' SC's electrical system and flooded their electrical room. City SC must have been too busy working with their "flavor officer' curating the stadium's menu. They are going to be lucky if the stadium is ready by the start of next season.
  9. From the article: “If we’re talking about the difference between $5 million for 11 programs and $6 million for 12, I don’t know if it’s actually worth pulling the trigger because......” That line right there makes it a totally worthless article. No financially responsible organization is turning down a 20% increase in media rights to protect a round robin schedule. Then we get into even more insane ramblings about how Kansas shouldn’t care about the fact their football program generates more revenue by itself than in the Big 12 than they would get in the Big East for all their other sports. I thought KU fans were the most delusional fans when it came to their place in the pecking order, but Marquette fans take the title.
  10. If they added them as an exhibition at the time it was scheduled, they wouldn't be able have the closed scrimmage because UMSL was already on the schedule.
  11. Paul Quinn doesn't damage your SOS. I think Paul Quinn was in response to a big name home/home the program believed they had lined up falling apart at the last minute. With no good options with D1 opponents that wouldn't hurt our SOS, the staff went with an option that wouldn't impact SOS and has the potential to help with recruiting long term.
  12. Malcom Hill has a two way contract with Bulls. Two guys who played high school basketball in Belleville are on two way contracts.
  13. Is he really with a healthy Klay Thompson on the roster? Poole is the fourth guard/wing option on the team behind Curry, Thompson and Wiggins. They have other (while older) better options on the team right now. They don't have another option at the four on the team that can average 7.2 and 6.3 assists a game like Draymond just did in the playoffs. I like Poole as a player. He has a really good career ahead of him. I just don't think people realize how hard it is to find a player like Green even at his advanced age and diminishing skill level. His passing ability and willingness to do the dirty work on offense make it possible for Curry, Thompson, Wiggins and Poole to be as effective as they are in that offense.
  14. If it was simple and undramatic, you should be free to share it. SLU should want the story out there in that case and it would prevent future misunderstandings like this from happening again if it was out there. Keeping everything top secret, like SLU all too often does, isn't helpful to the program.
  15. I would take Draymond Greene on my team any day over Poole. If Draymond was a bad guy or a team cancer it would eventually lead to his team cratering at some point, but all the teams just win. That has been the case at the high school, college and pro level.
  16. It shouldn't have been a deal in the first place at all. BG has better production values than anything the program has ever turned out. He should be viewed as an asset to the program and given the access he needs. He produces content that potential recruits will actually pay attention to.
  17. If Dayton, Valpo, Drake and Davidson can operate a Pioneer Conference football team, so can SLU.
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