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  1. I had the chance to watch the Billikens for the first time this year over the holiday. They looked incredibly polished for this point in the season (a time in which many other teams are not). Should be a very good A-10 team and I suspect a sleeper in the NCAA? Nice to see the revival (even if it is one year later than expected).
  2. Bobinski just leaves the room when Xavier is discussed. I believe he can stay in the room when any other A-10 team is considered.
  3. The only thing interesting to this story was that the players went on Twitter and denied they were leaving... Anyhow, X has to fill two open scholarships.
  4. Latham has come out on twitter and said he's not transferring FWIW. Not sure about Canty at this point either. It would not surprise me if both transferred.
  5. I remember Sean Miller wanted to bring him in at X to be an assistant or Director of Basketball Operations. Apparently X has a no nepostism rule, and it wasn't allowed. This could either be a great hire for UD, or a bad one. It does alarm me more than some other hires. If he turns out to be as good as Sean was at X, the whole conference could be in trouble. Guess we will wait and see.
  6. That's an interesting .... development for Mizzou? When I looked at this thread I had to pause and place Frank Haith. Good luck to the Tigers. Have they run Alden out of town yet?
  7. How is he any better than Hewitt? Maybe the GT AD thought, "If I can't get one A-10 Coach (Mooney) I'll just substitute another? They're interchangeable right?"
  8. I thought SLU looked very good today. I'm not looking forward to the rematch.
  9. I will be there. But I don't think I'll be offering the kind of support you're looking for.
  10. I believe that UC would attempt to block X coming to the Big East.
  11. Won't this fill the arena with opposing team fans?
  12. So if that means Majerus can't recruit outside of a one state radius on a consistent basis, you're ok with that? I'm all for reducing the influence of Agents, Runners, and AAU scam artists. But there has to be way that doesn't seriously limit non-football schools ability to recruit.
  13. It's a good sign that Loe made the All Freshman team. Had no idea he was that highly thought of by the eastern half of the conference.
  14. If this happens Basketball Budgets will go through the roof due to increased recruiting budgets. This move only benefits the BCS schools (and may hurt more of them more than we think). Any school without football money will be at a huge disadvantage in my opinion.
  15. As the guy that does the day to day over at XH, I know all of the work you've had to put in to make the transfer. It looks good, and I'm sure the finished project will be great.
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