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  1. For those out there who know more than me - is there any chance we try and sign a 5th year who has already graduated to provide some leadership and rebounding support?
  2. So is there video from this year or not? It looks like the only year they did video was 2011 which is a shame.
  3. Does anyone have the link for the last 2 senior nights that they can post?
  4. Does anyone have the link for the last 2 senior nights that they can post?
  5. Does anyone know if SLU is planning on video taping the festivities? For us out of towers we aren't able to see the senior night celebration on TV so it would be good to see on you tube, etc.
  6. Is the video of senior day available? If I remember correctly, the ceremony was taped last year and put on slubillikens.com Thanks in advance!
  7. Is the AD planning on video taping this and putting it on you tube? As an out of towner it would be nice to see the celebration. If not, maybe someone from Billikens.com could help out!
  8. I am happy that there is finally an official bar to watch SLU games in Chicago. I'll be there on Friday night and would be happy to help out with the alumni club when I move back to Chicago in July from Portland, Oregon. Go Billikens!
  9. Just lost the feed on tune in radio. Did this happen to anyone else?
  10. I like it as well. Tells me a couple of things: 1) US Airways is horrible 2) I can't believe the pain the SLU student athletes have to go through to travel. All the players end up on different non-direct flights home. How painful!
  11. Couple of options for Carter...http://chicagohoops.hoops247.com/index.php/2011-08-04-18-06-26/576-slu-transfer-carter-weighs-options
  12. Is this stuff available online? I have been waiting for Nike shorts for years!
  13. Any chance the Washington game could be moved from a Wednesday to a Saturday?
  14. So I assume we have an open date on the schedule then?
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