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  1. He keeps saying SalUsich ha. We cannot have Conklin and Remekun on the court at the same time. Neither have any sort of offensive game
  2. I agree. This interview seems like Willie Sr. does not have much contact with Willie Jr., i.e. maybe he has told him he is making his OWN decision about this. It seems like the only way Willie Sr. felt he could get in contact with Willie Jr. was to do it publicly. If so this has to be embarrassing to Willie. I doubt he would do an interview with Nate and allow that to be made public and make all those statements on his facebook if he truly did not wan't to return to SLU. Time to get on board dad, this is your son's decision when it comes right down to it.
  3. yea Willie is living with his mother. I think this is exhibit A as to why he is. Willie Sr. sounds like all he cares about is getting HIS name out there and doesn't care about what is best for Willie Jr. If he did he'd realize all the NBA stock surrounding Willie will vanish if he's out til 2012 and he has to compete for minutes with Wallie Judge and those likes at K-State.
  4. been away from the board a while. I lived on campus all four years, clemens, marchetti, and the village for 2 years from 2006-2010. When I was in Clemens in Gries our RA's riled us all together and gave us a speech of what we couldn't do. They were great. Don't get caught with booz blah blah. told us when cohab was etc. they were very honest about the freshman year experience. needless to say their lack of sternness equaled a very wild floor. the maintenance woman wrote the floor was making her life hell on our bathroom mirror. may have set the record for damages. some other group member
  5. Maybe a dumb question. I noticed it was through CBS Sports on that link for the video: this is a subscription service, yes?
  6. No More July Recruiting: ESPN This could hurt us, especially as we are strapped for cash as it is. We'll have to do more individual visits during the year and not get to see as many kids at the big summer aau events.
  7. If he thinks Majerus was tough or hard...Frank Martin is a beast. He better not act like diva there or Martin will lock him in the doghouse and throw away the key. also, they run a more fast paced offense than we do. he's going to have to get in MUCH better shape as he could barely play 25-30 minutes in our slow offense. also, the players he'll be up against are the same height or bigger and much more athletic and highly regarded recruits. he'll have a tough time finding minutes with the likes of wally judge and others in that front court. i wish him good luck but for his sake hopes he
  8. Havent posted throughout this whole ordeal because I knew what was happening along with a bunch of people on this board because i know people very close to the situation. with that said it doesnt look good for the Reed situation. However lets look at the positive within this article. Compare this class with the one with Reed and Kwa. This one is so much better talent wise with McCall, Loe, Evans and Jett. Also dont forgett about the stud Barnett. This is Majerus' best class yet at SLU. If we were excited about what that class could do...get ready for this one. From what ive heard these
  9. SLU court of appeals includes 3-4 students and then 1-2 faculty to moderate what actually goes down. the students are undergrads. the faculty is usually one of the 2-3 heads of student affairs. i do not want to knock these people but none of them are qualified. a friend of mine once asked what qualified someone to oversee his trial back during his freshman year and they said because they are pre-law scholar. no law classes just a gpa requirement to get into SLU Law upon graduation. if they want to get you in trouble they will, or vice versa.
  10. damn. hes still got almost 2 years left before he goes to college. plenty of things can change. like if notre dame has a down year and mike brey gets fired. as big as it is getting a verbal a kid committing as a first semester junior doesnt mean that much. if this was november next year id say he's definitely going to nd. also not too worried, RM has his eyes on plenty of talent, especially across the sea
  11. just checked espn recruiting and it had manning as a 91. Thought i saw it a couple days ago and he was an 89. must be getting better already.
  12. yea all of these are stupid. slunatics is ok, but sounds more like a high school CYO team than a name for a student section for a team competing for an ncaa tournament spot. WHY does the name have to have SLU or billiken in it? if it is so hard to find a name using one of those two then axe it and think outside the box. come on now. can you imagine the announcer at the fetz saying,"and the 6th man the slunatics...or sluper troopers(wtf)" i for one will cringe or laugh. blue crew is a better name. it wasnt the name that people didnt like it was how it was used and the way different groups in
  13. agree with everyone. the band is amazing. they really keep the blood pumping in the student section when there is a stoppage in play or entertain us when there is only 20 of us there. just watched green street hooligans the other day. just throwing this one out there. "Grand Street Hooligans" as our University in located on Grand.
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