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  1. RIP Steve. Thoughts and prayers out to the McElvene and Flyer families
  2. Any news from attendees of the BGC yesterday?
  3. That sounds really bad. If our predator tracking law enforcement is worth a damn, you are certainly on their watch list for how many high schoolers you dig through on the google machine
  4. Reincarnation, bro. It would suck to come back without a friggin heart.
  5. Haha this is almost comical. 1) If you are going to pretend to be a real journalist then write like one. 2) Real journalists are 100% sure of their sources and don't have to write they are 99% sure. 3) I remember Tatum being at several games but not "almost every game" 4) What frat parties did he go to? This seems highly stupid of him and unlikely. Crews was obviously not a great coach but making up stories about him is pretty low. Better luck with your next tale.
  6. I am definitely happier with Ford than Stallings. Ford is an energy boost this program needs. Not sure Stallings would have delivered that.
  7. I will remember him more for creating his own play: the Milik coast-to-coast which always ended with a blocked shot or dribble of his foot turnover out of bounds. It was always a tremendous momentum killer
  8. wasnt their starting backcourt injured all season?
  9. Maybe a suggested donation of $.10 per post will limit some of the littering of the board over recent years that has driven so many away...
  10. Third try, Wiz...where else was Ford interviewing???
  11. Bernie is a great writer but terrible on the radio and gets personal. No need to waste your time listening to his radio show.
  12. Where else was Ford interviewing? I havent seen anything and feel like he is not the hottest of commodities
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