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  1. 30 minutes ago, billikenfan05 said:

    You also want to make sure as many people come to the event as possible. Streaming could also hurt attendance although it would probably be minimal 

    Yeah, I can understand that. My thought is that if you are die hard enough to care about a midnight madness event, you will do what you can to show up in person. I think the only people who would watch online are those who couldn't make it anyway....plus or minus a handful.

  2. 10 minutes ago, moytoy12 said:

    MBB tweeted me back and said they are looking into a live stream possibility. 

    Sweet....thanks for the update. One would think the infrastructure is in place, so it should be a pretty cheap way to showcase the program. Really hope it comes to fruition.

  3. My fandom starts in 1998, so mine will be limited to the past 20 years. I'll never forget Marque in that Louisville game and for whatever reason, I really enjoyed watching Mo Jeffers...especially when he leaped over the St. Bonnie's kid to slam it home.

    Perry, Jeffers, Conklin, Jett


  4. 19 minutes ago, brianstl said:

    I was referring more to people associated with a previous stop of Gordon’s than at Webster.  They were always ready to bad mouth the kid.  

    Gordon wasn’t the perfect kid in high school.  Many of us aren’t, but most of us get the advantage of being anonymous to the general public during that time of life.  And we definitely didn’t have to deal with the people associated with an MCC program trashing us constantly.

    I'm the parent of a high school wrestler. He is not an elite prospect, but I think with hard work, he could get a partial scholarship somewhere. He is a good kid, but gets in trouble constantly for stupid stuff that any typical teenager would do. Just last night after scolding him, I began to think about the bar us MBM'ers (and society) places on these athlete's. It really put things in perspective. These are kids. They are disrespectful. They do stupid things in the name of "love". They mislead parents in order to go have fun with friends. I couldn't imagine the pressure these guys feel when they have a small mistep but the public labels them a "problem child".  Just something for us to keep in mind...

  5. So, we've really been thinking about "cutting the cord". I maintain DirecTV for the sole purpose of getting Fox Sports Midwest. As far as I know, DirecTV is the only provider that will offer these regional sports stations for folks outside the viewing area. I also get all the East Coast channels.

    Does anybody out there know of a way to watch FSMW short of watching pirated streams? At this point in my life, I have no desire to deal with all the "noise" that comes from watching a pirated feed....I just want to turn on the TV or boot up and watch the game. Thoughts?

  6. 1 hour ago, slu72 said:

    He wears Air Jordan's number and he's from NC, so he's got that going for him. Knollmeyer video was a blast from the past.

    It's funny you say that. I saw it and started wondering if kids these days are wearing 23 for Jordan or for Lebron. Most of these kids grew up watching Lebron and are probably pulling for him in the whole "Lebron vs. MJ" debate. Just something I was thinking about while realizing how old I am...

    Pretty excited about KC. I may have missed these vidoes the first go around, but the kid has some talent to go with that height. 6'8 kid who can stroke it is useful!

  7. 2 hours ago, cheeseman said:

    For some odd reason there are some on the board who are not happy unless they have a dark cloud following the program around.  Somebody graduates early and all of a sudden he may become a grad transfer.  They have no evidence or info to support the claim just their need to find something to worry about. It not only is hard to be a Billiken fan it is hard to have to listen to some of this nonsense.  

    In their defense, every time we have something going good, we get a hard kick in the nuts. We have been programmed to expect the worst at all times. Things looking real good for a breakthrough then we have situation 1. Some real momentum with the program then a freak accident that ultimates leads to our coach passing away. Finally back in the saddle and ready to kick a$$ then situation 2. I can cut them some slack, but do agree that we shouldn't perpetuate rumors.

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  8. Just curious, how is he able to transfer without his family moving....or is that the rumor as well? I've never quite understood how kids can change public schools within a city so easily. I've always been under the impression you are zoned for a specific high school....but I, admittedly, know very little about this subject.

    Count me in the camp that this could be a good thing for SLU if TheOne's sources are accurate...

  9. 20 minutes ago, cheeseman said:

    I am sure he is talking about Jess - the football reference is the key.  Clarke was from MN but Ahearn was not - StL

    It was just a joke for nostalgia purposes. I think everybody know's he is talking about Jett. 

    I'm pretty sure this one made it on the Billikens.com t-shirt. I'll have to pull mine out and double check. 

  10. 50 minutes ago, gobillsgo said:

    We need to get this guy on the phone with another former Minnesota Basketball/Football prospect that had a pretty successful career here. 

    All I can think of when I read this is that "f'er from Minnesota". The pre-Majerus posters will get it... 

  11. 43 minutes ago, Pistol said:

    I should start by saying GCU is actually transitioning toward non-profit status, which is a very recent development. They voted on this a few times in the past few years and decided not to do it, but I think the D-I sports commitment really tipped the balance in the end. This transition means that the company that operates the school will sell its assets to a newly formed non-profit, although it will probably still be a third-party service provider for the school. It was actually a non-profit school until 2004, but sold to save itself from closing after being deep in debt.

    GCU has a checkered history, like any for-profit college, and it includes being sued by the federal government for violating the DOE's incentive compensation ban (schools that accept federal financial aid can't compensate enrollment officers based on numbers), low retention (67%) and graduation (<30%) rates, certain programs within the school being censured, and all of the other typical scandals and scams that hover around a for-profit college.

    Anyway, the short answer to your question is that I just think for-profit colleges are shady AF. They don't operate in the same way as traditional colleges at all. What you call "efficient" is what I call "with a total lack of standards". They staff schools to the bare minimum. They set tuition at the fully allowable amount students are allowed to borrow from federal student aid programs. They recruit the most vulnerable potential students - low-income, single parents, etc. - and these students end up saddled with debt and a low-value degree, if they finish at all (and they're more likely not to). There are exceptions within these schools in terms of degrees or certifications that can be useful, but much (most?) of what these schools do and how they operate is a total scam. And unfortunately, they have an extremely powerful lobby so they continue to be deregulated and given tax breaks. There's no shortage of information out there (long-form articles, studies, and more lawsuits than you can count) about this subject, and I don't need to spend any more time on it here.

    Sorry to take up too much of your time, was just curious about that opinion. I can't say that I see much of a difference between your reasoning and the type of BS that goes on every day at some NCAA schools. My use of the term "efficient" and your interpretation as "lack of standards" are not one in the same. Non-profits, in my relatively diverse experience, are more often than not terribly inefficient because there is a sense of "playing with house money".....but that isn't really relevant in this discussion. 

    I would say any barrier to playing sports in the NCAA should not be about the tax filing status, but about standards and rules that NCAA puts in place for it's members to abide by.

  12. 34 minutes ago, Pistol said:

    I'll never come around on GCU no matter who's involved or how much money they put into the program. For-profit schools don't belong in the NCAA.

    Just curious why you feel that way. I don't have strong opinions either way, but my experience with non-profits has taught me that they pretty much operate the same way as a for-profit, but typically less efficient and could have a different type of oversight (i.e. board vs. shareholder). There certainly isn't any any unfair advantage for a non-profit when it comes to funding (one could argue for-profit has a tougher time). 

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  13. 3 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

    615 was calling our AD a tool because he was working on the move.   Said may annoyed him.    well it annoys me that a student has the gall to call out the AD when he is right here all the time with the ability to go to games at a discount make noise to help the team win.........and doesnt.  that is a tool  at the very least, not much of a fan.  

    I think, at this point, May has qualified himself for tool status. As a manager of people at various levels, I am qualified to say that he should be front and center during the biggest controversy to hit his department in years. He did not issue a press conference. He wasn't even there to support his employee during the press conference. He now seems to be leaving town as to not be present to answer questoins (although I concede that is hearsay, at best). May is not the leader we need. I fully believe a strong leader in the AD would have steered this differently. It is AMAZING what strong leadership can do.

  14. I am happy as a basketball fan, but disgusted as a free thinking graduate of SLU. If what we know about the situation is true....and there are no other bombshells in the report....then I hope my alma mater gets taken to the cleaners by the 3 other guys. This may be the only way for the Board to right the ship and get SLU back on track with it's mission. If there are no charges from the police, then EVERYBODY is guilty of nothing more than a violation of school rules. So disgusting...

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  15. I have little doubt Tony's intentions with BLM are not genuine, but who cares. Rarely have I seen race/gender/sexual orientation cards pulled when the intentions genuine, intelligent or well thought out. People play "cards" all the time for much less. Hell, this whole thing is because the lady's are pulling the "sexual assault" card. The racism perspective is real in this instance (IMO) and I'm very surprised this hasn't taken a more prominent role in the media.

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  16. What.The.Fu**.

    So, whole issue is not that she didn't know it was being filmed. It's not that she had sex without consent. It's not that she told them to stop filming. It's not that she tried to get away and stop something but couldn't. The is because she didn't specifically ask to be filmed.

    I mean, if the statement said "I told them no filming". Or, "I saw them filming and i tried to call the whole thing off", I could find myself getting on board with suspensions.

    But THIS?! She is a TOTAL who is begging for attention at a time when society is eating this stuff up.

    Edit: not sure why it removed the word, but after TOTAL should read s l u t

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  17. 5 minutes ago, gabriel said:

    gives me a little bit of hope that the appeals process with three new faces will turn out a different result.

    My concern with this is company politics. Having spent a lot of time in the land of non-profit academia, the politics are intense and many people live in a fantasy land where results are secondary. Who the 3 people are on the appeal panel and where fall on the org chart could be more critical than any facts or litigation. Reversing the decision of a person in power can be career suicide. Kind of ironic given the situation...

  18. 3 minutes ago, LongLiveLisch said:

    Let’s stop pretending that retweeting women’s march material is any kind of indication of her ability to remain impartial. 

    Supporting women’s rights and being a hearing officer in this case is not the contradictory golden goose we want it to be. 

    Disagree. We are at a place in society where women's rights and sexual misconduct are one in the same...as much as it does not make sense. She was responsible for determining the fate of 4 young men accused of sexual misconduct. She levied a completely UNJUST punishment that does NOT fit the crime. Why? The only reasonable explanation is a total bias toward these evil men who had a consensual sexual encounter. She feels so incredibly passionate about "women's rights" that she felt the need to hammer it home on the internet for all the world to see. She literally threw the book at these guys - pretty much ruining what is supposed to be the best days of there life...and within 24 hours screamed from the hilltops about how evil men are.

    If something was wrong here and she and/or SLU wanted to be "holier than thou", they would have taken the opportunity to teach these kids something. Perhaps community service at an orphanage? Maybe some time in a hospital treating folks with STD's? I mean, aren't we supposed to be a JESUIT institution?

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