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  1. Billikens lead 1-0 at halftime against Louisville.
  2. I am sure it gave him a good feeling, especially since he likes SLU. Bet Justin liked it. Thanks to all who took part.
  3. Lorenzini's pre-game buffet is very good as is the service. The room is very nice. Very convenient to have a nice meal and then go upstairs for the game. Suggest reservations for the big games. Dr. Pestello is almost always there and Rich Chaifetz is there when he comes in.
  4. I have noticed that too. Most recently he plays either no minutes or maybe 1. Wonder what is going on there. Maybe he is just not ready for that level yet. Obviously he needs strength. Poor kid may have made a very poor choice as things turned out, but maybe it will get better for him. I wish him the best.
  5. Following the game on stats and it has been stuck on 36:58 in the first half for a long time. Anyone have an update? Is stats stuck or the game interrupted?
  6. Thanks, she was a character and one of the biggest Billiken fans of us all; It was quite a shock. Had been friends for 47 years, since my freshman year at SLU. I ended my eulogy at her funeral with "I never contemplated a Billiken basketball season without you." SLU AD and staff were in attendance and sent flowers and were first class, as always.
  7. She would always report seeing you and talking to you. The Billikens were a huge part of her life and she enjoyed every minute of it, especially the last two years with all the success. What a way to go out for a Billiken fan, ride the success, have a good day and pass.
  8. She had not had any problems. Not sure what happened and an autopsy runs $3500 so it will remain a mystery. She had complained of chills on Wednesday. She was a dandy and a good friend for close to 50 years. I never contemplated a Billiken basketball season without Mary Alice.
  9. Billikens lost a big fan with the death of Mary Alice Norman aka Malice. Former president of the Billiken Club and long time supporter, creator of the big glasses, and friend to many passed away in her sleep on Wednesday/Thursday. She will be at the Stygar Funeral Home at 5987 Mid-Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters. Visitation on Monday August 12 from 4-8 and funeral on Tuesday at 10. She loved the Billikens. ,
  10. As you know by now, Willie is pretty smart. Good call. And good for Larry. T he controversary over his leadership was beginning to distract from the quality of Saint Louis University. Lets's hope we get a new president who will take us stongly forward.
  11. Had to have made a positive impression on the recruit with a big Cardinal win, full house, beautiful day, the city loving their Billikens.
  12. Ok. I asked because he didn't post the picture with the text. Now I understand.
  13. How did you conclude that she was an old lady?
  14. 22-21 Lasalle with 8:16 left per ESPN which is usually a little slow.
  15. Waiting until the end of the season has been Chris May's plan since it was apparent that Rick was not coming back. It is the right plan. Chris is a very smart man and he is handling all this in exactly the right way. Just wait and see what the best option is. I have a lot of confidence that we will all be happy with our new coach. Rich Chaifetz is very invested in this team and is getting a lot of pleasure from it. We will end up in a very good spot.
  16. I do not believe this rumor is true. Don't waste any worry on it.
  17. Evans has been dealing with a back injury for several weeks.
  18. How about "welcome to the A-10" and "Welcome to Saint Louis" but only bring them out when we have a commanding lead or when we win.
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