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  1. Carlos Martinez is also deceased. According to google died of a heart attack.
  2. Something I have known for 40 years.
  3. Excluding Hughes and his 1 year Rogers would be number 2 on my list behind Bonner.
  4. Why are we talking about this guy. 25 schools have reached out to this him . Many are blue bloods. We are not on the list.
  5. Don’t know if he was the last but Buddy Heild from Oklahoma played all 4 years.
  6. I would give this a good post but it’s not it is a great post. As it is my vote in Mo. and Roy’s vote in Illinois are worthless. Yet the vote of someone in Michigan,Ohio,Pennsylvania and Florida determines who will be president.
  7. I wouldn’t bet too much on that if I were you. He may win but it will be extremely close. All comes down to the same 3 or 4 states. Right Steve?
  8. Promise. This is my last post ion this. . Honest question. If Obama care is so bad why do the majority of Americans oppose it's repeal?
  9. Roy I know you wear a Maga hat but if you are talking about Obamacare you must be kidding. The republicans have no replacement plan never have. As I stated earlier it was a pretty good eight years.
  10. I consider myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. There is no such think as a fiscal conservative anymore.
  11. Don’t know what he is trying to say with his tea party stuff but yes I think he has fired capable cabinet people and replaced them with adoring yes men. By the way Mnuchin is probably very good. And yes the Doctors are being controlled. The only thing I hate is the political discord between the far right and the far left. I am very much a centrist. Unfortunately be a centrist is a rare being in today’s politics.
  12. This is my point it won’t die because here I am replying to you. You obviously think Trump walks on water. Many on here and in the country think he is dangerously incompetent. You’re crap is someone else’s reality. That’s politics. We all think our opinion is the correct opinion. I am being more political than I want but I believe you attacked the Obama years. My opinion those were pretty good eight years But that is an opinion . Unfortunately we can’t express those opinions without becoming hysterical . My opinions aline more to the almaman’s than yours This is someone who called himself a
  13. I have no idea. Just reporting what the national news reported. National news not the cable news. I am not so jaded that I believe they have a political agenda with that report.
  14. Just read it. Where does it say we guarantee checks are going out immediately. Mnunchin says he rejects reports. Sounds like fake spinning to me. Setting up a website for a lot of the population is not the answer. I am not being critical of the Trump administration’s ability to get this done but your calling it fake news.
  15. This was not fake news. Not MSNBC. It will take months to physically print and mail all these checks. The treasury secretary is the one spinning a situation they can’t cure.
  16. The NBC national news just said it would take several months to get checks out.
  17. I have never missed a call from my seat.
  18. With the virus I am not sure what any of this will mean. Can’t see any camps or workouts anytime soon.
  19. No but they have a budget. Athletic scholarships are charged against that budget.
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