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  1. If Martin is such a great guy why is the whole team leaving?
  2. Foul trouble. Timme or Suggs on the bench is the only way I see them losing. I love the way they share the ball.
  3. I find it hard to believe we will go untouched.
  4. I thought courtside was a Vanderbilt guy.
  5. The talking heads,and one was a Kentucky based reporter felt it was more of a new challenge. What more can I do at UK. I agree he can’t be thrilled at last season. Again their conclusion was Maybe.
  6. Was traveling yesterday and was listening to ESPN radio. They spent about 15 minutes talking about Calipari to Texas. Their conclusion. Maybe. Money and a new challenge.
  7. Frank is great. Passionate sportscaster about local teams and the only on air/radio who gives a damn about basketball.
  8. The Big East had a down year but I wouldn’t degrade it too much.
  9. How long can Self avoid the feds and the NCAA?
  10. Gotta love this board. Last week everyone was worried he was leaving because his house was on the market. Now. “He can’t coach” Is this year a disappointment? Sure. Travis’s problem was he raised expectations. I for one am excited about next year, but I have been saying that for 50 years. We will have some transfers. We will have some new players. Maybe 2022 will be the year.
  11. If and when the Big East expands I believe we a a logical candidate as long as we are a top team . We have a lot going for us as long as we can be competitive.
  12. I don't know that you are right about the Beast. They very well may want a mid-west team to go along with Creighton.
  13. Stay in the A-10 until the Big East opens up, and it will at some point.
  14. They will. Someone always leaves.
  15. CNN is minuscule in the AT&T structure. It was acquired as part of the Time Warner acquisition. Yes they would probably like to divest them because it doesn’t fit but no bankruptcy is not an option. While T has been an underperforming asset it is a huge and profitable company with investment grade debt.
  16. CNN is owned by AT&T. While they would probably like to get rid of it bankruptcy is not an option.
  17. I am not saying moving the tourney up was not a mistake. Just saying they waited a week for the championship game so as not to give up the Sunday CBS game.
  18. This is why they waited a week for the championship game.
  19. If that was the night of UMKC I doubt it.
  20. I thought he was amusing when he was on radio,
  21. Not saying you are wrong but I thought the first store was in the loop. Also no longer there.
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