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  1. I am not sure of this but they may have made it optional. Again I am not sure but thought I saw something to that effect.
  2. Wasn’t he the MVP of the all star game?
  3. If I remember correctly a seldom used substitute by the name of Paul Janson (not the referee) was the hero of the Blackburn game.
  4. Yes I believe so. I also think the FBI was (is) involved .
  5. At one point you talk about the tournament in LasVegas played at Valley High School. The reason it was played there was the game was originally supposed to be played in the Paris Hotel. The NCAA stepped in and said the games couldn’t be played in a casino. ( exhibition hall connected) . So they moved the games to the high school gym which was bigger than any around here.
  6. I agree with this . Our beat writers have been fine but it’s just a job.
  7. They would be easier to name if we had a journalism school. I agree with Next Year. It’s all about winning. I think our coverage is good when we win and are relevant. I thought our coverage last year was pretty decent.
  8. I asked this question once before and didn’t get a satisfactory answer. If the Bills have summer workouts can a French and Goodwin participate if they are technically still in the draft?
  9. Many on this board still think we are a nickel and dime operation. I would like to point out this article as an example as to our commitment to the basketball program. This expense would not have happened under Biondi. May and Fred deserve credit for letting Ford recruit at the highest level.
  10. The NCAA is not doing this with any type of value judgement. They are doing it because they are forced to by the states and the court system.
  11. We are a consumer based economy. It all depends on psychology. Will people feel comfortable enough to go out and spend. Will they go to baseball games? I don’t know but I think a lot would depend on a vaccine and it’s effectiveness.
  12. Don’t know that this is a done deal even before the virus.
  13. Sorry but you are not up on urban development. The Armory is undergoing a multi million dollar redevelopment. Office,Retail etc. As far as land ,not much left that hasn’t been done or spoken for.
  14. First of all Father Biondi lied. If he didn’t lie he had no idea of what it would take. His statement was at a tip-off banquet. It made for a good speech. Have you walked those campuses? I have been on Marquette’s . Not impressed.
  15. Do you have any idea what their other programs are like. I don’t but I would guess we would be pretty competitive in most. With the exception of a couple of real clunkers I think we would stack up well. I know05 will ***** about our baseball stadium but I doubt Villanova or BC play in great facilities. We know DePaul has crappy facilities on their land locked campus.
  16. Well maybe. If you believe the rumors there was a lot of dislike for Biondi. Under Fred we have continued to upgrade our program. I know there are plans out there to upgrade our facilities even more. Does the Big East care about volleyball? I think our overall commitment is pretty strong. If the Big East ever wants to expand we just need to be their best basketball option.
  17. Big difference in 4 home games at $30 a pop and 41 home games at $100 a game.
  18. Bushka went to prison for some kind of white collar crime. Burden did time for drugs. PeeWee did something.
  19. I want to give you a good post but there is no icon. Can’t a moderator get a good post?
  20. I think we are losing sight of why the NCAA is doing this. They were sued for using the images of players and the players were not compensated. They are losing the compensation battle in the courts. They are trying to get out ahead of the legal battles.
  21. Paid website run by Billiken hater Gabe DeArmond.
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