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  1. Watched last night. Anyone know Diara’s story?
  2. So if the power 5 want to create their own division that’s ok?
  3. Because SLU cares about the greater good of all men including lower divisions basketball teams.
  4. How would lower division teams get any revenue if it weren’t for buy games? They serve a purpose just don’t have more than a couple.
  5. Nate Silver of 538 believes these numbers are low. There is a certain amount of rally around the flag associated with a leader in times of crisis. George Bush had something like a 95% favorable rating after 911. But you are right nothing will change his base.
  6. I question whether he has the ability to play at this level but I do believe he is a good teammate. I believe Ford has said that and if you watch him on the bench he is very enthusiastic.
  7. We are not headed to a recession we are in a recession. This is a universal opinion of economists.
  8. I don’t see how there can be any kind of workouts for months. For that matter I doubt there will be a summer league especially if they restart the NBA regular season and playoffs.
  9. Whatever happened to Shimbo? If memory serves he may have had a law degree.
  10. Who wouldn’t want to play for Pitino? Strippers and free escorts.
  11. I know you believe no one is going to leave. I am willing to bet you someone will. You name the stakes.
  12. The first half of the Washington game was the best half any Billiken team has ever played . Period.
  13. I think I take this as a compliment. I didn’t see him in high school but I did see him play Louisville in college.
  14. SLU has 3 or 4 gentlemen keeping unofficial team stats. They use to sit in front of me until they added seats for Rex. They are now in front of the band. They had different jobs. Assists -Rebounds-Turnovers-Attempts etc.
  15. You are right unless it has changed,and I don’t believe it has. Chaifetz is run by an outside promoter. Same thing with food service and their 10 dollar beer. I can’t see any way the U would start a hockey program. I believe when Chaifets was designed they correctly made the decision to preclude hockey in their dimensions.
  16. A lot of people have mentioned stomping Butler at home. I think Beating them on the road with our crowd taking over was more memorable for me. Road victories are hard.
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