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The streets

21 May 2011 - 02:44 PM

Word on the street is that the bills have a home and home with New Mexico. Will play at N.M. next season and here at SLU in 2013. Also heard that Jim Whitesell from Loyola was going to be the new asst. coach.

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Roy's misinformation

25 January 2011 - 11:31 AM

I have a daughter who attends Hazelwood Central High, two nieces that attend McCluer and another niece who goes to McCluer North. With that being said, I've grown quite familiar with the Suburban North Conference, especially in football and basketball. I've had a chance to see a lot of McCluer North games this year.
B. Roy's assertion that McCluer North would be hard pressed to finish third in the Southwestern Conference is out of left field. I just thought I would set the record straight. As Paul Harvey would say, This is the rest of hte story.
McCluer North has played five games against Southwestern Conference teams this year.

Belleville West 60-48 win
O'Fallon 62-58 win (Centralia Tournament championship)
Belleville East 76-54 win (a blowout on East's home court)
Collinsville 52-47 win
Belleville West 67-57 loss

According to my math, that's a 4-1 record against the cream of the crop of the SWC, with the exception of East St. Louis. East Side is pretty good, but they an open court game and do not guard anybody. In an open court game against North, they would be hard-pressed to hold B.J. under 50 points. I'm confident they could just squeeze by Granite City and Alton, too.

And all five games have been played on the Illinois side of the river with Illinois officials in hostile territory. They are basically playing all road games.
I don't know Randy Reed that well, but I have always been impressed with his willingness to go out and play anybody, anywhere. I know he has reached out to those Illinois schools to come over to NOrth County and play them at home, but so far, nobody will step up and take him up on it. So far, it's a one-way street. I read in the Belleville news democrat that they are going to the Collinsville Tournament next year. He doesn't care. Last year, they went to Belleville East with a rebuilding team and lost three games, but it made them better. Maybe, one day, one of the SWC schools will venture across the water and play him on his home court. I doubt it.

and by the way, a few years back, Mc North beat Peoria (with D.J. Richardson) and Oak Lawn Richards to win the Carbondale Tournament. Oak Lawn Richards went on to win the Class 4A state championship that same year. Once again, they beat Illinois teams in Illinois.

I'm not saying that McCluer North is god's gift to high school basketball, but that is an impressive run of success against quality teams in Illinois on their own turf. Maybe one year, O'Fallon, BE or BW should schedule McCluer North, Hazelwood central, McCluer, throw in Chamiande, DeSmet and Webster Groves. And play every game on the road. Let's see how that would shake out.

Just want to set the record straight.

Earl's Report on Game

16 December 2010 - 08:42 AM

Earl Austin had a great report on last night's game on his website (earlaustinjr.com). He called the victory, "Bully Beatdown" Billikens style. I felt the same way that he did. They played like a bunch of goons out there and they got away with it for most of the game. Once we took the fight to them, they couldn't handle it. A great win.

Dwayne Evans, Jordair Jett, Kyle Cassity, Mike McCall

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