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  1. So, we're getting a new President tomorrow

    Me too. By definition, we now have a precarious "top 50" BB program, its up to him to solidify that position. He can delegate much of that to May/Crews (or whomever) and fund them sufficiently. (Yes, he needs to build relationships with NBE leaders, but he has to do that anyway, with many institutions). OTOH, our "top 100" academic position has been heading south, and reversing that has to be his top priority. He needs to improve faculty morale at SLU, attract new top quality faculty, and support them with a functional and coherent administration. Over time, that will improve our reputation among our academic competitors, which is a key to improving our ranking. His resume indicates good relationships with religious and lay faculty at other institutions, and a reasonable career path (Chief Academic Officer at National UD, to CEO at Regional LeMoyne, now CEO at better National SLU). I pray that he succeeds. Here's the news from Syracuse (with photo).
  2. Aussie Anthem

    I don't think this got posted; anyway, it's worth a bump for CE.
  3. New Big East Announced 3/20

    No. There is no reason for them to discuss anything other than the league they have formed and the contract they are signing now. They have done what they have to do, and must now get the league up and running before July. Let Dayton whimper, I hope SLU says nothing. Biondi, May, Chaifetz are good at that. Work hard to 1) keep the team at top tier level; 2) keep the A-10 competitive, and negotiate a full-coverage deal with CBS and NBC, who should want to step up their basketball coverage to meet the challenge.
  4. Seed list (link) & A-10 considerations

    Shortly before 8pm CT on ESPN John Thompson (Sr.) was asked to pick the final four. He chose Saint Louis from the Midwest Region, since they had skills, maturity, and motivation (RickMa). (Also, I think he didn't care for Louisville being a top seed, while Kentucky was ignored). He hoped Georgetown would do well, but they were too young to go all the way.
  5. tv for today

    FSNMW running infomercial. F**k F*x.
  6. tv for today

    Rerun of Blues game on FSMW. Listing still shows paid programming until Cardinals Exhibition game at 1pm.
  7. Friday Game Watching

    If you can get channel 11, it will be blacked out on FSMW to protect KPLR's exclusive feed in Saint Louis.
  8. Nitpick: That's 11 am CDT, I hope. It is listed as a "Paid Programming" block on Prairie Bill's Comcast lineup. I agree that FS wants the available A-10 games, taking the trouble to black them out to protect local stations (like KPLR) in Saint Louis, Dayton, etc if the local teams advance.
  9. Great Article in the NYT

    - and we have a great student section. Think how much better it could be with a live band! In my opinion, the author has never seen the team play in person at Chaifetz. Any rebuttal to this?
  10. A-10 Champs

    Wonderful. A banner for the ages. Champions of the A-10 when the A-10 was/is at its peak. God bless Rick Majerus.
  11. Bracketology

    I was surfing and dropped in on the B10 network near the end of an "inside the selection process" show. Apparently Jerry Palm (CBS) and another guy illustrated the process as a mock selection committee. They assumed all current league leaders would dance, and didn't talk about them while I watched, but unless my eyes are failing, SLU ended up as a #4! I have to DVR this and see who the other guy was - I assume Palm had his arm twisted. Next (and last) showing I see is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12:30 pm CT. OK, I see Palm has us as #4 in the South tonight. It was sportswriter Mike DeCourcy. They put us #4 in South, playing #13 Bucknell.
  12. VCU v. Butler

    It looks like the March day may come when we beat the Hoyas at Chaifetz for the BEast12 championship. I may be a golden Bill by then, but I want to be in that number when the Bills come flooding in.
  13. C7 News and Rumors

    Creighton puzzles me too: remote, small market. Why first in? So try this argument. If Fox has the best offer and wants 12, they will do 12 ASAP. Presumably by this time the 12 know who they are (or someone hasn't been doing his homework), and, as always, if the job is to be done, it is best done quickly. There is only one reason for any of the 12 to delay: Money. In our case, SLU and the A-10 will be in for serious NCAA credits this year, and a double-sized exit fee. Dayton may feel the same way. But I expect Creighton has much less to lose from an early exit from the MVC, and can jump ship immediately. Of course, this is all armchair speculation - I don't have any inside information. But it seems reasonable to me. (PS: On a related matter, while I don't expect that all 12 members will be equal partners at first, I hope the difference is phased out over time. That could be an additional complicating factor being negotiated.)
  14. They will not win out, they are destined to end their regular season with a loss on the road next Saturday.
  15. SI Power Rankings

    More likely, fine wine with his favorite Italian meals. As a Milwaukee guy, he would know that "In heaven, there is no beer, that's why we drink it here". Here's a of the Yankovic standard, with additional lyrics he might like.