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  1. DACA exists but the injunction stopped the expansion...shoot, failed to follow my own advice.
  2. He honestly does not care where the players come from, he just knows that this gets others posting.
  3. The Federal laws do not require colleges or university to verify immigration status. The student may have a temporary status through the DACA program. Otherwise, I hope this is the end of the conversation. The troll has found that others have jumped on the suggestion that St. Louis may no longer have the talent to field a national champion caliber team and that SLU no longer recruits enough of the be best players to test that theory. The goal of the troll is to get people to respond. I am going to try that block idea. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Glad to see all the regular posters back again. There are not of many of you but I really enjoy reading what you guys have to say. Lets all agree to ignore the troll. Go Bills!
  5. Looks like SLU played Jefferson College to a 0-0 tie last night in exhibition play. I did not get to go and I generally do not read to much in to exhibitions for all the obvious reasons, but on paper, a 0-0 tie against a community college with the Jefferson College keeper registering a mere two saves... Did anyone see it?
  6. ST. LOUIS – Saint Louis men’s soccer announced its spring match schedule today. The Billikens will play four of their five exhibitions at Robert R. Hermann Stadium, with the highlight being a friendly against Saint Louis FC at Hermann Stadium on Sunday, April 17. 2016 Spring Schedule Saturday, April 2 – at Xavier, 12:30 p.m. Saturday, April 9 – vs. Missouri State, 6 p.m. Sunday, April 17 – vs. St. Louis FC, 1 p.m. Saturday, April 23 – vs. Washington University, 7 p.m. Saturday, April 30 – vs. Jefferson College, 7 p.m. Home games at Robert R. Hermann Stadium in bold Dates and times subject to change
  7. He studied the mission statement!
  8. That is not the norm. In this case Greenville plays the super up-tempo Grinnell-style offense which focuses on three pointers and full court defense with lots of substitions. You score a lot and give up a lot.
  9. Sorry, I said track but I meant the walkway. Have fans enter the stands from the east side to push the stands as close to the field as possible.
  10. Even the University of Nebraska Omaha has a better soccer stadium. I would like to see SLU improve the seating on the East end of the stadium, installing permanent stands that are adjacent to the field. Move the track to the East side of the stands.
  11. The stadium definitely needs an upgrade. SLU also needs a way to get students back to the games.
  12. Joe Clarke was fired in his final season at SLU, right? His Billikens were 5-10-3 in his final season, losing in the first round of the Conference USA tournament, but he made it to the tourney in all but one of other season dating back to 1983 when he took over for Harry Keogh. He did have a few first round losses, but also had a few third round appearances and a Final Four. The standards certainly have changed at SLU.
  13. Thanks for the correction. I thought for sure May was there during my time at SLU, but yeah, nevermind...