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  1. The story with Dan Donigan was that he had a series of one-year contracts and that SLU only gave longer contracts to the basketball coaches. Donigan left for a five-year contract at Rutgers. At least that is what I had read. I was curious to see how Donigan was doing in the Garden State and it looks like Rutgers finished 1-14-2. The Scarlett Knights were able to avoid a winless season after defeating Bradley (2-14-3). That is an incredible drop-off from his 12 win, second round NCAA tournament team from a season ago. As for coaches, if SLU had the money and commitment to rebuilding the program, the target should be Neil Jones from Loyola University Chicago.
  2. As is McGinty's career at Saint Louis University...
  3. This is the only way the forum survives. The troll must be ignored. There is no way to defeat a troll other than to ignore him because the only goal of the troll is to get someone to respond. If you try to mock or insult, it only make the troll feel more powerful. And, the science behind trolling confirms: most trolls do this because it makes them feel powerful.
  4. How many times did I have to say this before you believed me? Yes, Greenville plays their version of the Loyola Marymount and Grinnell systems...
  5. The system that Greenville uses does not necessarily require a lot of speed if SLU can pass through the press and guard the perimeter. It is not run and gun in the traditional sense. The goal of the system is to use the full-court press to force turnovers. The goal is to get more shorts than the opponent...and taking significantly more shots from the perimeter. Crash the boards on the offensive end and pass the ball back to the perimeter. The coach at Greenville began using the system last season, so he may still be working to get the players up to speed. There may significant stretches in which Greenville just looks like every other team. The system has never proven to be useful against significantly better teams and opponents often break records. SLU may set a record number of two point field goals as they go in for dunk after dunk, layup after layup. For example, Greenville lost to Webster 108-106 a season ago. Greenville shot 83 field goals and 46 were from the perimeter while Webster shot 79 field goals and only 8 were from range.
  6. I hate to say it, but we are not going to get the board back until we stop feeding the troll.
  7. Just a little too much cool with just a little too much snark to be entirely Pestello. I noticed he was also including a GIFs with a few of his Tweets. Not to say that he would not know how to do it, but at that point, developing content takes work...
  8. Exactly. The only goal of troll is to get people to respond. Even if people respond with insults. He utilizes a simple approach: ask questions over and over until someone breaks down... The only way to defeat a troll is not to respond, but everyone has to be on board. Everyone ignore him so we can get back to the business of discussing soccer.
  9. It makes me question whether or not he is doing the Tweets. If the Tweets are authentically Pestello then he deserves a lot more followers. As for the mascot, clearly they did not focus group this before the debut. They should have had students in on the design process. I think they could keep the two-tone if they lighten the gray. I am OK with the open mouth, but they need to fix the one eye closed/one big blue eye open look. Just have two eyes open.
  10. By SLU standards, they definitely are. As for the style, I hope I did not build this game up too much, but if anyone is thinking they may pass on this game because it is against a Division III opponent, they may want to think again.
  11. I assumed that there was something there...I may be the only one I know who has never seen Footloose or The Titantic, so those references are always lost on me. Thanks though.
  12. I am guessing that there is humor or wisdom in this post, but I cannot find it.
  13. I am not sure where you read this, but Greenville is on the opposite end of the Christian Evangelical colleges from say Bob Jones. Students do not have to sign a statement of community principles...students can dance...they can live in co-ed dorms...students do not even have to be Christian. Greenville is not going to challenge SLU at all, but they are on year two of playing a version of the Grinnell System which emphasizes both run and gun and perimeter shooting. If Greenville brings the System, they will play a full court press and may even substitute 3-4 players at every break. Grinnell and Greenville led Division III in most offensive statistics a season ago. And, if they are able to run the system adequately, they may score 80-90 points or more on SLU, though as much as the system may be fun to play, it generally does not lead to wins against better teams in Division III. SLU may score 150 points if they choose. Again, SLU will destroy Greenville, but this has the potential to be a fun game to watch.
  14. The Donius Student Center is very nice for sure. I know one thing they did to bolster enrollment was to move to Division II, increase the number of sports and to market themselves as an institution with a proud heritage of athletics. Maryville fields teams in Lacrosse, Men's and Women's Golf, Wrestling, Cross Country and Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, Bowling and Tennis in addition to more traditional college sports. That is a lot of sports for a school of 2,700 students.