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  1. SLU Soccer 2017

    McGinty followed his wife here when she was hired by the university. http://www.slu.edu/peoplefinder/index.php?query=McGinty
  2. Viewed through our own bias history is hard enough. Distorted further by popular culture, it becomes even harder to deal with. With that said, I've always thought that the statue said more about the artist than the subject.
  3. Big East Talk

    Does anybody want to speculate what the second TV contract with the Big East will be like. Will they be offered A10 level money, the same big contract, or somewhere in between.
  4. Media Information For Dayton

    Ku band AMC 16 11980 H 29268
  5. OT: Duke bans the phrase "Man Up"

    It's easy to take words from someone mouth, its the thinking part that's hard.
  6. This is going to kick off a bunch of realignment. If a school wants to do this and the conference they are a part of doesn't, or a school that doesn't want to and the conference does. It is going to make things very interesting. Something to think about is that the P5 schools each have athletics that have a minimum revenue of 43 million a year. Anybody outside of the P5 with revenue like that are targets for inclusion. Basketball only schools are facing some interesting challenges in the future.
  7. Marquette Hires Wojo

    They have scholastic scholarship slotted for the athletes. So they don't have athletic scholarship. What I was told by a Harvard grad anyway.
  8. Better Fit for SLU: BE or AAC?

    Did the details of the big east contract with Fox ever leak? I wonder how good/bad it really is.
  9. Billiken Basketball Radio Show

    They always seem to turn the feed off at 7pm since they switch to the national espn feed. My guess is someone didn't get the memo.
  10. Media Information for Wichita State

    Satellite Feed AMC16 11780 h 29270
  11. Media Information for Wisconsin

    If you have a free to air satellite dish setup you can watch the game.
  12. Media Information for Wisconsin

    Possible satellite feed Galaxy16/V/3972/13140/S2/HD/H.264
  13. How many bids will they Big East get? If they have a disaster of year and end with two bids does that effect anything? Beyond being one less at large bid. If they have a great year do they take potential at large bids away from the A10? If the A10 ends the season with more bids than the Big East does that effect anything? If going forward the A10 puts more teams in the tournament of the next 12 years?