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  1. Yes, he played for the LA Stars originally, then the Floridians, then the Cougars when the Floridians folded. Went to numerous Cougar games during their five years in Greensboro and he was on the team the last two years. He was a warrior who took nothing from no one. He would've had huge stats under normal circumstances but the Cougars guards were so good that Larry Brown platooned two sets so that each played about 24 mins a game. When Billy Cunningham came to the Cougars he tried to big time Calvin complaining about some switching that he didn't think was done right. He got in Calvin's face about it and Calvin told him if he said one more word to him he was going to knock his ass in the seats. After that, he had Cunningham's respect and that was a very solid team for two years with excellent chemistry. Even the head case, Joe Caldwell, got with the program.
  2. Find footage of the great Mack Calvin and you'll have a preview of Graves. Saw Calvin play many games during his years in the ABA and Graves is his clone. When Calvin joined the NBA after the merger he was terrific until slowed by a knee injury. Graves can be that good if he has Calvin's bulldog mentality. Sources in the Greensboro area say he does.
  3. We didn't offer him.
  4. It seems the important point here is where Pickett and Smith will be matriculating. Spill the beans, Grasshopper.
  5. Geez, only one post per day? I say no limit and use the ignore function when needed.
  6. Zeke had the chance to go to New Mexico State and didn't? What was he thinking? Just kidding about it but I do like to listen to NMSU games late at night during hoop season when I can't sleep. A few minutes of Aggie hoops and it's off to dream land. Good luck to Zeke.
  7. Good Lord, just what is the going rate for these players and how much is Ford offering? How long can the athletic department keep backing up the Brinks truck for recruits?
  8. How did I miss that a 6'9 forward visited last weekend? Official visit or unofficial and what's his first name?
  9. Hate to ask but who is Whaley?
  10. I hate this reference to Ed Manning, Danny's dad. Do you realize that he had a nine year NBA-ABA career and was a solid contributor on 2 very good Carolina Cougars teams who finished those years a total of 40 games over .500? Incidentally, his coach those two years was none other than Larry Brown.
  11. It's been a while since I've seen it spelled out but it's something like State Penitentiary University of Missouri at Columbia. At least I'm pretty sure the umac part is right.
  12. The link below takes you to a story about a Cal State-Bakersfield player, Brent Wrapp, whose grandfather, Jack Wrapp, was a member of the Billikens '48 NIT championship team. Bakersfield made it to the Garden as an 8 seed in this year's NIT. The granddad is 87 and was interviewed and shared memories of the trip to New York. Thought it was a nice story with a Billikens twist.
  13. Archie Miller to Indiana. Where does Dayton turn?
  14. Travis is doing a helluva great job and is the right coach at the right time for SLU. Comments to the contrary at this time are as ridiculous as a tweet from our Russia-backed President.
  15. The chances of Tilmon coming here are Slim and none and Slim left town last week.