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  1. Athlon's Preview is Out!!

    Bills are going to slice through the A10 like a hot knife through warm butter.
  2. Off-season talk

    Seems like I recall a tweet with him being named the "win the week" winner early in the summer so I'm sure he's been practicing with the team.
  3. All teams safe in Spain

    From espn.com: "Clemson's basketball team arrived back on campus, a day after a deadly van attack in Barcelona that occurred just outside their hotel. The Tigers were preparing to play their fourth and final game of a summer tour of Spain when a van drove up on a sidewalk and crashed into scores of people in Las Ramblas promenade, killing 13. Clemson canceled the final game and flew back home as scheduled Friday. Teams from Arizona and Oregon State were also staying at the hotel. A fourth team, Tulane, was in Barcelona at a different hotel." That's too close for comfort in my book. Glad no harm came to any of them.
  4. North Carolina vs NCAA

    With the NCAA about to meet with the NC Tarholes, I really feel sorry for some directional school like Eastern Kentucky or Western Illinois. The NCAA is likely to be so upset with the "'holes", an ABCer's (Anybody But Carolina) way of referring to that evil empire, that they'll put one of those schools on probation for five years.
  5. Travis Ford On 590

    "The Fast Lane asked Coach "if there are 8 seconds left on the clock and you have the ball, who do you call the play for?" He answered, in this order, Goodwin, AD, Roby, Bess and Bishop... [Players not mentioned in the interview were Anthony, French, Foreman, Graves, Hines, Johnson, and Welmer." Did seem a little odd he didn't mention Johnson as one of the ones you call the play for. If he's our sixth scoring option this year, I like our chances.
  6. Lady Billikens

    They're going to kick a$$ and take names.
  7. Phil Forte added to Staff

  8. Tilmon to Jail thread

    So someone with a tie to the SPUMAC basketball program finally found a way to drive to the hoop?
  9. Jalen Johnson's potential

    Correct answer: Unlimited Looking at this roster you have to ask yourself, who sits? Prior to Graves' becoming eligible, you've got 10 players who could see a lot of minutes. Ford has never been one to stretch the rotation past nine, most years 8, so who doesn't get off the bench? Unless, he either decides to go 10 or 11 deep or goes with a "blue" team and bring five in at a time. That rarely happens. I think Jalen will force his way into the lineup. If that happens, who will be the transfer candidates? There can't be many as more than half of the team has already used a redshirt year.
  10. Anthony and Santos

    Was wondering the same thing.
  11. Other College BB Discussion

    How does a player of his caliber fall all the way to the NAIA level. Must really want to work for CVS.
  12. Recruiting - 2017

  13. Recruiting - 2017

    Yes, he played for the LA Stars originally, then the Floridians, then the Cougars when the Floridians folded. Went to numerous Cougar games during their five years in Greensboro and he was on the team the last two years. He was a warrior who took nothing from no one. He would've had huge stats under normal circumstances but the Cougars guards were so good that Larry Brown platooned two sets so that each played about 24 mins a game. When Billy Cunningham came to the Cougars he tried to big time Calvin complaining about some switching that he didn't think was done right. He got in Calvin's face about it and Calvin told him if he said one more word to him he was going to knock his ass in the seats. After that, he had Cunningham's respect and that was a very solid team for two years with excellent chemistry. Even the head case, Joe Caldwell, got with the program.
  14. Recruiting - 2017

    Find footage of the great Mack Calvin and you'll have a preview of Graves. Saw Calvin play many games during his years in the ABA and Graves is his clone. When Calvin joined the NBA after the merger he was terrific until slowed by a knee injury. Graves can be that good if he has Calvin's bulldog mentality. Sources in the Greensboro area say he does.
  15. Tilmon to Mizzou thread

    We didn't offer him.