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  1. Schedule: 2016-2017

    Yeah, I couldn't get the code to work when I first saw it, so I called and they gave me the promo over the phone. They said several people were having issues like me. It is quite the deal, though. I was just going to get a package deal this year with some games, but that would likely cost as much as this for a full season.
  2. Roby: Broken hand??

    Haha. It is not broken. He was watching a men's baseball game, which I was playing in, at SLU and was all alone in the stands. A foul ball went right at him in the stands and he tried to catch it. He said, "now his hand is broken on his Twitter feed," after the ball bounced off his hands. He was just joking. You had to kind of follow all his tweets leading up to that one.
  3. GDT - Spiders Spin Web - Net Victory

    Ditto. And people wonder why Crews seems to have a short hook with him compared to others.
  4. Lady Billikens

    My son's school got 200 free tickets for the women's game last night. That is a good move on their part to get people to the game and show them the good time they can have. I applaud the athletic department or whoever came up with that.
  5. GDT Little State Big Loss

    I have really liked the lineup with MY at the 3. I think that really improves our rebounding. I hope we see more of that going forward.
  6. GDT: Take Down the Champs

    Thank you. I thought maybe I was the only person really bothered by this. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing it this way.
  7. GDT: Take Down the Champs

    Not sure about all of you but one thing I can't stand to see anymore is our inbound plays underneath the basketball when we throw the ball all the way into the backcourt. Is there nothing else we can run there? Do we have that little faith in our inbound plays that we don't even try to accomplish anything? That is driving me crazy. We need offense as much as anything and a good inbound play can create easy baskets. This strategy doesn't make any sense to me. I'm over it.
  8. Well, they continued to do the pick and roll but Manning sagged off his man better, clogging up the middle. I just saw Gillman and Jolly failing to recover quick enough, especially Jolly when he was in the game. Trust me, I'm not a Manning apologist but I could see why he was playing late in the game. I really thought the other two centers struggled much more defensively in the game last night.
  9. I totally agree with this. I'm not a big Manning fan by any means but the other two centers have been awful defensively. Both Gillman and Jolly couldn't recover on the pick and rolls last night. It was awful defense by both those guys. Manning at least stopped the bleeding some in that area, which I think stemmed the tide in that game. Manning helped the guards recover that kept getting beat off the dribble.
  10. Billiken Stuff

    I went to the one in Fenton a while back and meant to post on here, but Rally House had the biggest selection of Billiken stuff I have seen anywhere. They had tons of stuff and all sorts of variety of products. I was impressed.
  11. SLU Article

    Stan McNeal is a local writer. He works for Fox Sports Midwest, lives in St. Louis and attended many Billiken basketball games last season, writing about many of them. He is a very good writer with a ton of experience.
  12. Another error in the article I saw was in my print edition, which said David Lee went to John Burroughs, which is wrong. It is changed now online but it clearly says that in my print edition. Did the Post lay off all of their copy editors as well?
  13. Yeah, I'm thinking it is him but the only part of me that is doubting it is he is quoting some actual basketball names and numbers to go with them - something he hasn't demonstrated in the past. It certainly sounds like him most times, though.
  14. Attendance

    Yeah, I have been monitoring as well and yesterday the site said no tickets were available for the George Washington game. I know they release some tickets as the game draws near but it seems like all three of those games had an awful lot of tickets released. It is a bit discouraging but I'm still hoping for some sell outs. We have time.
  15. Plea to Students/Fans

    I agree with this. I think they said she was 9. Just awesome.