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  1. Ok so if interested, Willie is on this year`s Heat in the game, but also you can have past teams with Bonner on the 94-95 Knicks and Larry Hughes on the 06-07 Cavaliers
  2. Maybe I a homer, but I like our chances here, giddy for this game... Ford will have the blood pumping against UMass for sure, and the new and improved Billiken brings us luck...???
  3. The Greek played and they didn`t? That`s interesting, no?
  4. The game is on American Sports Network, but usually picked up by other networks... We have Dish , shows it on 412-28 and 412-37
  5. I call it the Valentine's Day Massacre, when beat Cincinnati , they were ranked, thinking #4, 2000 season timeframe. The Helicopter got SO pissed.. MInnesota win in '95 NCAA tourney, last 30 seconds took forever. Conklin Smash game vs. UW. Any win over X
  6. He wasn`t necessarily a killer, and turned out to become a really good player, but I sure hated that punk Bobby Brannen at Cincinnati
  7. Went to the Heat`s website and went to players, you can get a Willie Reed jersey, however it will cost you $110
  8. Was just curious, did he go to mizzou at the same time Stipo headed there,? I`m pretty sure he was an Assistant in "81-'82....,just not sure about p the 2 prior seasons. there is the upi story you can find online by Googling 03/23/1982, when he became our Coach at Thanks
  9. Was setting up tv for college football tomorrow, and noticed UNLV is playing AT San Diego State....don`t want to read too much into that, but can`t show him what the atmosphere around campus is like for a football game.....I am not sayin` just sayin`
  10. Let me give it a razz berry , then I shall throw a Poke Ball and see if I can catch it
  11. Stumbled on this when trying to find info about Monroe Douglas ,and where he was ranked in high school Hope that works
  12. Looks like Noon (Central)....NBC Sports is supposed to show Australia vs. France
  13. shame and sad story of Vincent Hart. Lorenzo did start to make inroads into California, remember Ryan Hollins the 7 footer from Pasadena, signed with SLU, but after Lorenzo left , got his release and ended up at UCLA and later went on to the NBA.
  14. So the 10 member Big XII could be expanding< sure wouldn`t want a league to have the same number of schools in it`s conference as the name suggests. So I guess 14, Houston I say gets an invite for being Texas. Cincinnati would be my guess for 2nd, travel partner with West Virginia. UCF is a serious contender, and sleeping giant, ready to erupt, now I am biased here, since we had a daughter graduate for there( Charge On!)... 2nd largest school in the country( only Arizona State is larger), ORLANDO market,. Big XII would like a footprint in Florida for recruiting. Last season was a disaster, lost all the momentum they had after the Fiesta Bowl win over Baylor. The football stadium could hinder them, only holds 45,000 or so. USF would be ideal travel partner, but don`t know if they bring enough juice. Memphis would bring a lot in basketball, and would work well with Cincinnati BYU seems like a bit of a stretch, as does Colorado State. UConn may be the biggest one hut by all the expansion. So my guess is Houston, Cincinnati, UCF and Memphis gets invites