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The great zamboni predicts:


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We need to lighten up.

1.)WILL MIZZERY GET NAILED? No. The NCAA investigation will reveal the money Ms. Bunge claims came from coaches, will in fact be shown to have come from RC's part time job as Executive VP of Walmart's DVD division. He was paid an annual salary of $850,000 plus stock options with a liberal entertainment and clothing allowance.

2.)WILL MIZZERY MAKE THE FINAL FOUR? No, Sweet 16 and done. Prior to the game their starting five will all be injured. Their injuries will be the result of an ATV accident at a party hosted by Iowa State head coach Larry Eustacy.

3.)WILL BILLS IMPROVE ON LAST YEAR: No, but The all powerful Billiken will scare the hell out of the Wildcat when he comes to Savvis and garner much needed national attention.

4.)OF THIS YEARS RECRUITS WHO WILL HAVE MOST IMPACT: Zorba, UB is high on this guy. Trust in UB and life will be good.

5.)WILL LORENZO ROMAR GET HIS WALKING PAPERS AFTER THIS YEAR OR NEXT: after the 2004-05 season. He will then join Charlie Spoonhours staff at UNLV as an assistant, thereby making SLU UNLV's cradle of coaches.

6.) WHAT CONFERENCE WE'LL SLU BE IN FOR THE 2005-2006 SEASON: We will join the Unilateral Conference. Fr. Biondi will ensure SLU is the only school, thereby ensuring us of an annual trip to the dance.

7.)WILL WE SEE AN ARTISTS RENDITION OF THE NEW ARENA BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR? Yes, and it will be beautiful beyond imagination. At the entrance will be statues of dolphins and mermaids dressed in Baby Blues uniforms spewing royal blue water from their mouths. Of course an important female donor will object to the uniforms. The dolphins will then be dressed in cassocks and the mermaids in habits.

8.)WILL A MAJOR DONOR BE FOUND: Yes, Taj79 is going to hit the largest power ball ever- $475mil (cash option) and come up with the entire $75 mil. It will be called Taj's Mahal. However, because he fails to send his annual $100 check to the Billiken club, he will be relegated to the cheap seats.

9.) WILL MCCLAIN PLAY THIS YEAR: No, he will suffer from turf toe after the first practice. But his Billiken career will not be over. He will return and play his first full season as a Billiken in the 2016-17 season, when, as a 35 year old junior, he will lead the team to it's first ever final four appearance. Thereby, fulfilling Lorenzo Romar's prophecy that he had the most ability of all his recruits.

10.) WHO WILL BE THE NEXT GREAT BILLIKEN RECRUIT: Pescobo Parada De Cinquo of Peru. Pescobo is a 6'9" power forward with a vertical leap of 56". It will take some time for Pescobo to adjust to D1 ball as his game was honed by slamma jamming goat heads through a sideways hoops at a height of 16' above sea level. A link can be found at www.incancrediblehoops.peru.com.


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the tipoff that this is a work of fiction is the taj donation thing. judging by how long it took to get my one beer owed to me, i would say he could hit a 1 trillion dollar jackpot and not give a dime.

otherwise, it is a great post.

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I think Taj's last name is how he got the Nickname Taj... His name is Greg Mahall (it is in his profile) So Greg "Taj" Mahall. I didn't get the reference either until him and I e-mailed each other a bit.


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... is how only yesterday I was inadvertantly struck blind and unable to read any of this unmitigated bullshat so I have no idea what any of you are talking about if you are indeed talking.

But if you were talking .... I'm sure thicks is saying things only to deflect the incessant crapola he is taking over the Mighty Quin situation. Steve is probably giving out trade secrets ala joey fluegel. And roy is probably b*tching about that beer I bought him that Anita made him give to Naticat becasue he didn't clear it or the round of golf with her first!

My real name is Thomas Alva Jehosephat (TAJ). I graduated in 97 (79). Me an my roomie/lover live on Goener Avenue in St. Louis. And I can sell you this bridge in Brooklyn ..... with all proceeds then going to Taj's Mahal construction after funneled through my Bermuda bank accountant in Charleston, SC.

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i just think it is odd that his accounts run thru s.c. and slu72 also apparently resides in the lovely city of charleston. hmmmmmmmmm

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i think taj is hillarious. i dont know why he doesnt get me a job in the pentagon with him so i can throw him set up softballs all day long as he performs to the crowd. we could be a team.

of course the saint in the picture is mrs taj. oh what i would give to meet her. we should talk sometime. of course taj doesnt have the guts to bring her along on the roadies.

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Dear Mr. Anita ..... bringing Mrs. Taj to the tourney would be akin to when George introduced Susan to the group in "Seinfeld." The happy-go-lucky George that Jerry, Kramer and Elaine new would essentially "die" if Susan came into the group. My keeping Mrs. Taj away keeps my need for buying toxic envelopes to a minimum!

As for 72 thinking I am odd .... damn, just imagine if he ever really met me!?!?! I will say this though ... if I EVER did hit the lottery as 72 hints, the first thing I would do is finance the remaining arena needs. Bank on it!

P.S. At the ripe age of 45, I have, in my entire life to date, both one ........... count it ...... ONE .... lottery ticket. Ever. Chances are that this pattern will not change in the near future.

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