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-seeing that the Blues are going to wear helmets with the names of sponsors and understanding that we have the Nike swoosh, what are thoughts on seeing other sponsors on our uniforms?

-Blues are saying this is only for this season, we'll see about that

-while I don't want our kids to look like NASCAR racers, two years ago I would have said no way, today I can see it and would not be bothered by it if somewhat tasteful

-not sure what the Nike deal would allow, if anything, but if The U can generate some funds with this I understand if they did it

-heck, imo The Billiken is too small on at least one of the current jerseys the guys wear

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What I am really interested in is the laws that Congress is going to pass when it comes to a players name, image and likeness.  At a place like SLU where the program is the top level of basketball being played in a top 25 media market, these laws could end up being very good for the program's future.  

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