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  1. Just out of what seems like a decade of Covid lockdown so I’ll give them a pass.....but talk about slow as molasses getting out to the open 3 point shooter....shooting gallery for Fordham. Hate to see Stewart go; however Warren looks like she can be a serious contributor once she gets in flow.
  2. Nope, rumor is he models his game on Romero....definitely a Peronista...
  3. That’s right. Spread his last two pay bumps out to his staff. Soderburg would be a big loss, especially since their other top-tier assistant (Jason Williford) is likely to jump to a mid level program as well.
  4. I agree with everything you state above. Stewart is one of those rare players that can absolutely take over a game once she hits her first couple of shots and gets into rhythm. I perk up whenever she comes into a game. Would love to know why she does not garner more minutes. Martinez, on the other hand, should be banned from ever taking a shot, even if it is a lay up. I’m certain Stone has her reasons for playing her as much as she does, but it is definitely not to shoot the ball.....
  5. Very encouraging! And, while I may be alone here, I’m actually looking forward to a SLU Spring Soccer season. I played my high school soccer in the Spring (Virginia) and my college, obviously, in the Fall. I much prefer the Spring.
  6. I have family in the DC area and visit there several times a year. Whenever I wear a SLU sweatshirt in public, I’m often approached by A10 alumni (Mason, GW, VCU and even Dayton folks.). The question is never “is SLU in D1?” It is invariably “what the heck is a Billiken?” Great conversation starter
  7. March 2, 2013. The Kwan-led Billikens traveled to DC to take on a decent GW team (Larsen, Garino, etc.). Billiken alumni clad in blue were everywhere. Chris May was there, saying hello to as many folks as he could before the game. Game was back and forth - tight. Then the “Let’s go Bills” chant commenced. SLU absolutely took over the Smith Center. Colonial fans finally woke up and started shouting and cheering in an effort to drown out the SLU roar.. Smith Center was “en fuego”....and then the Bills pulled away...and the GW crowd quieted...and the rest is history. My fond
  8. When I was at SLU, this was SOP for the tennis team. They’d get the recruit on the court ASAP, match him up with the #3 or #4 guy, and let the chips fall where they may.....I always got a kick out of the subsequent discussions and evaluations among the resident players.
  9. If you are taking only about four year players, your point is solid. If one year players are allowed into the dialogue, there is a guy who played a year or two after Clagget who might have dibs on best offensive (and defensive) Billiken ever....
  10. Four months ago I asked a person way, way up the Billikens food chain if there was any chance Gordon might be accepted back at SLU. HIs response was a tight laugh and “there is NO WAY Gordon is coming back here...”. Personally, I take CG’s tweet to mean he is attempting to get into an A10 school which will be playing the Billikens frequently; but that is just a guess.
  11. Today Jaidah finally played to the level for which she has been touted. Flowed. Smooth. And her passes to the low post were as good as any passes KW has received this year. If this team continues to perform as it did today, an A10 tournament victory and the resultant NCAA berth is a possibility.
  12. Should SLU find themselves matched up with Duquesne in the A10 tournament, Coach Ford needs to pop in a tape of this game and watch it with a magnifying glass on the big screen. I don’t know what the Bonnies did, but they rendered the most effective Billiken-killer in the A10 completely and utterly ineffective. ZERO points from the floor.....
  13. Outside of the Billiken players ,Ryan DALY is my fave player in the A10. I think I played against him 20 times during my intramural/frat career. This guy is amazing.
  14. The “playing time” situation will become even more interesting in January, when Jadiah Stewart enters the mix. Effusively labeled as “the best player ever to suit up for the Lady Bills, better than even Jackie” by someone in authority very, very, close to the team. I’m looking forward to it!
  15. Nice analysis. The player who impressed me most yesterday was #22. Smooth playmaker who appears to see the game a couple of steps ahead of his teammates. One example is the sweet through ball 22 played to Boyce late in the second half. Had Boyce been on the same wave length as Kidd, and running into space, the former would have found himself past the Fordham back four and one on one with the keeper. And I like Boyce....just wish SLU had a forward who saw the game the way Kidd does.
  16. Bills gave as good as they got. A fair result would have been 3 - 3. A few observations: 1) ND second goal was the result of a no hesitation, lightening quick counter with some elite passing inside the 18. Well earned. 2) ND third goal was horrific. Utter ball watching by Bills defense. The scorer easily ran 50 yards unmarked with only Schulte within a country mile of him. Lynn spotted run and delivered the required pass. BTW, did SLU recruit this CCP kid? His Dad payed for SLU. 3) A blatant, unequivocal penalty was not called in the Bill’s favor late in the second
  17. Did not realize Gomez was a local. Was mistakenly advised last night Fink the only native STL player. If Schulte can play anywhere close to Gomez level this Fall, we are in for a treat. Kasey Keller edition triple save was awesome. For those soccer fans unable to attend the game last night, check it out on You tube. You’re in for a treat!
  18. Complete non-sequitor, but a bit of Blues/Bills trivia. Patrick Maroon. His father was a soccer Bill. Walked on in 74. Played a couple of games in mop up time. Backed up Hudson/Droege. Did not return in 75.
  19. True, but Clarke is NOT coming back.....
  20. Who steps up to partner with Izzy today? By my count, it’s DJ’s turn!
  21. Agree on both KL and the sister. She could also play the sport. I’m surprised her name never surfaces in the “who is better” Harbison/Kempf conversation....
  22. Duquesne lost by 42 today. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Duquesne was able to experience both in less than 24 hours.....
  23. Agreed. I tuned in thinking I would listen to about five minutes just to get the flavor. 85 minutes later I was still there, and could have listened to another 60. Love Mike’s response style: remain inscrutable, yet impart some damn interesting information. I can think of twenty additional questions I would have asked him. Unique in that he transcends the last elite Majerus/Crews year, the two horrific Crews years, and Ford’s first year.
  24. Heck, I was shouting out “hold up!”, but ultimately the call was Foreman’s. No doubt Ford would have been all over him if he had made the wrong decision...
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