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  1. 9.1 rating and POM on FOTMOB. IMO Sargent, at his best, is the “smoothest” of all the USMNT strikers inside the 18. If this is him starting to click, watch out Pepi….
  2. Inexplicable…mindblowing…I completely agree. But is that on Ford…or on Yuri?? Equally perplexing were the several times Nesbitt was wide open on the wing ( he can shoot the three) screaming for the ball…and Yuri would not even look at him. I just don’t get it.
  3. Okoro, IMO, is an extremely frustrating player. He’ll receive the ball down low, stumble around, and throw up a complete brick. The next time, he’ll catch the ball smoothly, wheel, deal, and swish a sweet baby hook. And as much as I enjoyed many aspects of Has’ game, his FT shooting was a massive liability. Made him almost toxic in the last two minutes of a close game. Okoro is a blessing in this sense, and Martin is a absolute miracle.
  4. I estimate 50% of the fans in attendance either have no mask or wear said mask around their throats. And, as someone stated earlier, there is no way the Chaifetz employees are paid enough to challenge the mask violators. Would make more sense to me to maintain the vaccine policy (at least this can be effectively monitored) and void the mask mandate - the latter is certainly folly at this point….
  5. Absolutely! For me this is one of the most vexing parts of the Bills offense.
  6. I’ve witnessed some obnoxious opposition fans in Chaifetz over the past few years, but those three ladies from Fordham take the cake. The cute one in the middle needs to try out for the female lead in Phantom of the Opera. Took over 103 by screaming nonstop for the entire second half…her voice never dropped an octave…
  7. Hmmm, I saw it the same way as Cowboy….looked like an “I want out of the game” foul to me. Insane to reach in like that with 4 fouls. Can’t explain why Yuri would act like this, but sure as heck was my gut feeling when he did it.
  8. Would be interesting to hear both court side and 05’s thoughts on what the starting Billiken line up will look like next season. Decimated up the middle. Hate losing Parker. Does Klein stay?!
  9. My favorite A10 arena (other than Chaifetz.). GW’s. Why? Because it’s tiny….and there is a large contingent of Billiken alumni living in the DC area. The back and forth “let’s go ——!!!” between the fan bases is not equaled In any other A10 arena of which I am aware.
  10. Over the past 50 years, how many of our 3rd string centers would have scored as fluidly as Traore did from that sweet Nesbitt pass? The answer is easy: none of them. Heck, a significant amount of our 2nd string 5’s would have found a way to turn the ball over…
  11. Nesbit is a human highlight film waiting to happen. The one on two basket he scored in the first half had even Pearl shaking his head. I actually get amped when he goes hero. Bizarre the way Auburn celebrated at half court after the game. Was like they had just won the SEC tournament. Guess a Billiken scalp is worth a lot more than it used to be….
  12. So a group of us hung around after the UAB game to watch the soccer. The Swede, Williams, Nesbitt, and Markhi came back out on the floor. Williams and Nesbitt on one basket, The Swede and Markhi on the other. Soccer feed went dead for about 15 minutes, so we watched the shooters. Williams and the Swede are amazing! They consistently hit 9 out of 10 all around the 3 point line. Nesbitt was about 8 out of 10. Checked back again at halftime. Only Williams was still there. Pop,pop,pop…string music. This guy needs to be given a chance…he’s just too good a shooter.
  13. I’m not here to argue about Ford, Yuri or anyone else. Just want to state the put back stuff by Nesbitt last night was the most electrifying play I’ve ever seen by a Billiken. I, and everyone seated around me, was stunned for about a second or two. Unbelievable play live.
  14. One positive takeaway from last night: there is no doubt in my mind Kalish has constructed an elite program. We gave as good as we got with the #2 team in the nation. I would love a rematch at Herman on a dry field…
  15. Always wondered how a NOVA kid from FPHS ended up playing for the Bills. Now I know. My brother is still bitching about CV not playing for a sad UVA team. Thanks for the podcast!
  16. There is a reason Stojanovic (Big East tournament MVP) transferred to the Hoyas. As good as he is (and he is legit good) he was not going start over Bécher. Kind of like the old Ronaldão/Adriano thing in Brasil.
  17. Have to love the way Bécher turned towards the stands and was already celebrating the goal while the ball was still five feet away from crossing the goal line. He is such a natural talent - born to be a #9.
  18. My fave part of last night’s game: the thunderous applause Fred received after singlehandedly pulling the Bills back into the game and exiting exhausted. Jordair Jett 2.0 with the successive power lay ups.
  19. No way to sugar coat this…Rutgers simply carved up the Bills. If not for the post, crossbar and some otherworldly saves by our keeper could easily have been 7-0. 73 was in a class all by herself…have the Bills ever faced a player of this level?!
  20. I also like Bill. Definitely old school, and uses the phrase “any league in the world” a bit too much, but constantly exudes his love of the game. That said, I disagree our broadcast team is light years better than anyone else. My favorite A10 soccer broadcast team is easily Dayton’s. Only listened to them on the women’s semifinal call; however their play by play guy stuck to calling out who had the ball, and their Scottish color guy totally understands the game with some bang on analytics.
  21. Marcelo Balboa was right there with you. Went berserk about the missed “tarjeta roja.” Didn’t calm down until Pulisic scored.
  22. And screen the USMNT versus Mexico in the other corner….if only….three (for me anyway) massive events all starting at exactly the same time. Shocked the Fordham game isn’t kicking off at 7 as well…
  23. World class pass. And kudos to Kalish for making the sub a couple of minutes prior. Klein was gassed when he exited. No way he makes the run. Burch, on the other hand, was running full tilt from the moment he stepped on the field.
  24. This team is good and getting better every game. They’re solid up the middle and have quick feet at almost every position; but where I really give Kalish credit is with the manner in which he uses his wing backs. The two of them wreck opponents’ defenses with their constant overloads..it’s a joy to watch!
  25. Bang on analysis. The only thing I would add is Nesbitt’s aerial defense is sublime. Guy plays D three meters off the ground. Spectacular blocks. Looks like a fricking T Rex setting up for a meal when his man goes to the hoop.
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