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  1. To add to my response, here is my quote: On 8/11/2022 at 1:04 PM, cgeldmacher said: I like everything that I have seen of Vice with the exception of his foot speed. He has offensive skills around the basket. He can shoot. He appears to be able to defend on the block. However, if he can't stay with someone he's defending or get up and down the court at a college level pace, he may struggle. We have seen it many times before out of young bigs. It's the quickness, or lack thereof, that makes or breaks them. How can you read all the bolded stuff and interpret my overall comments as I am "writing off the young man based on a video you think disqualifies him from being a great addition to the Bills?" That is next level disregard for the plain meaning of the English language. Also, how exactly does seeing video of him on a football field show how quick his feet are on a basketball court. Regardless of your ridiculous comments, I remain optimistic about Brock and look forward to seeing him in a Billiken uniform.
  2. The phrases "the video I saw causes me concern about his foot speed" and I'm "writing off the young man based on a video" are very, very, very different comments. Your take is irresponsible. I'm excited about Vice and his potential to help out our team. If the coaching staff thinks he's a good addition, I trust that. That doesn't mean I cannot comment about something I see in a video that gives me some pause.
  3. Also, you're argument seems to assume that basketball players who choose the pros first are somehow shut out of returning to college. They are not. They can attend college just like anyone else can. You gave examples of kids that go into the Army or work a construction job. Kids who try pro basketball have the same right to attend college as the Army kid or the construction kid. What you seem to be suggesting is that they should be able to go for free, the Army kid and the construction kid are very different in that regard, despite shunning that opportunity when it was first presented to them. I'm a strong believer in the idea that kids should have options to go pro and avoid college. They should also have the option to go to college and be an amateur. For that system to work, they can't be given the option to do either whenever they choose.
  4. It would seem to me that the sales pitch for Jordan is that he is the perfect sub to bring in late in a game that an NBA team is winning. If an NBA team is up by 10 with two minutes left, or up by 4 with 30 second left, what kind of player do they want on the court? Then answer is one that is proficient at defense and rebounding. That's Jordan. I would equate this idea to a defensive replacement toward the end of a baseball game. The problem with the Wizards is that they aren't often winning at the end of their games.
  5. He can always start going after his doctorate next season and not finish it if he so chooses. It is not the completion of a program that determines eligibility, its just being in a program.
  6. Has anyone been to a road game at Davidson? I have several questions like 1. how hard is it to get tickets? 2. best to stay in Charlotte or Lake Norman area? 3. how hard is it to get to the game from Charlotte?
  7. When we went, the gates allowing entry to the campus that would make it a 1/2 mile walk were closed and locked. We had to walk to the main entrance which was a little over a half mile away, and then walk about another 1/2 mile through campus to get to Rose Hill.
  8. Someone needs to explain this whole endowment thing to me. Schools build up these massive endowments that they never touch or use to improve the school in any way. Yet, somehow the size of a school's endowment is factored into how good the school is in the rankings. Why? I feel like there is part of the equation I am not seeing.
  9. Would suck if you got stuck on the team named the Grizzles.
  10. Any chance he's been to one of Fred's camps down that way? I would hope that Dr. Thatch could be a good recruiter for us down in the bootheel area.
  11. I have a large group that I draw from of SLU grads that travel to a game every year. Friday night games are much harder to get guys to. My group often has guys who fly in or drive in on Friday night. Same is true for Sunday games. Many of my guys leave early Sunday morning.
  12. Yes, but I think it is a little over a mile from the subway stop to Rose Hill. Just be aware of that if you're going to the Fordham game.
  13. I'm fine with it. I just was pointing out that I didn't realize the two of you were two different posters until yesterday.
  14. Let me know if you find it. I want one too.
  15. That's another cool piece of history to add to the first forward pass in college football, the gold medal in football in 1904, and the first #1 in the 1st college basketball AP ranking.
  16. I was, in general, referring to games that could be used for a road trip. As Billiken Booster pointed out, we have nine conference road games. Only 2 of the 9 are on Saturdays. One of those two is on New Years Eve. Most people don't want to be out of town on NYE. The others are 3 Tuesday games, 2 Wednesday games, and 2 Friday games. As far as non-conference schedule, we have 3 times where we are away from Chaifetz. They are Auburn (9 1/2 hour drive from STL) on a Sunday, Iona on a Tuesday, and the Mohegan Sun Tournament on the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving. The weekend before Thanksgiving in tough since many people travel for Thanksgiving already. Also, the Mohegan Sun arena is an hour from Providence and 45 minutes from Hartford. Not exactly easy to get to. So, the only Saturday game on the entire schedule that might be reasonable to travel to is the January 14, GW game. I will concede that we have 7 home games on Saturdays. Seems to me that we are making it much easier on our opponents fans to travel to Chaifetz than they are making it on us to travel to their arenas.
  17. Looks like it will be February 10 at Dayton. Don't like that since we've done that 3 times already, but I had conflicts with the other two options which were GW and Davidson.
  18. I don't understand the general lack of Saturday games in conference. Both home and road.
  19. That schedule sucks for any roadtripping. What's up with teams not giving us Saturday games?
  20. Wait a second. Are "BilliesBy40" and "Bills By 40" two different posters? If so, I was only aware of that fact just now.
  21. True, but the difference in high school recruiting will come with the occasional 4 or 5 star that we may have had a shot with. Under this system, we are not going to get a Larry Hughes, Sr. anymore. We are not going to have a shot to get a Jayson Tatum anymore. The NIL dollars will be so different between us and the alternative blue blood school that the kid will not be able to reasonably includes us as a choice.
  22. They did, but that was the under the table stuff by a few boosters. Those same schools have a lot more crazy boosters that will be willing to spend money on bringing in players that were not willing to do the dufflebag full of cash type stuff. That's the difference. Making it legal is opening up a lot more money than the system before did.
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