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  1. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/bryan-burwell/upon-further-review-burwell-slu-s-may-on-new-big/html_2420cb4c-90bb-5a71-b2c9-029f73ebf5e9.html Part one of a two part series. Burwell asks if they've been contacted by C-7, May dodges with standard bs about loving the A-10. Nothing new here, but good to see May getting some exposure for the program & sharing how well positioned we are to make the move.
  2. Dwayne with Frank: -Touched on how strong the A-10 is this season -Kwamain has been working really hard to get back to 100% -Cody Ellis is the "sixth starter" -Depth will pay off as the year goes on -Been doing nothing but eating, sleeping & playing basketball over break -Wasn't sure whether the 20 hour rule applied over break or not -Not sure where he wants basketball to take him, focusing on getting the Bills championships right now -Has a really smart family - sister in law school at Wash U Frank was trying to get some more out of him regarding some of the differences in offense & defense under Crews but not much there.
  3. +1 . I haven't heard anything but keep us posted - this would be a great get!
  4. My guess - I think Manning steps up as that inside presence and Barnett fills that 9th spot during non-conference, ultimately losing his minutes to Carter. I'm not sure how ready he'll be to play at this level, but I think Drew might actually have a better chance to see minutes than Carter. KC will come in behind KM JJ MM and probably JB. From what I've heard about JD, it seems like he could be that athletic 3 type we've been lacking.
  5. I wonder why it happened now - JR's teams have been abysmal for a while now. I think he only had one winning season, 09-10. I'd be shocked if Blossom was interested but would love to get him. He's a great coach. Laughlin is a basketball guy so I'm hopeful he will bring in someone in who knows how to run a program. If I was a coach I'd love to have those facilities.
  6. Interesting tid bits: There have been rumblings of another team contemplating leaving the A-10. He likes 14 more than 15 for scheduling. He praised the turnout at the 76 Classic. 400-500 strong In response to a question about his commitment long-term, RM said he spent at least $45,000 personally this year between Canada and coaches salaries. He also convinced another friend, not Chaifetz, of his to donate another $45,000. "Don't forgot, our team returns 7 of our top 9 and 6 of our top 7 next year. We're in a really good situation right now." Freshman in the program will be meeting and greeting families & students in the fall. Rick is planning a 'brat fry' in the fall for the students. "I'm really excited about the direction of the program. The arrow is up big time." He practically begs Bernie to get some of the players on for interviews. Rick Ma can ramble with the best of 'em, but he speaks so confidently about the program it is hard not to get excited.
  7. Georgetown, Baylor & UNLV scare me but the Bills can play with any of those clowns on a neutral court.
  8. Let's hope we're the 6 playing an 11. If we take care of business the rest of the season there is no reason we can't get at least a 6. While 11 might be better than 7-10, let's win our last 5 and get to the finals of the A-10 tournament and hope for that 5 or 6.
  9. This is rush week for all the fraternities on campus. I know of quite a few of the more enthusiastic greek fans couldn't make it out due to formal rush events last night. We'll be there early Saturday - let's get rowdy.
  10. I've heard he's struggling in practice from one of the walk-ons. I think Barnett will fill Cassity's role next season.
  11. PREBILliken - I like what you did there. Get up here for a game soon, brother.
  12. Why are all these senior citizens in the student section? Dozens of students are sol on seats right now.
  13. Checked the box score from the Proviso v. Belleville East game - Carter and Illinois bound Malcolm Hill led the way with 24 each, with Carter's Proviso team winning 79-61. It's really exciting to see one of our guys go up against big time talent and do well.
  14. Grad asst. Tanner Bronson mentioned SLU can't be in the St. Louis regional because we are the host school. I couldn't find the rule on NCAA's site, but he seemed confident that we would automatically be in a different region.
  15. The opportunity was purchased in an auction and gifted to me and my brother as an early Christmas gift.
  16. I was fortunate enough to attend the tail end of practice this afternoon with my brother and two older boosters. I was excited at first when Tom Keith walked us in and dropped a, "we can't be held responsible for any language you might hear in there today" disclaimer. However, Rick noticed he had an audience and seemed to tone it down when we got in there. They were running some very hard defensive drills when we walked in and switched to running through offensive sets without defense shortly thereafter. BC, KC & CE were all absent with finals apparently so It was tough to take that much away, but here are a few observations: -Coach Harriman was very involved. Rick was never on his feet and barked from a chair on the sideline the whole time. He commands so much respect and has an unbelievable attention to detail. Crews and Whitesell were quiet and did individual work with players on the sidelines. -RL had the green light to shoot. Almost every time he got a touch on the perimeter when they were running through sets he would launch one up. There wasn't any defense, but he was very confident out there. -After practice, GG and Harriman worked on simple catch and pass drills for about 15 minutes. He's so raw but it was good to see him stick around and work hard. -ET might as well have been a walk on. I know he's taking a red shirt, but he wasn't involved at all in a practice that was missing 3 top players. Once practice was over, Rick had a couple tables set up and we got to eat dinner with the coaching staff, KM, JB, GG, ET, & the walk ons. A few more observations from the conversation: -Rick was very humble about 500 wins, mentioned that it had been a goal but gave all the credit to having good players all these years. -Majerus mentioned how nice it was to have experienced guys like Whitesell and Crews to analyze film. Players said they typically watch an hour of film per practice day, more if they are coming off a loss. -Rick plans to put a few zone defenses in during practice the next few weeks. (he mentioned box-1 & triangle-2) -Canada trip: KM spoke about how the practice time helped the team, complained that they had to take a 7 hour bus ride through Canada and that it affected their performance. JB mentioned it being a good trip to bring the team together and white water rafting and Disneyland have been good for chemistry. -Rick mentioned that GG has a long way to go adapting to life at SLU, he came from a ghetto in Canada. -Collectively, expectations are high for the season. They said the 76 gave them lots of confidence and they all want a tournament appearance badly. -Grad asst. Tanner Bronson from Wisconsin had some great insights. He played in the tournament every year he was in school and said that if SLU can get in, they'll be a real tough out. He said the Bills are one of the hardest teams out there to prepare for. The offense is so complex, we've got 9 guys you need to scout, and we're not like a lot of other teams out there. Couple that with the incredible game prep SLU's staff does and he thinks they can win multiple games in the tourney. -Tony Young mentioned how the LMU game got away. He said that our guards do a great job of keeping guys in front of them, but they aren't tall enough to contest sometimes if somebody isolates. Could be an area of concern if other guards get confidence shooting against us. -KM said that his favorite opponent every year is Dayton because we match up so well against them. He and JB had a ton of confidence about playing and winning at Dayton. They joked that the new coach wouldn't make a difference. -They were really happy with the student turnout so far this year. Young joked that the nerds at SLU need to go out for more weekday games. Everybody wants a packed house for when we beat X at home this year. That's all I've got for now. Unfortunately I had to sit through night class afterwards so I couldn't post right away. I know its random but it was a great couple hours with the team and I really appreciated getting to pick the brains of some brilliant basketball minds.
  17. At the St. Ambrose game on Saturday I noticed a promotion for a $35 package including bus ride to Methdale & a ticket for the game on Tuesday against Southern Illinois. Does anyone have more information on this? I've checked the athletics site and the facebook and twitter pages and haven't found anything. I'd like to go see kids play and it is tough to pass up on a cheap chance to see the Bills play on the road.
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