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  1. I was always impressed with Chris Harriman. He knows the area; seems to have been an effective recruiter; energetic; and a good coach. I believe he deserves a mention.
  2. I wish we were at least a good defensive team. It's a shame we lost that attribute.
  3. I always thought a great Head Coach hire would be Chris Harriman. Conk as one of his asst. coaches.
  4. Agree on all accounts. Just curious - do you miss Rickma now?
  5. When we lost Kwamain for the year - we struggled even with our bigs. College ball is PG-driven. If you don't have that key player to bring the ball up, deliver the ball, distribute the ball - you won't win.
  6. A good point guard is required to win in college hoops. Spoon didn't get us to the Tourney until H. Waldman. Majerus signed Kwamain, McCall, and Carter (who transferred after 1 semester under Crews). This team does not have a pg. (or a legit power forward either).
  7. For my coaching wish list, Chris Harriman as Head Coach with Paul Biancardi as top recruiter.
  8. You have bad information. Here is the link, Tatum still one of the guard finalists. Go Jayson! http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/purdue/2015/06/15/purdues-edwards-swanigan-clear-first-cut-of-u-19-usa-basketball-team/71262730/?hootPostID=%5B%273b155ddeb5fba6fecf781fad705c51de%27%5D
  9. It seems the universe has returned to a certain balance with the return of Roy to the Board. I believe Roy's return coincided with the return of Billiken defense and made what I anticipated to be a blowout - into an exciting game. Welcome back. Bartely, Roby, Yarborough, and Gillman are a great cornerstone for the upcoming years. After 3 years of bliss, we have to endure this season and watch the young team grow up. I have to say I like what I am seeing.
  10. Does anyone have information on what coach has primary responsibility for recruiting Tatum? Do we have a coach at each of his practices? Thanks for any info.
  11. I am looking forward to seeing Mike Crawford become a serious sniper. Plus, I believe McBroom will also be a consistent 3-pt threat.
  12. What was the straw that drove BRoy away? I know he couldn't stand Majerus and was not a Crews fan. But I missed his grand finale.
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