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  1. So who is the real idiot these days?
  2. ill check back in 4 months to see who was right
  3. He should be on the hot seat. Last year was pathetic after all of the recent success and I really have no reason for optimism at this point for next year. Will it take 3-4 seasons of sub .500 basketball for people to think we need a new coach? I have higher expectations than that. We were 3-15 in conference with 2 OT wins. There better be improvement.
  4. So is the game Saturday not on tv? What's the deal there?
  5. Mid-major to me is more than just the conference... I think it also applies to how much people care about their sports programs. Mid-major programs tend to not care that much about their sports and therefore don't make huge investments (like the overwhelming majority of SLU students) whereas at programs like Xavier when they were in the A-10 and Gonzaga this was never really the case so they weren't exactly mid-majors although in a mid-major conference. Obviously success and how much people care are highly correlated.... But I remember a thread just the other day about our ranked program not being able to draw students to games
  6. I don't get the whole barn animal schtick that seems to have become popular lately... Is it supposed to be funny that you dress as cow every game or something or do they just wear those costumes everywhere? idk.
  7. Dude, why do you care about Duke so much? Go bills
  8. I think our best hope at this point is that Indiana State kills it during Missouri Valley play. That's our only nice win so far.
  9. I see three to four losses in non-conference... at Valpo looks like a sneaky tough game to me. I also see a 3-4 others in conference. So 7 losses in the reg. season
  10. Cam's cousin works for Front Door. He's told me several times over the past year that Cam has had a lot of pressure to come back home and play for SLU for a long time. Just thought I'd pass that along
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