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  1. Maybe he thinks November Perkins and conference 100% Perkins will both make the team.
  2. No problem at all. You nailed it.
  3. The Big 10 will try to make it appear the academics are playing a role by keeping their options limited to AAU schools and Notre Dame. Even Nebraska was an AAU school when admitted. Just so happens all of the most attractive markets and football programs for the Big 10 are Notre Dame or a member of the AAU.
  4. This is even close to being correct. This is a myth that people who don't watch enough NBA basketball believe. Some starting NBA centers are a threat from three, most are not. Hell most rarely if ever even attempt a three much less make one. Sure you have a few guys that pop into your head like Embid and Jokic. They really are the unicorns. Khem Birch, Kevon Looney, Mason Plumlee, Jakob Poeltl, Steven Adams, Robert Williams, Mitchell Robinson, Ivica Zubac, Richaun Holmes, Jarrett Allen, Jusuf Nurkić, Clint Capela, Deandre Ayton, Bam Adebayo, and Rudy Gobert were the starting centers for 15 teams last season. That is half of the league. They made a combined 28 3 point shots total. Williams, Adebayo and Looney made up three quarters of the NBA Conference Finalist teams. They made 0 three point shots combined.
  5. I don’t think Mizzou is getting an invite. That said, the thing that matters to the Big 10 on the academic and research side is AAU membership. Mizzou has that.
  6. The SEC just looking at UNC and UVA after hearing this news
  7. This is from the reporter who broke the USC and UCLA story today.
  8. I am talking about it as a recruiting market. The remaining PAC programs need a school in southern CA to still be able to recruit SoCal like they do now. Houston would give them an opening into a large part of Texas.
  9. Don't feel too bleak. The bigger these conferences get, the more likely they are to implode. Eventually you are going to have 8 biggest programs in the SEC or Big 10 ask themselves why are they giving their money to the likes of Vandy, Mississippi St, Mizzou, Iowa, Prudue Northwestern, etc.. Those 8 schools will then form their own conference where they don't share money with those other programs and that will be followed by the 8 biggies in the other conference doing the same.
  10. BYU and Baylor would have always been a no go for the PAC in the past because of religion. Losing USC and UCLA might change that. The two schools that would make the most sense if you are looking at markets and athletics would be Houston and San Diego St.. Nobody wants KU.
  11. How does the SEC reply to this move? Do they go after the Irsih? UNC? Duke? UVA?
  12. Seems legit. https://www.mercurynews.com/2022/06/30/pac-12-on-the-brink-usc-and-ucla-expected-to-seek-membership-in-the-big-ten/
  13. I think the A10 is getting at least 3 teams in the tournament this coming season.
  14. East St. Louis's population has been spiraling to ever lower levels for decades now. Even back into the 80's East St Louis still had enough kids they had two high schools that would have qualified for what is now IL's 4A. It has been a hard half century for metro IL's old industrial towns Like East St. Louis, Granite City, Madison, Venice, etc.. East St Louis Lincoln was IL's top basketball program in the 80's. Venice and Madison had really outstanding basketball programs, too.
  15. SLU shouldn't consider any kind of reseating scenario until attendance improves significantly and stays at those improved levels for a few seasons. When you have never had a season at Chaifetz when you have averaged over 85% capacity and have gone almost a decade since you last averaged 70% capacity, you can't risk pissing off what exists of your consistently paying fan base.
  16. The Billikens should be able to beat a team with let's say a net ranking of 72 on the road with Perkins at less than 80% in November. The Billikens should be able to beat a team with a net ranking of 49 at a neutral site in November with a less than 80% Perkins. Those would all be Q1 wins. Will they have a chance against a top 10 team in November even at home with a less than 80% Perkins? No, but the Q1 games you can win in November with a less than 80% Perkins involve a wide range of teams.
  17. They are using the program’s official accounts to try to build up the social media followings of players. Larger followings mean players are more marketable when it comes to NIL deals. if anyone is not following players on social media, fix this. It is a free way to help SLU when it comes to getting players NIL deals.
  18. The day's of ever increasing coaches' salaries are over in college football and basketball. The most important thing to winning is talent and the coach is no longer the most important thing when it comes to attracting talent. As contracts expire, smart boosters and athletic programs will reallocate a portion of the funds that in the past that would go to the head coach's salary to NIL money. That will lead to downward pressure on the wages college football and basketball programs pay their coaches. Pay cuts are coming at many programs, they just won't happen until contracts expire.
  19. Doe Run owns the land where the port will be built.
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