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  1. Those 9:00 Pacific start times are even late for us out here. ESPN is driving that truck and insists on having SportsCenter on the air at 11:00 EST, 8:00 PST. Hence, the Western part of Big Monday starts at Midnight, EST, 11:00 CST, 9:00 PST. The WCC switched from Thursday or Friday and Saturday games to Saturday and Monday games last year so it could share that 9:00 Pacific start time on Big Monday, and thereby get some games on ESPN nationally.
  2. No, I had to watch this one on TV. Last week, it was announced that the game was a sellout. The SMC students were wild the whole game. The USF Dons sit atop the WCC at 3-0 (albeit 7-11 overall). The days of WCC dominance by the Zags appear to have finally ended, no doubt in large measure due to Adam Morrison's early departure for the NBA.
  3. I think the SLU Band is great. Forget the canned music. This is college hoops, not the NBA. In my opinion, the SLU hoops experience, with the band, is far, far superior to what we get out here with the WCC. I would rather SLU ditch the game show stuff, and let the Band play, the Dancers dance, and the cheerleaders cheer. USF finally tried to have a pseudo-"band" last year, but all you could hear were some drums; there weren't enough horns. St. Mary's sometimes has a very small band for big games when the students are on campus. But SMC is mostly canned music in its 3,500 seat de facto high school gym. Ditto re the canned stuff for Santa Clara, which sometimes tries to have a small band when the students are there. There is really no comparison vs. SLU. SLU seems much more big time. And you wouldn't hear canned music at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley, where Cal's Straw Hat Band reigns. SLU is light years ahead of my undergrad days there, when we had Ernie Hays at the organ trying to drown out Marquette's band and a small rent-a-band. Our Senior year we were forced to form our own band in the dorm. After that, Rich Grawer resurrected the Alumni Trumpeteers at the Old Kiel.
  4. I actually think the WCC refs have improved a bit. The Pac 10 is the land of the touch foul, finesse game. And teams get big time homered in places like UCLA's Pauley Pavilion and Cal's Haas Pavilion, the latter of which is legendary for home cooking. Our Billikens in the past have been served some "California cuisine" at both of those venues. The WCC switched last year to primarily Saturday and Monday night games, as the WCC is now sharing the 9:00 Pacific part of Big Monday on ESPN. Many do not like those Monday night games. By the way, Randy Bennett's St. Mary's Gaels host Gonzaga in an already sold-out (3,500) game on Monday night. Gonzaga plays first at Santa Clara on Saturday night.
  5. Didn't even the great Anthony Bonner and Monroe Douglass suffer at least a little bit from the Sophomore jinx?
  6. For SLU expatriates, it would be better for us if SLU games were on Fox Sports Midwest, rather than local Charter cable, like Xavier's games are on Fox Sports Ohio. Charter is not on DirecTV, whereas Fox Sports Midwest can be accessed on DirecTV. Don't most of the St. Louis Area homes get Fox Sports Midwest? As it is, we out of towners have to try to see the Billikens, often on the opponent's broadcasts. That is how I was able to see the Loyola Chicago game- on Comcast Chicago. I sat down to watch the Texas A&M game on Fox Sports Southwest, only to see that it was blacked out for some reason. Of course, not much was missed there. The North Carolina game was on ESPNU of all places.
  7. I mentioned possibilites as including an assistant coach or an AD Administrator. How about the AD herself? Believe me, I don't want the season to go down the drain. Can't something be done before it is too late? One bad week does not a season make, although admittedly it does wreak havoc with things like NCAA At-Large bids.
  8. Does anyone have any constructive answers? Re SLU, I am at a loss right now. The problems include: 1. Poor recruiting. Doesn't SLU have a number of unused scholarships? 2. Refusal to play and develop the bench. Freshman Adam Knollmeyer and Dustin Maguire are logging most of their time sitting on the bench. Playing only 6 or 7 players is wearing out this team. Isn't Maguire a shooter? Could he be a zone buster? Will he ever get the chance? 3. The bad shooting slump of Kevin Lisch. Whether this is still due to the 2 injuries in unknown. I thought Lisch had come out of the slump in the Ole Miss game, but he was 1-10 from the field against Duquesne. Lisch is a good player, and we have to believe that he will come out of this slump. But even if Lisch is hitting his shots, SLU still needs another outside shooter. 4. The apparent regression of Ian Vouyoukas. SLU cannot get him the ball. He is getting hammered inside. 5. Bad defense. Soderberg keeps playing this foolish "pack" defense, and SLU is getting killed by 3's. Some nondescript St. Bonaventure player torched SLU for 27 points after being held scoreless the game before against Syracuse. Soderberg refuses to adapt. This may be the biggest coaching issue of them all. 6. Bad offense against the East Coast zones and pressure defenses. Did SLU even know this was coming when SLU joined the A-10? Every team is going to put 2 and 3 men on Vouyoukas and clog that middle as long as SLU cannot hit any outside shots. Just wait until SLU faces the real Philly East Coast zones at St. Joe's and at Temple. Absent stark improvement by SLU, those could be real ugly. SLU played 2 of the very worst games in its history last year against St. Joe's. Solutions? Sorry, but at this point this talk about firing the coach after 15 games is very counterproductive at this time in my opinion. The time for that kind of talk is not now. Negativity breeds more negativity. For the younger crowd, this poster is a survivor of the regrettable Ron Ekker Era, the epitomy of negative times. Losing two games to two bad teams in one week does not bring SLU back to the darkness of the late '70's and early 80's. SLU once lost then to McKendree College. But can anyone, an Assistant Coach, an Athletic Department Administrator, a big booster, anyone, get through to Coach Soderberg that he needs to change some of his strategies? Get rid of that "pack" defense once and for all. Play your bench a little more in both halves. Even though this past week was a very bad one, this season is not lost, yet. SLU is 10-5 and has two more conference home games on the docket this week. I have little doubt that SLU can beat any of the remaining teams on the schedule. Let's get it done and win on the court starting Wed. night.
  9. Ole Miss is 11-2, but its two losses were to the only really good teams Ole Miss has played: UConn and Memphis, both on the road, by 18 and 12 points respectively. Other than those two, the Ole Miss schedule looks pretty soft so far.
  10. Nothing intended here. I didn't know about the incident with the walk-on and was just wondering what team this involved.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too, and to all the Billiken fans.
  12. I didn't know about it either. I was reading the paper at 10:50 and saw they were starting at 11:00. So I hopped in the car and drove over there. It was 9-4 SIU when I arrived, so I didn't miss much. I don't know why they started at 11:00. Perhaps it was so SIU could get home for Christmas.
  13. SIU 66 St. Mary's 61 at tiny McKeon Pavilion in Moraga, CA. I was very impressed with Falker (23 points, 11 rebounds) and Tatum (17 points and in control at point guard). Needless to say, and at the risk of incurring wrath from segments of this board, it is too bad these two are Salukis and not Billikens. I've read the story re Falker. What is the story re Tatum? He is one heck of a point guard, quick, and he can shoot too. Tatum is from Jeff City Helias. Another question is how Quinn Snyder let Tatum get away from Mizzou's own backyard? That may have ultimately played some role in Q's demise. Shaw did little: only 2 points, 2 rebounds, and 4 turnovers, two of them on bad passes, in 34 minutes. I know Shaw is better than how he played today, but I don't know how much real help he would have been for SLU, as compared to what SLU has. Shaw is listed at 6'7" and plays the 4 on offense. At times he played the 5 on defense against SMC's 2 7 footers. Falker is also listed at 6'7" and was playing the 5 on offense, at times the 4 on defense, guarding SMC's star soph Diamon Simpson, also 6'7". From SLU's perspective, keep SIU on the schedule. Falker and Tatum are both Seniors. SLU can get SIU in St. Louis next year. For Randy Bennett fans, SMC is now 6-8 and on a 4 game losing streak. SMC was coming off a 3 loss road trip to Nevada, UConn, and St. Joe's.
  14. I thought the announcers were all right, and the analyst, former Coach Bob Wetzell was fine. Wetzell complimented Ian Vouyoukas throughout the game, noting that he will be a force in the A-10, and then saying that he would be a force in any conference. They also complimented Lisch and Liddell. It sounded like the crowd did get quiet in the second half, except for one spurt, and the announcers noted that the crowd was quiet. They also noted that one point in the second half when the crowd got more into the game. Frankly, it is good to see SLU on TV, irrespective of the announcers.
  15. Having seen SLU play once in person (Pacific) and twice on TV (Loyola-Chicago and North Carolina), all I can really do is ask a couple of questions for those more in the know: 1. We need a second shooter, especially against the East Coast zones that are coming from Temple and St. Joe's. What about freshman Dustin Maguire? He is rarely getting any minutes at all. Wasn't he a shooter coming out of high school? 2. How about giving freshman Adam Knollmeyer, listed at 6'9", some more time at the 4, power forward spot, playing with Ian Vouyoukas? If Knollmeyer can give some minutes, then Luke Meyer can get some time at the 3, which puts another potential shooter out there. Although Luke has not been hitting many 3's, he can hit the mid-range jumper. If SLU can work these two (Maguire and Knollmeyer) more into the rotation, or at least Knollmeyer, then the bench is not so thin. SLU would have 8 or 9 players playing instead of 7. We are looking forward to seeing the Billikens in person next Saturday against Ole Miss, as we return to the Great Midwest for the Holidays. I still believe the Billikens have a real good shot at making the NCAA Tournament this year. Last night SLU ultimately lost to an ultra-talented team that may well prove to be the best in the country. The final 21 point margin is unfortunate for the casual watchers that just look at the score or a short highlight. That game was closer than a 21 point game. Remember SLU led by as many as 6 points in the first half.
  16. Granted that injuries are part of the game, but SLU appears to be a bit shorthanded without Kevin Lisch evidently being unable to shoot the 3 right now due to the injuries, be it the earlier left elbow from the SIU game and/or the recent laceration of the web between two of his fingers on his left (shooting) hand. Also Danny Brown has been in a shooting slump and did not attempt a 3 tonight. SLU led UNC tonight 24-18. UNC went ahead before the half 27-26 when the Billikens went cold, unable to buy a basket. Still I think this SLU team has a real good chance of making the NCAA Tournament. The announcers commented that SLU is a good team and thought to be the second best team in the A-10. Given Xavier's recent struggles, SLU may well be #1 in the A-10. I still have high hopes for this year's team.
  17. Alameda Bob, It is good to see that the Billikens will have your support in Sonoma County. In Contra Costa County, some of us will be watching too. Go Billikens!
  18. ESPNU is on DirecTV, Channel 609. There must be some sports bar in the High Desert that has DirecTV.
  19. Suffice it to say, the refs got it right. They followed the NCAA Rulebook, reviewed the monitor at least 6 times per Bob Ramsey, and the monitor showed .1 second left on the clock when the ball left IV's hand. The still from the Springfield TV station shows .1 second. This second scout tape is not dispositive of anything. The NCAA Rulebook states at Rule 5, Section 7, Art. 2(: b. In games with a tenth of a second game clock display and where an official courtside monitor is used, the reading of 0.00 on the game clock is to be utilized to determine whether a try for goal occurred before or after the expiration of time in any period. ... Game over. Billikens win. Case closed.
  20. IV tipped the ball in. Basket is good. SLU wins 51-50; SMS or whatever it is called now loses. Game over. Case closed.
  21. SLU's win over this mid-major must have been important. What's next? Will Loyola or Pacific uncover missing points? Will Tennessee-Martin uncover 25 lost points? Will the game against Quincy no longer count? Note how easy it is for these opposition fans to get on this board and wreak havoc, while it is not worth the time or effort to navigate their elaborate schemes that insulate theirs. I am close to the point of saying that SLU should drop Mo. State from the schedule once and for all. The one year hiatus didn't seem to teach them. And what good will it be to go down there next year and get homered again? They are the very definition of wannabes. You couldn't find many people outside the MVC territory who even know who Missouri State is. You tell them that we beat Mo. State and they think we beat Mizzou.
  22. When are the Tar Heels playing in Springfield, MO?
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