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  1. Most of the main players were the same, and Soderberg won how many games with them? And Majerus won how many? hmmmm.
  2. I started listening to games on KMOX in the days of Charlie Spoon.
  3. I also follow UALR, where Porter was head coach for three years. He did a tremendous job of immediately getting players up to their potential, and even overachieving as a team. He must have been a very good assistant coach, because he got the job from inside after Moncrief left.
  4. If RM doesn't run a cleaner program than he did before, "envy" might not be the right word.
  5. Any news if the recruits are staying with us after the coaching change?
  6. What are they thinking? Even if there should have been a change, which I question, why would they do it this way? Evidently they sat down and tried to figure out how to change coaches that would do the most damage to the program. Good grief!
  7. >Interesting hire for AR - Pelphrey's last season at South Al >produced a RPI of 131, a record of 18-11 and a conference >record of 13-6 (second place finish)in a conference ranked >20th with a SOS of 19. Did they win their conference >tourney this year? If not his situation seems rather >pedestrian. AR must have really been desperate. I really >don't know much about this guy - maybe his long term track >record at South Al was very good. At Arkansas, "up tempo" is the idol before which they all bow. Filling up the place is the immediate concern.
  8. I became a fan through listening to Charlie Spoonhour on KMOX. He was very entertaining.
  9. If Liddell were not such a good rebounder, we would be feeling having Meyer at the 4 a lot more.
  10. >Every defense will >lay off him (and double Ian) and let him shoot the patented >15 foot jumpers. The fact none of our freshmen are going to >unseat JJ (all according to Guest's early lineup >projections) scares me very much for THIS YEARS team. Every team has one non-scorer. What's the big deal? What he has to do is play good defense and REBOUND.
  11. >So it is really not that much of a stretch to call Ahearn a Top 20 shooting guard. I agree. His phenomenal free throw shooting alone would rate him at least a look.
  12. Huggins is a "win at any price" coach. He wins. He doesn't care how. There are some people in the world that like that.
  13. I hate to hear that KMOX is out of the sports broadcasting business. That is how I became a Bills fan.
  14. >In my opinion, its the BCS and the rest of us" That is the bottom line, of course. However, if a conference regularly gets four or more into the NCAA, it can be thought of as playing with the big boys. Those six conferences are the only ones that regularly do that so far.
  15. If Justin Johnson plays as many minutes per game as IV, he leads the team in rebounding last season (assuming all else equal).
  16. Whatever else you have out of the 4, you must have rebounding. Since Liddell will rebound very well for his size and Ian got 7+ last season, I would say that 8 points and 6 rebounds out of the starter at the 4 spot, and this team can look for postseason for sure.
  17. Is this the year we turn the corner and win big? Do we dare be that optimistic?
  18. This was the main weak spot. Now with IV coming back, SURELY among Johnson, Okeakor and Knollmeyer we can get enough consistent play to fill the bill. They don't have to score tons, just be a legitimate inside threat, rebound and play defense. I don't see any way we can't get a consistent 8 points and six rebounds among them.
  19. And he must have learned a lot from the workouts. Come on, next season!
  20. >I totally agree. If Brad is able to elevate the program and >leave SLU for greener pastures (at some point down the >road), perhaps by then Jamall Walker will be ready to take >the reins. The real catch is getting a capable coach to stay for a couple of years AFTER he has real success. So often they have a great year and move on immediately, so the school doesn't get the full recruiting benefit of the success.
  21. Which brings up a question: Is the bigger obstacle not being able to get top recruits, or not being able to get good coaches to stay long enough to develop the talent we have?
  22. We won't get the top tier recruits ordinarily. So, we must have a coach that can get players to overachieve, and who will stay for long enough to build the program. Can Brad do that? Will Brad do that?
  23. Assuming that L&L get the usual sophomore "pop" in their game, our play at the 2 & 3 should be very good. Having such an offensive luxury as your 5 being your first offensive weapon is unusual these days. Maybe we will have to have "post by committee," like many schools in this 3-point era. Wouldn't be the end of the world.
  24. Who will replace Drejaj in the starting line-up?
  25. The tournament is already watered down past all reason. 80% of the teams there have no chance to win it all. If it is expanded, why not just include all the teams?ip.
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