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  1. I don't know what the OBC is or what the G would stand for, but it's good to be remembered! Dad and I still have season tickets so I'm at every home game still! Talking to kids at the game Saturday (2012 grads vs my 2007) about the good ol' days and them not caring about Anthony Drejaj's 3 pointer at the buzzer during the 2004 NIT made me feel old (at which I broke my nose rushing the court)...and having to explain to them that yes, Danny Brown did play for SLU. Those kids don't know the pain and TRUE dedication required that comes with 9-21 seasons...spoiled kids... Now Im starting to under
  2. My dad and I flew up for the game and though we didn't win, it was awesome getting to see them all together again. I forgot a few times that this wasn't a random post-graduation tournament; they played all out and just as aggressively as if it were a game during March Madness, getting as worked up and involved as I'm used to from them. The calls didn't do our way at the end and I blame that. Seeing Jordair put his hands on the refs shoulders standing face to face was pretty funny (can't do that in college ball). Getting to do kwamain's chant and seeing their reactions to hearing their old SLU
  3. I remember after I graduated in 2007, my parents took me to a nice dinner at Tony's downtown. After we finished and were stuffed with all this amazing food, I offered to buy my parents and brother a beer at Humphrey's. We walked into the bar in our Sunday best and ordered a round for my family. A second later, Jan came up to me and said, "Oh Diane! Come meet Rick Majerus!" My dad and i walked over and Rick was sitting in the corner just inside the door on the right with all his assistants finishing a rather large meal. Jan said, "Coach, this is Diane. She was the president of Blue Crew and jus
  4. You know, if that Dayton game had been played in Chaifetz (with OUR refs), it would have been a different outcome. THAT SAID, I am very excited about tonight's game. It's going to be a great match up but I definitely think we have the upper hand. Not just because of home court advantage, I think that we are fired up and we've got some things to prove tonight. Can't wait!!
  5. When I was in the Blue Crew and it was a STUDENT-RUN ORGANIZATION the fee to be in the Blue Crew was $35. That covered tickets, pizza, t-shirts, events, transportation and any other random events that would come up throughout the season. Now the cost is, what, $105 and all they get is a seat and a t-shirt? NO ONE is benefiting more on this than the Athletic Department. If they are charging each student 300% more than what we originally needed to run the organization, where the hell is all of that money going? It's sure as hell not going to events to promote the students going to the games. No
  6. The name "Billikens" also have a connotation to it that's not so positive, as we can all admit. Now that we're winning and going to have more recognition on the national stage, we are all able to say "I've been a Billiken fan before it was trendy." Same goes for Blue Crew. A student section is a student section, whether kids show up or not. Changing a name that has been a tradition for a decade (whether you like it or not) is a slap in the face to those 5 fans who actually went to games while we have losing records over and over again. Those 5 fans are more dedicated fans than 95% of the kids
  7. My friend e-mailed me the link to the story about the Blue Crew being re-named through a campus contest and I've been gathering my thoughts about it all day. For anyone who doesn't know my history with the Blue Crew, I was President from 2005-2007 (the last 2 years of the Soderberg era...and still in the Scottrade Center). During my time in the Blue Crew and the three years since, I'm not sure anyone has thought more about what being a student fan means than me (just ask my dad). I have a lot more to say, and I'm sure I'll come up with more, but this is what I feel off the bat. I went runn
  8. I completely disagree with you. It was a quality win, but the kids that were making their threes have always made their threes....props go to Majerus to MANAGING his players and MANAGING who goes on the foul line.
  9. WR benched for mouthing off during practice and having an attitude. Apperntly it's noted as "conduct detrimental to the team."
  10. What does this say about my family: I got my dad the Billiken Band CD for Christmas....he got me the same thing. We turned off the Christmas music and put on the SLU Pep Band CD. Merry Christmas!!!
  11. I think 16 is a good call. I'll tell ya, it's a different game when Kwamain is in the game....
  12. I'm not angry with the MSU students. I felt demeaned as a Billiken fan and I'm irate that the student section would be opened up to an opposing teams fans. I'd rather have an empty student section that a student section filled with opposing teams' fans.
  13. Well then, let's start promoting the games to the high schools that they went to and their alum.
  14. I ran around asking multiple people wearing blue in the student section to come down to the front, and all of them said something like, "Oh, i'm waiting for someone else to get here..." or "Oh, I'm fine." I talked to a few MO State kids, and they said that they road tripped for the game. Tickets should be free for students...like at Dayton. I'm sorry, but you cannot charge kids to go see a team that they don't know or care about. It's cuts the income down a bit, but it's a long-term strategy. Get the section so packed that you HAVE to charge students. Ridiculous.
  15. Thanks for the heads up...I'll definitely follow up on that.
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