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  1. i wish all who served our country a joyous but somber memorial day. i will never forget.
  2. my basic was jan-mar 1968. i had a student deferment which i eventually lost after grad school. went on to artillery training at fort sill, spent a few months at fort ord (calif), and then on to vietnam to serve with the 1st inf div. came home in sept 69. basic was worse than vietnam. i think the army planned it to work that way.
  3. yikes! brings back bad memories. in the army, it was called basic training. for me, it was fort leonardwood in the middle of winter. the 2 months of basic were worse than anything i've ever experienced.
  4. if WR was in fact punished at the time of his misdeeds, then so be it. i was under the impression that he wasn't. but that still doesn't excuse his treatment at the "court" which was a violation of all standards of fairness. it was in fact a disgrace and done for the purpose of appeasing a big donor, cook i believe.
  5. but for the kangaroo court, the outcome might have been different, assuming he is gone. this university has lost a lot of its moral authority as far as i'm concerned. one of the posters said he should have been dealt with immediately regarding these "other" infractions. he is correct. the university knows better(so do their attorneys) but they chose this course of action anyway. sad.
  6. Happy veterans day to all those who have served. A special "welcome home" to anyone who served in vietnam.
  7. sounds like you have experience in dealing with these things. thanks for your service.
  8. after reading about the possible problems for some of our athletes, it sort of puts things in the proper perspective
  9. take the time to watch and listen. It only lasts a few minutes I hope I linked it correctly. If not, tell me how. http://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/miller/battlescape.html
  10. my first look at the slu "campus" was 1965. you are absolutely correct, your wife would not have been impressed. it was hardly a campus. the major positive changes started with the coming of biondi. perhaps others will differ, but that is my recollection over the last 45 years
  11. he has a three star rating from rivals. also, in an article on the the Penn State message board, it appears that majerus' reputation with big men was a factor in his selection of saint louis
  12. was thinking the same thing when i made the post. the no catch that was ruled a catch. that was a terrible ruling by the officials way back then. but that mel gray no catch td doesn't excuse this terrible rule
  13. he had possession of the ball after his body(knee) hit the ground. it was only after the ball hit the ground that it came out. but the replay clearly showed he had total control of the ball until the ball hit the ground. i just think it's a bad rule, especially how it applied to this situation
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