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  1. When building a TEAM coaches have to have players who can do different things and compliment each other. This kid is going to be a GREAT shooter and will compliment the slashing ability of other players. Also, with all the bigs we have coming in we need someone that teams need to think about frm the outside. Just think about limiting the possibilities of doubling down on the bigs when the ball goes inside. Every player on the team does not have to be a freak athlete who can jump out of the gym. I agree, the majority of your players should be great athletes, but one or two guys who don't
  2. Here is my connection: Roth's high school coach was my coach (different schools) and they were in the Illinois state baseball tournament this weekend. I went the game to see my old coach and he wanted me to meet Matt Roth because I attended SLU and he had visited and LOVED the school. Matt seems like a great kid. Moser knew about him from his days at ISU and he immediately brought his name to Majerus. From all accounts he is a dead-eye ridiculously good shooter, and that will translate. He is probably 6'1" - 6'2", word is he will need to get quicker at this level, so maybe starting fro
  3. Board members - we are in the prescence of a Mizuno Third team All-American! Gentleman, if there ever was a left handed hitter who gave right handed pitchers nightmares DirtyRican is the one! He also was the best in the country at the "slow grounder to first" play during infield warmups.
  4. As a former baseball player, I agree Hughes needs to go. The problem with this baseball program is that there is little to no development of talent. I saw freshman come in with enormous physical talent and never were made better through their time at SLU. Hughes is a great man and a wonderful person, but he is unable (or willing) to put the appropriate time and effort into the program that it needs. Every other program you see players get better, in many cases at SLU you see players get worse. As far as comparing the club team to the varsity, give me a break. I bet you are the same "Rec
  5. As I read through everyone's thoughts and opinions of Moser I am shcked at all of the positive remarks. Are we missing the fact that his overall record at Illinos State was 51-67! Not to mention that EVERY team in the MVC showed dramatic improvement duiring his tenure except his Redbirds. Someone brought up the point of his ability to recruit numerous kids that fail to qualify academically. I would say that should be a MAJOR concern at this school. I don't want to start the argument about if SLU actually abides by typical admissions standards for athletes (because it doesn't, and I am f
  6. This is a great quiz for all the Billiken fans that are over 50 years old. How about a version for us younger generation Billy fans???
  7. Thank god for a moment of sanity on this board. SLU is off to a solid start, and is on the road to a good season. Thank you.
  8. I am a SLU grad ('04) and a HUGE Billiken fan who has relocated to Chicago. I make it to a game or two each year. However, I was a baseball player and knew the coaches on a personal level for many years. I mainly use the board to keep up on many of the recruiting rumors and to hear inside information from the people who actually go to every game. Go Bills!
  9. AJ - I totally am in agreement. I am as proud of a SLU grad as anyone on this message board (and a former SLU athlete), however I have come to grips that we are not a high profile program who should expect to get top 100 recruits every year. Until people are happy with a nice, probation-free, quality student-athletes, team they are going to continue to be frustrated.
  10. At this point of SLU's program we cannot play 10-11 guys deep because we do not have the talent depth. This is a common problem with most programs outside the top 25. We have four guys who can be VERY good, so let's ride them and see what happens. As far as Bryce goes, he is a decent role player for five minutes at a time or when Ian is in foul trouble. When he catches the ball in the post he does not even turn to face the basketbal or begin to be a threat. He is not a legitimate big man until he can force someone to guard him.
  11. I was there and pleasantly surprised as well. I actually thought we would have more, but the weather was probably a big factor. I would love to pick a bar to meet at to watch games! Any particular area? I would choose a place in the Lincoln Park area is that where you would choose?
  12. 1. 2003 Lousiville, unbelievable...howmany chance do SLu fans get to rush the court?? 2. 2003, ayone who gave me this opportunity I am greatful....plus I don't have any memory of SLu before 2001. 3. Liddell 4. Hopefully Polk because we need the other two to score more. 5. I don't know who that is. Not a big TV guy outside of sports.
  13. >>let's master st. louis first. Get Suggs Brandenburg, Roundtree, and >>Swopshire to replace Polk, Meyer, Brown and Husak in 2008 and then >>move on to Chicago. Don't get me wrong, there is LOTS of good talent in St. Louis, however if we can start looking at players from Whitney Young and Proviso than lets do it! I would say that Chicago basketball is just a touch better than St. Louis basketball.
  14. Boy, if we can start working the Chicago area, (especially Proviso) than that would be a HUGE recruiting success. Coach Thorpe is from up here and he knows the area. This is VERY encouraging in my eyes.
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