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  1. Travis Ford and the Billiken are sitting in the front row at the Cardinal game today. That should put us over the top.
  2. I think to some degree this is a SLU thing. It is a convenient excuse to avoid the subject. I am not saying it's not an NCAA rule but other schools seem to be far more liberal talking about recruits.
  3. He must have springs implanted in his legs.
  4. I would have lost money on this. Didn't think he would show. Glad I was wrong.
  5. Talbert how did you like Tatum’s numbers tonight? Not bad for overrated player.
  6. I don’t know why I am bothering to respond to this as I said before your original post was pure crap. How can you say he’s not a team player. Good rebounder. Some of the best defensive metrics in the playoffs. Good passer who shares the ball. He’s the go to isolation guy when the clock is running down. Either you know nothing about basketball or just like being a troll.
  7. Saying this is a bad post is not enough. This post is a bunch of crap.
  8. Don’t have numbers but I believe March Madness is where most of their revenue come from.
  9. This would bring back memories when the season always started the weekend after Thanksgiving. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on this date.
  10. People leave because the grass can always be greener. Kentucky has bluegrass. Why did Blackshere leave Virginia Tech as a grad transfer for Florida? He was already the top dog.
  11. Star you are guilty of slotting players and teams as to high low mid . There are good players everywhere. A good player from anywhere can and would be poached.
  12. You are selling Jordan short. He could and would start for anyone.
  13. I understand what you guys are saying and maybe he is a bad example but if a Kentucky came calling and said you are our final piece to a national championship he may be tempted especially if there were incentives involved.
  14. I know the official SLU line is that it may even be good for us as people want to play for us, but I'm with 72. What is keeping a high major stopping from trying to poach a Jordan or Has for a specific need. They would go for a best or most promising player. There may even be a suitcase involved. The major washout is not going to be as good as the player being poached. Who would we get as a transfer who would be as good as say Perkins.
  15. I doubt it. Isn’t he living in California?
  16. Don’t know if it’s accurate but Durando said he was enrolled and taking classes online.
  17. Small point of correction. Most refs are not part time during the season. They may even embrace not having to travel.
  18. Pure speculation. I think once upon a time Chris may have wanted to go to a football school. Now at this stage of his life I think he’s pretty content at SLU. I am sure dealing with Fred is a lot easier than dealing with Biondi. I hope he stays because I think he does a very good job.
  19. I was a fan of Gordon Lightfoot
  20. BIG IF HERE. If they play with Covid you may need a full roster. Players A B And C test positive and are required to isolate for 2 weeks. If the infection hasn’t spread to everyone games could continue. I believe baseball wants to try this model with their taxi squad. I believe this type of situation would be more likely if there was a vaccine.
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