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  1. Great points all around. I think the point everyone is trying to make is the AD doesn't or can't get anyone to give that big donation. This isn't a knock on all the points you just made which are valid and spot on.
  2. You can get as tired as you want. U of K rules the state and what that AD did was impressive at Louisville. Easy thing he could of said was make excuses, why try because Kentucky is too powerful and we are Louisville? Not short sighted thinking, he had a vision and executed. Plus, why didn't it happen before that AD got there if it was a state school? They were able to develop a plan and find the money. That was my point not trying to compare SLU to Louisville overall, just the fact of having a plan and vision. That's it.
  3. The rental press box leaves a lot to be desired, would like to know who thinks that looks good. SLU is division one. When high schools and D-2 area schools have better facilities sure it might be keeping up with the jones' but gosh you just have to do it if you are in the business. I think the overall perception of the program is lifted by having first class facilities. I think a lot of donors, fans and administrators live in a bubble at SLU. In sports other than basketball, even that sport, SLU isn't very relevant in St. Louis like Mizzou or Illinois. I think having top facilities will bring people down to campus and give people outside the bubble something to talk positive about SLU in community. I also think it's not supportive to just freely bash AD and president because there are probably factors we are not aware of they face possibly, especially with shape school and medical school is in right now.
  4. I agree with almost everything you said. I can go either way with AD, he's been at SLU for a while now with mixed results and if he's only going to talk to people if they donate money, that might be a big problem. If I misunderstood you, please let me know.
  5. SLU should have a nice baseball stadium just as a marketing tool alone. More people would come to campus and talk about the program just because of having a first class stadium, its St. Louis. Renting a place like that would make a small fortune for department I'd imagine.
  6. Guys it doesn't matter if you like him or not. I think the point Doubleday is trying to make is the AD isn't good at his job? The track and field facility isn't even close to as nice as Lindenwood or even Kirkwood and baseball field is bad for a college, especially D-1. Those aren't very good examples. It costs money to be a D-1 program in 2017. Real easy to just say write a check or AD is weird, bigger question is how much does university president care or understand athletics. I think that's the problem actually.
  7. The chips are beginning to fall and if Dayton and VCU bolt as reported. A10 is not the conference I would prefer to stay in anymore. Without football or entry into Big East I feel like we will be in a bad conference limbo for the foreseeable future. It just doesn't seem like we have a plan, just sit back and wait for Ford to bring us back to promise land. That's a scary strategy, but sounds like the reality. What if he doesn't deliver on his promises? We can play what if game all day I get that, I just have a feeling slu is at a major crossroads conference-wise and my biggest fear will be that slu is left behind.
  8. I think SLU will be in a bad place in regards to conference very soon. My biggest fear we will be stuck in a gutted A10, while Dayton and VCU move to the American and a Big East that doesn't want to expand. Please no talk about the Valley! It could get very interesting.
  9. Over hyped and it was a shame. The players did everything they could but I agree, weak scheduling and they were just an average A10 team.
  10. My concern is that while I really like Coach Ford, I wish he was never here in the first place. If Jay Wright left Villanova, Travis Ford would not get that job last year or even right now. If Mark Few left Gonzaga, no way Ford gets the job. Pestello has not put in the financial muscle to athletics, athletic facilities and just overall. This is my point. We should not have to be worried about a coach leaving SLU, but we do because of empty promises. Biondi said we would be a top 50 program, the on campus arena is the silver bullet, etc. AD was a Biondi hire. Hired Crews, who nobody wanted, don't care about coach of the year stuff, how did that work out for us? Nobody was knocking down Stone's door, she could of been had by anyone and let's be honest WBB was basically a club team before she got here but they all said NCAA or bust this year. Looking at wnit in reality. That's fine it's WBB. I'm just tired of the promise of all the potential SLU has when same mistakes happen over and over in cycles throughout the years. Not even blaming AD, I'm sure if he had a bigger budget he can hire better people. This is on the higher ups 100%. Just drive out to St. Mary's, Bayless, Vianney, SLUH, Burroughs, MICDS. D-2 Lindenwood all have better baseball fields and the baseball program is beating Norte Dame and Oklahoma St so far and St. Louis is baseball center of the country. Can you imagine bringing in a kid from one of those schools and he sees that field compared to his high school field? Sorry if I'm ranting here just trying to drive home point that it takes university muscle and smarter people to take SLU to next level to tap that potential. It cannot be that hard. I love SLU and I just want it to be top shelf and something whole city is proud of!
  11. I realize money doesn't grow on trees and I also realize the university knows this as well. I'm making a bigger point than this isnt just an athletics problem, it's a university problem. My whole life as a Bills fan has been just wait until next year or three years and we have so much potential. That's been over 50 years! The university has to prioritize athletics and they don't. Pestello had no clue what he was walking into and thats not entirely his fault. I do think he's made many mistakes though. He's basically kept all the same people Father B had in place. So here we are now and the same people that caused all the problems are now in charge to fix them? It makes zero sense. That I blame Pestello for, if we don't have the money why isn't he getting people that can fundraise in there? So now Father B has to come back and that creates a whole other story. It just seems like SLU can't get out of its own way. We are worried about Travis Ford leaving when no other Power 5 team a year ago wanted him and they could have got him. I like Ford, I do. But, I just wish athletics was in a stronger position within the university like a Villanova or a Georgetown. It just isn't. All we heard about was WBB going to the NCAA, that didn't happen. No offense but outside of UCONN, WBB usually isn't your tent pole sport. I guess I'm just frustrated bc I think ford has so much potential to help slu get back on track, the track record of the university and its leadership is what worries me more than loosing our coach.
  12. I give Coach Ford credit for what he did this season and all the recruiting, but the reality is he hasn't won anything yet. Why are we discussing how crazy he would be to leave SLU? I'm pretty sure Jay Wright has had some good offers to leave Villanova over the years and he is still there, right? Why is that? It's because places like Villanova, Georgetown and Creighton are supported financially from the university the way they need to be, in order to really compete. Before everyone starts the hate mail and bashing, think about this, would Villanova fans be excited if Jay Wright left and Travis Ford was hired as his replacement? I do not think so. I think the bar has been too low at SLU for years and the university president has to want to fund athletics the way it needs it be funded in order to really compete on a national scale. All the talk about the AD, coach, marketing, conference, recruiting, academic help, etc can be fixed by a bigger, stronger budget. You tend to get a better quality of employee and product if you are willing to invest as an organization. For the record I really like Coach Ford and think if he stays here he will do very well and actually reach a higher level as a coach. But, whether it's Ford or any other coach trying to build a bigger, better program they need the resources to compete, that is just the world of college athletics we live in now. Just my opinion.
  14. If Dayton, VCU and Wichita St. go to AAC. Where does that leave SLU? I really wonder if the Big East is a realistic possibility anymore and if it is not what is the plan? I guess the Valley? I really think there is more going on than we know. More with the coach situation, more with the money situation and more or less nothing with the conference situation. I'm just worried SLU isn't prepared for what might come and be left holding the bag. Thoughts?
  15. Maybe SLU really doesn't know what Ford is thinking? Why you wouldn't come out and at least let people ask questions/answer questions? All they have done is thrown more gas on the fire. Unless, they have no idea what he is doing and just do not know what to say or do. IF Ford left it would set us back even further that the Jim Crews era. I hope he stays.