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  1. Would they just take Wichita and Gonzaga as basketball members only? If so then why not also add VCU and Dayton. Where would that leave us!
  2. Hoping Stallings leaves/gets fired and we can grab him. He's produced a pretty decent coaching tree. Hopefully he could identify a successor within a few years and we just keep rolling. It really is sad to see everything Majerus built basically burned to the ground.
  3. TJ Olzenberger would be a homerun hire. Young, can recruit, Midwest guy and the exact opposite of what we just had. I don't care if he hasn't been a head coach, we just had that and it didn't matter. He would have been Iowa States head coach if it wasn't for the university president wanting an outsider.
  4. Just wondering who else would even crack the top seven with VCU or Dayton? Only person I see is Bishop....thoughts? I know that each school is different and uses different skill sets for their offenses and defenses, but talent wise who from our current roster would be a top seven player on top A10 team? I do think we have a few guys that eventually can/will develop but it will take some time.
  5. What's the difference in competition?
  6. The WBB games have been a joy to go to this year. The crowd was awesome and this is a very special team to be proud of! Good luck in the tournament!
  7. Winning cures everything. Hope we can bring one home today!
  8. Yes. I have no idea where field hockey plays but if you think a softball field that looks like it could be in Forest Park is fine, then we can just agree to disagree. I think it all matters.
  9. Isn't a chain as strong as its weakest link?
  10. I'm saying remove Chaifetz from the conversation and all things being equal other D2 and D3 programs have better facilities right now. For the record, my grandson plays club high school baseball and I've been to just about every field in the area. My granddaughter plays club soccer all over the area too. We gladly spend an enormous amount of time at tournaments, complexes over weekends. All I'm trying to point out is anyone making fun of D2 or D3 better know what they are talking about because the world is changing quick. Our AD can only do so much and I believe he is a good man and is doing a very good job. He and the rest of department needs help from higher ups at university to be best in St. Louis area/country in every aspect of department. I love the Bills and want nothing but the best!
  11. I'm sorry but if you think SLU has better facilities than some local colleges overall, I'm not arguing with anyone, just my opinion and others as well. SLUH has a better baseball field than SIUE and us. Hermann has Johnny on the Spots as main restrooms. Chaifetz arena is a top ten D1 arena in the nation hands down, take that out of the equation and Lindenwood, Wash U and SIUE overall, excluding where their teams play basketball is just as good or better in some sports than us. This isn't a bash SLU when they are down, it's a reality check. People are bashing D2 and D3 programs and the reality is they are possibly passing us by in certain areas. That's all I am saying, has nothing to do with land limitations or location. I don't blame AD on this one, believe university higher ups need to see value in top tier facilities, not named Chaifetz Arena.
  12. Lindenwood is D2.....minus the Chaifetz.....their sports complex is D1 level. Again minus Chaifetz, Edwardsville has better all round facilities than us. If the right people aren't aware of what is going on with local D2 schools compared to SLU they need to take a drive around St Louis. Wash U is D3 and they have better facilities as well....again minus Chaifetz. This thread is dumb but maybe we should be careful making fun of D2 D3 schools until we have much better facilities than all of them like a D1 should.
  13. I feel bad for the players, not their fault they've been put in this position. That being said next season as it stands right now we only lose Ash and replace him with a freshman. I just don't see where we go from here. I really don't.
  14. Seeing the arena packed for a woman's game was one of the best things I've seen in a while. Very good game, great crowd and the events in the hallway were great. Plus, always fun to beat Dayton!
  15. Three years ago this kid would have been a team manager.