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  1. Looks like another job for Mandy the Seal.....
  2. Hahaha! That's funny...
  3. Good to know the president is getting his advice from a seal, a llama, a lion and a polar bear....That video looks like a bad Saturday Night Live skit. Can't wait to see him at Westport at the funny bone. Hysterical.
  4. I look at us and Louisville twenty years ago and we were even. Now look at Louisville and us! No comparison. Why can't SLU decide to invest in athletics like that? Invest in facilities, staffing, add programs (hockey?football?) more scholarships, the entire infrastructure? I know people will laugh about football but with NFL gone, why not? We aren't even comparable to Lindenwood in regards to some facilities. Louisville is a legitimate national program. This isn't a blame current AD or President rant, this question harkens back to over last few decades. Thanks
  5. I totally agree, the point I was trying to get across was why in such a great sports town, we've never become Gonzaga or Creighton? What holds us back overall through the years from getting to that level or higher? Seems like doesn't matter who is in charge SLU gets in its own way. That's what I was trying to articulate. Thanks
  6. Bigger question is why has this program not taken off, forget nationally, locally over the years? Over the summer we were visiting the Seattle area and saw a lot of Zags hats and shirts everywhere. Rarely see Billikens stuff on people around town. Go to Omaha and Blue Jays are relevant too. Those are both very general statements but if you've been to either city I hope you get where I'm coming from. Does the whole mascot thing make us even more irrelevant in our own city? I don't know. Agree with bonwich there is a lot more to long term success than just winning.
  7. Does this thing stay or go?
  8. Since no publicity is bad publicity, ask Ferguson, MO how they feel about that statement. The Billiken has become a national joke and it's just a bad day? Sure wish Dr. Pestello was so creative and clever before he released this mascot! Ignoring or dismissing upset fans and alumni isn't a good business move. Not when people with no affinity to your institution are laughing and it's national fodder. Now we can turn this whole deal into a "we don't bully a fictional character mascot" situation. Just win basketball games and stay out of designing mascots. Please! I doubt Gonzaga fans are focused on the mascot.
  9. I agree winning cures all!
  10. Did Rampage move to LA or did he decide not to relocate and is he still out of work looking for a job?
  11. Call ticket office and ask for manager. If I need help with anything in department he's my go to. Helped a family from my church a couple years ago when the mother passed away, really took care of the kids at a game. He will help your brother out. Good luck.
  12. Would they just take Wichita and Gonzaga as basketball members only? If so then why not also add VCU and Dayton. Where would that leave us!
  13. Hoping Stallings leaves/gets fired and we can grab him. He's produced a pretty decent coaching tree. Hopefully he could identify a successor within a few years and we just keep rolling. It really is sad to see everything Majerus built basically burned to the ground.
  14. TJ Olzenberger would be a homerun hire. Young, can recruit, Midwest guy and the exact opposite of what we just had. I don't care if he hasn't been a head coach, we just had that and it didn't matter. He would have been Iowa States head coach if it wasn't for the university president wanting an outsider.