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  1. Recruiting - 2017

    Hope you like zone defense
  2. New Billiken Blog!

    You can't rant about all the bad in Billikens basketball when you don't understand basketball. Good job, good effort. I'd rather read a Metz blog. And boom goes the ... too soon?
  3. Couldn't we just start the freshman like in 2010-2011

    STL Hoops Insider is the worst poster on this message board. It's not even close. Watch a basketball game one time for me.
  4. "Who TF stands up for an opening tip anywhere, save for perhaps a national championship game?" In a post b*tching about the game atmosphere..
  5. Bills by 2 over Butler

    Hearing rumors John Stamos could potentially make an appearance at Butler game. Still working on details, but his original plan of attending the VCU game might be bumped due to a Beach Boys commitment. #Developing
  6. Grandy Glaze

    "Grandy is on the court he will, for the most part, draw their most physical defender. I think this could open up a lot of space for Loe who doesn't do well against athletic, physical defenders." I'm affraid I disagree. If teams scout SLU, they will notice Glaze spends the majority of his time on the offensive end of the court setting screens. Literally a zero on the offensive threat levels. Gets his points by crashing the boards and, at least last night, overplaying the passing lanes and getting easy layups (Product of playing Dukes that won't happen again). Basically, teams won't waste a key defender on Glaze. BUT, he is another body off the bench that can provide energy and toughness when needed. Instead wanting him to have a 'big' role, be content with him perfecting 'his' role.
  7. Will a St. Louis native ever play for the Bills again?

    The wait is over! Here is your STL player on Bills roster: http://www.foxsportsmidwest.com/11/27/12/Sean-Duff-Added-to-Billiken-Roster/landing_stlbillikens.html?blockID=826471&feedID=10336
  8. Majerus is stepping down

    It is hard work being a billiken fan, you guys.
  9. Lunch Today

    I am not sure why everyone is getting all upset about this. Valpo will be one of the best non-bcs schools in the country next year, and will provide a great opportunity for a 'quality win'... They should run their conference. This is a great move short-term. Win now, continue to build on last season's success. Get bigger games down the road. That's how it works. Didn't think I would hear this much b*t*hing about a schedule featuring New Mexico, Washington, (this year, a really good) Valpo, Texas A&M, KU/WSU .. local schools in SIUC & E + EIU.. and not to mention a loaded conference schedule (whoever said last year's teams are equal to this year needs to be banned) The schedule is working out in our favor to a ridiculous degree. THIS IS A GOOD THING! All non-conferance home games are winnable. and the conference home schedule is almost unfair because virtually every contender comes thru the chaifetz.
  10. Stanford off Schedule

    It is not $$ related.
  11. all i wanted him to say was 'that's a clown question, bro'
  12. Any Word On Grandy Glaze's Progress

    Please never compare GG to Blake Griffin ever again. Stick with a mini-Barkley. Thanks.
  13. Some praise from Andy Katz

    good article... but this is nothing new... Majerus made all these same comments months ago. Good to have the World Wide Leader on our side though. Maybe they will pick up some games...
  14. There are only two things that will regress from last years' squad: 'tough guy' interior presence & grade point average