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  1. Correct I did say SLU had a new coach!! Did I ever say who it was, no I did not
  2. I have no clue what Salary or what else was offered. All I knew was they both were offered the job.
  3. All the information was true that I gave you. Nothing was false.
  4. I just said they were offered never said anything else.
  5. Nope, I wish I was but it's pathetic when assistant coaches don't even want the job
  6. Are you sure about that???? I think you need to look harder
  7. Considering Caputo turned it down and Ingelsby just took the Deleware job, ford was the 3rd best option. I guess failing at Oka St is good enough For May
  8. No actually my wife is a grad from UT
  9. No, no connection to ND. Went to SLU for undergrad and grad. Also
  10. At the time as HS player SLU wanted him bad. Yes he didn't pan out but the fact is SLU couldn't get a home town kid to stay. P
  11. I have nothing to do with Inglesby, I just said he was interviewed along with Caputo, yes I think he is the best candidate, young, knows how to recruit, know stl, got the Ritter biedschaud kid out of stl a couple of years ago.
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