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  1. 2017-18 Season Tix Renewal Email

    Well, I sure hope not. The plan said "season tickets". Maybe it was for past season ticket holders only and new guys have to pay more.
  2. 2017-18 Season Tix Renewal Email

    I renewed mine. It went down to $99 a ticket which was a significant price break. I hope it doesn't mean less home games??!?!?!
  3. This doesn't smell true, ring true, sound true, or anything sounding true. Let's pretend for moment those things were said. A kid saying that he would come to St.Louis if you bring my buddy with me. Sounds like something a kid would say when he had no intention of coming anyway. Making an offer that no self-respecting coach would ever accept. What is Crews would have accepted that and the point guard wasn't up to division 1 level and benched him or decided that he didn't deserve this scholarship the next year? Does Tatum automatically leave the program as well? I don't see a head basketball coach putting himself in that position. Especially a coach that has been coaching as long as Crews had. I also don't believe a high-level recruit would be advised to even ask that question in the first place unless he's a total dummy. I certainly don't think Coach K would put up with that either.
  4. Grandy Glaze

    Damn, I was just pointing out that Glaze performed very good to conclude his career. How did this turn into a Jolly discussion? =-(
  5. Grandy Glaze

    Would rather had Jolly? Glaze pulled down boards and even scored points. Several double-doubles while at SLU. Glaze was a far more aggresive on the boards than Jolly ever was or could be.
  6. Grandy Glaze

    Saw the Tweet and wanted to share. Angela Lento ‎@collegeinsider Grand Canyon's Grandy Glaze is the 2016 Riley Wallace Award winner http://www.wallaceallamerica.com/ Grand Canyon lost the CIT Championship game but Glaze finished his career with a double-double. I always liked his effort and enthusiasm. Good for him!
  7. Yarbourogh

    I like it when he plays well and gets his double-doubles.
  8. Yarbourogh

    What happened to him?
  9. I remember several years ago when Brian C was a freshman, he would get the same brutal treatment. He would miss quite a few bunnies and sometimes seemed lost on the court. He worked hard, bulked up and by the time he was a senior he was a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully Jolly will continue to develop. I like his energy. He behaves like he wants to be out there. Seems to have more energy than Austin G most of the time. ( I want him to get in the weight room as well!) This board has been hard on Crews lately. It is hard to believe that just not long ago I would see so much praise for him when he won coach of the year. For all those out there like me who played the game and understand the ups and downs, just ignore the undisciplined/amateur garbage on this board and stay true to course. Go Billikens!!
  10. 2010 v 2014

    Isn't really a fair comparison for one reason. The only one that matters. The 2010 squad had the core of the team torn apart before the season started. The freshman at that point had been thrown into the fire an it was not planned that way. I suppose that paid benefits later on. This squad with all the freshman was expected so I think they are doing much better because of that. Keith Carter's transfer probably put a kink in coach's plan but the damage is contained more or less.
  11. season tickets

    Not me.
  12. Crews on 13-14 Season/Future

    Next season the Billikens will be competitive but this will be a season for developing talent. And the most definitely have talent on the roster for next year. It will be interesting to watch!