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  1. I watched on TV from home, but it sounds pretty much like the SIU trip that I went on from last season. Rode the bus, went to the pre-game reception thing, went to the game, and sat my designated seat at their arena. About 5 minutes into the game, my fellow band member, who is attending SIU-Methdale for law school, and I walked over to the complete other side of the SLU section, because they were actually into the game. The Cassity contingent had almost as strong of a showing, and was making more noise than the St. Louis contingent...and they were directly across from us in the arena. Yes, it was nice that you could hear the SLU faithful on TV after really big shots, but still not good enough. I've heard that the Bills had somewhere between 350 and 500 fans at the game Friday. I know that I'm preaching to the choir right now, but our cheering should have been heard over their "awwwww"ing every time they missed a shot. If you're willing to fork out the cash to go on the road to a game, why the fu┬ęk wouldn't you stand up and yell? After a 5 hour road trip, I can't think of any reason why you would want to sit for two hours, knowing you have a 5 hour trip back coming soon. I know the team is in "game mode", but they still feel when the crowd is into it. I blame the loss to RI on the fact that the crowd wasn't supporting the team vocally until (very) late in the second half. Probably the same with Santa Clara. With proper crowd support, the home team goes on a run. We could be undefeated at home this year. Even with the opposing team scoring...the crowd can turn a player on. I'll use an example from my other team for example. Yes, I'm ready for the hate that I'll receive...but seriously, pay attention to how much louder the crowd gets. My question...how do we get 8000+ of the 10600 at the 'Fetz to change their ways? http://youtu.be/9EGMtbucFD0
  2. Call me a troll all you want, since I rarely post but read the board all the time. This might be my favorite thread of all time. Soooooo many things that I want to comment about... For starters, we (I'm a band member) don't hate playing "blasters", but we hate what happens in the student section and with the cheerleaders as soon as that first note resonates. That video of the VCU band is phenomenal....reminded me of when I went to Memphis for our conference tourney the last year of CUSA, and walking down the street, one of our guys jumped in with the house band that was playing at some jazz club and brought down the house. I wasn't there for AC last year, but I heard great stories about us playing on the boardwalk. I saw pictures. I also heard that one school didn't have a band, and recruited us to be their band, and not a single member had any hesitation before saying "yes". So yeah, that VCU video is good, but our brass line, head to head, wins every day. "Birdland", "Sing, Sing, Sing", "Uptight", or "Big Noise"...we win. Also glad to hear that people like the new additions that we've brought in this year. "Runaway" is probably my personal favorite from this year, but I think Avtr (Brian) has it confused with "Ain't nothing wrong with that" as far as the sax section doing the dance routine. We *just* got the music for "everybody talks", which is probably going to be a big band/crowd favorite, but with only a few games left, and the fact that we don't rehearse once the season starts, it is, unfortunately, on the back burner until next year. As far as getting the band to play something more/less, all you have to do is stick around after the game, watch us play our three or four songs, and then go up to Mike, and tell him your opinion. They call us the world's greatest pep band for a reason, and they call him the world's greatest director for a reason. Trust me, he takes feedback from the fans WAY more seriously than he takes feedback from us. The fan feedback is why we play "Sweet Caroline" after every win, despite the fact that it's a UNC song, traditionally, and the fan feedback is why we play "Living on a prayer" late in the second half if it's a close game. Trust me, you guys have almost as much influence on our playlist as we do, and there are a lot more of you. So, getting back to the start...if you want us to stop playing "blasters from the masters", start telling Mike, in person. He'll listen.
  3. Roster Change

    Gus is transferring to Nebraska, to pursue track and field. Got it firsthand last night. Most people on this board probably don't care, but it's worth noting. Yeah, he was primarily a bench player, but for those of us who know a lot of the team on a personal level, the team is losing a great friend. We pride ourselves on having a program that has student-athletes, and Gus was one of them. I'm sad to see him leave, but I'm happy to see him pursue his future where he can not only take advantage of his athletic ability, but also get a pretty good (yes, it pains me to admit this) education, at Nebraska.
  4. Conklin summers

    Cody and Rob are both in their native lands, trying to make it on to their national teams for the Olympics. Australia is already in, New Zealand has to play in a tournament to try and land one of the final 3 (I believe) spots. I've seen Dwayne, Gus, and Grandy a few times this summer, but not a whole lot. I'm pretty sure most of the team is taking a couple of weeks right now to be at home with friends and family. In years past, it seems like most of them are gone for the month of June, and then start coming back after the 4th of July to start on conditioning.
  5. Or Ohio St. ... or Kentucky in Louisville ... or Kansas or Mizzou in Omaha ... or UNC or Duke in Greensboro. I don't see us getting anything lower than a 10 seed, or higher than a 7, which means once we win the first game, we'll have to face either a 1 or a 2. The best we can hope for is the potential to play on a somewhat neutral court.
  6. The Band rules

    Glad to see that non-band members are as happy as I am that we sent a band this year (even if SLU's AD did limit the numbers). It's the first time since '06 that there's been a SLU band at the conference tourney, and it's one of the best experiences they can have.
  7. I do have to admit one thing

    +1 I was in Louisville for New Year's, and toyed with the idea of going to Lexington for the UK/UL game, but couldn't justify shelling out $400+ for standing room or nosebleeds, so I resorted to watching one of the sloppiest games I've ever seen while sitting comfortably on a couch. While I think Calipari is one of the dirtiest coaches in college basketball, I still bleed blue and white for two teams, not one. It's nice to know that there are other 'cats fans on here.
  8. OT: SLU Medical Office

    I haven't been inside the Pevely complex myself, but I've talked to guys who did the interior demo, and they've talked about how awesome the interior architecture is, with tile work, grand staircases, chandeliers, and whatnot. If SLU is growing so much, and plans to grow further, why not keep the old, and just renovate for housing for students who have most of their classes on that part of campus? Hopefully that's their backup plan, because between the med-school, and all of the people who are based in Doisy, there are a lot of students who have a long commute to class.
  9. Bingo. This is the sole reason why I wouldn't want to see us play Mizzou. There are a lot of reasons why I would love to see us play them, but, for the time being, I'm still OK with them turning us down. With the exception of the posters and readers (what I mostly do) of this board, SLU doesn't have a huge following. That's not going to change for at least a few more years, despite what all of us want. If we play MU, even at the 'fetz; unless we're selling tickets to only people who bleed blue and white, pretty much every extra ticket outside of the season ticket holders would go to Mizzou fans, and suddenly that 'away' game for them turns into a home game for the MU fans in StL. AKA, the Missouri State game a couple of years ago. I'm glad to see that we are having better attendance this year, but until we have a crowd that will stay the entire game, even when we're winning by 30 (the rush to the exits was astounding at the second media timeout on Saturday), we don't need to play MU. Not until we start selling out almost every game. Otherwise, their 'fans' will fill every open seat. Most of the people at our games have to be prompted to stand up and yell/cheer. If we played MU, those idiots that came to support MU wouldn't be seated at any point during the game. They have nothing better to do in their lives than drive up from JeffCo and cheer for a team where their cousin almost got accepted to college. Summary: (1) Maintain a great program for several years (2) Develop a strong fan base, based on step 1 (3) Play Mizzou
  10. Shimmy needs to go!!!!

    In all honesty, who cares? The men's team went 17+ years between rankings...it would probably take at least 10 to get a highish-name coach to start building a team, and then a higher named coach to build a decent team, and then we'd have to maintain a decent team to actually get people to go to the games. I, as a member of the band, am one of the few who actually enjoy going to the women's games, but in my years, I have just accepted that we aren't going to have a good women's team any time soon. We had slight potential a few years ago, but T Lisch decided to get married and leave early. I blame that entire family for droughts in both men's and women's basketball
  11. Xavier-Cincy Suspensions

    after reading this thread, and watching the entire press conference, I am even more of a fan of our program, because when we put our star players on a press conference, they can think for themselves, and they can also speak in words that contain more than two syllables! Really? Tu? If you're going to redact your statement about being "gangsta" or a team of thugs, the least you could do is rehearse the speech the PR department wrote out for you and not sound like a complete gangsta or thug. SPEAK...CLEAR...ENGLISH. Don't just avoid looking at the camera and sniffle. Whatever genius decided to have him in on that press conference should be fired, right along with the genius who decided to have his comments aired after the game. The only reason he's playing at X instead of UC is because he got a 15 instead of a 14 on his ACT for spelling his name right. BC, KM, and KC aren't reading off a page when we see them on the press conferences. IMO, the suspensions are light, especially for a university that "supposedly" has such high standards, but when it comes down to it, we'll show them what's up.
  12. Majerus intensity

    Majerus, hands down, but Patino is a close second. I'm from Louisville, and am a UK fan through and through, despite knowing deep in my heart that Calamari runs one of the dirtiest programs in college sports, not just basketball. I don't know how many of you know much about Kentucky (the state) and how they take their college basketball, but my best comparison is that NCAAM basketball is to Kentucky what college football is to Texas. When Patino left UK, it was a sad day. When he got hired at UL two years later, for pennies on what he is actually worth as a coach, I think there were extra police on duty, because riots were feasible. Going back to where I started, the reason SLU turned me into the basketball fan that I am today isn't just winning, it's the fact that our program recruits players that aren't going to jump ship after 1-2 years to join the NBA, we recruit (mostly) players who make good decisions off the court as well as on. STUDENT atheletes, not student ATHELETES. RM, and his cast of supporting coaches, have a knack for not just spotting talent, but finding guys who are well rounded people. I say Patino as a close second, but at the same time, without searching, I wonder if he's ever started two players in a game that already have one degree and are working on their masters, and had a tournament quality team... Which brings me to my next quote/point: <i><b>MIGHT</b></i> make it to NIT? Where's the faith? This team has NCAA tournament written all over it. Barring a complete breakdown during conference play, we should finish no worse than 24-5. I'm sticking with 26-3 as my prediction. But, even at 24-5, in a not-too-terrible conference, we're dancing.
  13. Purdue - X

    WE are going to do something about it. I would venture to guess that the coaching staff is already putting in about 25% of their research/planning into how we can beat X at X for our first meeting, as in all reality, our biggest challenge between now and then will be New Mexico. I'd also venture to guess that after every game between now and then, that number goes up 5%, putting us at 60% focus on that specific game when the time comes. We're going to know the defensive matchups. We're going to know the best way to force turnovers. We're going to know, beforehand, whether we're going to be able to rely on the 3-ball, or if the Bonecrusher is going to have to do our dirty work on the inside. With the South American Dictator at the helm, you have to believe that he is already strategizing for a HUGE game that is a mere 7+ weeks away. As much as I hate Xavier (and all things associated with the state of Ohio), I'd like to see them keep winning. That way, if we beat them on their own court, and when we beat them on ours, it won't matter if we lose to them on a "neutral" court during the conference tournament; we'll still be dancing.
  14. SIUC

    I and another member of the band will be on one of the busses, rockin' the old rugby shirts, with a cooler in tow. Is there a place in town to pick up a pair of those sweet, sweet checkered pants?
  15. Ellis IS on campus

    I'm the friend. I spoke face to face with a player Sunday night, and asked if he had any news about Ellis, to which he replied that he is here, and "is gonna start working out with the team tomorrow." (Monday). I then asked when Ellis got in, and he said late Thursday night, which means he probably didn't go to classes Friday, but I would imagine he started today. So, either I'm right, and Cody is in fact on campus, or a player is intentionally spreading a false story, which would make absolutely no sense IMO