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  1. How long have you been following Billiken basketball?

    Early '60s. Gil Beckemeier went to my high school and I used to follow SLU basketball. I also remember Rich Niemann who used to play for Bishop Dubourg.
  2. And why is he a no-nothing Valley fan? He pretty well states truth except tha Missouri State gets more pub than Saint Louis U. I'm pretty sure SIU does. I just don't think this guy is that far off.
  3. How about K. Anderson?
  4. RM better graduate players. Academics should always

    Oh for crying out loud. Maybe you should greet him at the airport and demand this in person. Sheesh! Be happy we are actually being considered by him.
  5. If you think that Bernie hates SLU because of what he's written, how do you think Cardinal fans, Rams fans, Blues fans and Mizzou fans feel? Has Bernie NOT ripped on each of these programs? If everything was real rosy for each program, he wouldn't be able to say anything negative. Of course most fans agree with him as long as it's not their program (at the time) he's ripping on. Time to get over it.
  6. Rankings via showtymebasketball.com

    Just trying to find out where you're coming from V. You say you hope SLU picks Cuonzo Martin because "they" need a local guy who will recruit local players so Anderson (Mizzou) doesn't clean house with all those schollies. Now, how do you spin it on Tigerboard? Do you tell everyone over there, and I know you post there, that you're hoping that SLU takes recruits away from them? Just want to know where you are on this V.
  7. MU getting bigger

    I don't think that's what you would call "running a kid off". However, I think Coach Anderson should be honest with them and if they aren't comfortable with the style of basketball he runs, they should transfer.
  8. MU getting bigger

    A little touchy this morning Henry? For God's sake, if you don't like the thread, THEN DON'T READ IT!! I don't think he is destructing this great board.
  9. Some questions for everybody on this board?

    Well, we could tell them, if they're from the area of course, that their parents could spend a fortune watching away games if they are so inclined. We could also sell them on getting a rivalry going with Fordham or Rhode Island.
  10. Huggins dumps K-State for WV

    Huggins was born in West Virginia, played basketball at WV and now probably got his final chance to coach there. Can't really blame him for going back even if it does seem he screwed over KSU by leaving after one year.
  11. butler promotes from within

    Kinda like K-State, eh?
  12. Altman staying at Creighton per FoxSprorts

    Can you see an A10 coach turning down Arkansas?
  13. Lowery agrees to 7 year deal w/SIU

    SIU did the right thing. And I don't think he'll have to worry about getting that opportunity again.
  14. observations from a current slu student

    That's it........... we need a nice coach. Brilliant!!!!
  15. Blake Ahearn

    Thanks Unca... I appreciate it.