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  1. I am a trial attorney but I'll have to admit, this one sounds like a real loser. I hope the lawyer that took this isn't doing it on a contingent fee.
  2. UNCA: I've been here for 25 years but I am tired of Biondi's unfullfilled promises and most of, complete lack of respect for employees and supporters. We are owed an explanation on this even if he wants to bury his head in the sand with the media. I love D1 BB and I'll probably still go to games but unless Biondi or Levick give us an explanation for the timing of this latest deal, plus a good hire, I am done with giving $, Billiken Club, and probably season tickets. I am an MU undergrad/law grad and a season FB ticket holder and I'll probably just go back to MU. Their program is far from perf
  3. UNCA: Under normal circumstances I would say your are right; don't dignify a journalistic bully like Bernie by responding. Unfortunately these aren't normal circumstances; its been 18 years of stuff like this from Biondi. He publiclly humiliates his staff and then runs and hides under his desk and lets others answer the tough questions or leaves them unanswered. If Bernie questioned my professional competence, integrity and courage - which is what BM has doneto Biondi - you can be darn sure there would be a response. Silence in the face of those type of accusations constitutes an admission of
  4. Its interesting that Bernie and Biondi dislike each other so much and yet are both very much alike. They are both very gifted at what they do, but both marginalize their effectiveness with huge egos, pettiness, refusing to listen to opposing viewpoints, etc. Although I have never been a big fan of Bernie, I will say that his article on Wednesday sounded like a pretty accurate take on Biondi, Levick, and the whole situation with Brad's termination. If Bernie's wrong, why no response from Biondi?
  5. Brad: You are a class act whose legacy will be the many lives you have affected like Tommy, Kevin and many others. 20 years from now it won't be about Ws and Ls but about the contributions some of your former players make to the community. God Bless You and good luck in the future.
  6. Cheeseman: You may be right. In one of the earlier threads I suggested two alternative theories: (1) Biondi finally caves in to major booster pressure and the timing was designed to prevent any more signings, particularly of high-level recruits like ALexander, an event that would have made the firing difficult if not impossible; (2) Under booster pressure Biondi went to CL and/or Brad in March and issued an 5-6 week deadline to sign the 3-4 major recruits that Brad has been talking about since February. Assuming that SLU found out Monday PM that Alexander wasn't signing and that Brad's Monday
  7. Some followup thoughts: Roy: I hope you are right and a press conference is forthcoming and I hope it includes not only a new hire BUT an explanation on the timing. The PR disaster has been magnified, as usual, by SLU's failure to provide any info or explanation for the seemingly insane timing, leaving long-term boosters like you and me grasping for an explanation. I talked with two other very high-level boosters yesterday ( I am talking top 5 in one case) who had no idea this was happening and no explanation. Both are ready to walk, as am I, unless some explanation is given, and it better
  8. A Bomb and Tonka: I think you are missing the point. Nothing in my original post suggested that I thought the firing was completely unjustified or unfair. The timing couldn't have been worst, however. You fire him within hours after a successful in home meeting with a top recruit and days before he was on the verge of one or two potential big signings ? Why fire him 5 weeks after the season ended ? Why pull players out of class at 9:00 am in the morning ? If you guys or anyone else has another theory that explains the timing lets hear it.
  9. Think what you want to think about my theories but I am not the only guy out there saying that this decision was not from CL but Biondi. In fact Martin K. this got done with a brief but I thought excellent commentary on this situation. Among other things he said that CL admitted to the players that the decision came from higher up. MK also alluded to the Spoon era and suggested that Spoon left, in part, because he was constantly getting jumped by the administration over little things, travel receipts, etc. He also was very upset over his inability to have control over scheduling and other vita
  10. Moytoy: Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "yes" as long as Biondi is around.
  11. Bart: I am afraid the problems begin at the top. I am confident this came directly from Biondi, not CL. She is too much of a class act, and too smart to do it this way. Biondi mishandled the Grawer termination and then ran off Spoon and Romar because of his interference and his unwillingness to take reasonable steps to make the program competitive from a recruiting standpoint. Eventhough he finally decided to build the arena, he is insisting that it be done with outside support, not with SLU money.
  12. Whatever anyone thought of Brad as a coach/recruiter no one in their right mind can feel this was handled well by SLU. The timing of this and the crude way they handled it with Brad, players, fans, and media was awful at best. Its administrative malpractice. I personally loved Brad but would have accepted his firing as necessary if it had happened at the end of the season. I believe the timing HAD to have been connected with the recruiting decisions this week. One of two things happened: (1) The "fire Brad" crowd were concerned that if it didn't happen first thing this morning Brad might suc
  13. This sounds like a classic case of the internet being its own echochamber. It may be true, but at this point I'll believe it when I hear an official announcement from Illinois that they have a signed LOI in hand from Alexander.
  14. I know its hard to imagine us taking players away from Illinois of Tenn. BUT if immediate PT is Alexander's main goal, it would appear SLU is the place. Unless we sign someone else, ALexander could start at center for us and/or forward with Luke moving to the backcourt. Soderberg's comments in the Post yesterday indicate he's ready to go with a smaller, more athletic lineup, which makes sense if you look at what George Mason, SIUC, and Butler have done the last 2 years in the NCAA tourney with no starter taller than 6'7". Illinois has their staring Center, Pruitt, returning as well as PF Ran
  15. I am not quite sure why some people on the board think that there is a rule against making more offers than you have scholarships. Its called aggressive recruiting. For example, this spring we have made - at last count - at least 6-7 offers with only 3 scholarships left. You sort it out by telling players that the first 3 guys that accept get the scholarships. The other approach, which is what I suspect Brad has done, is to tell the 2 PG recruits that we will only give one PG scholarship and the first guy that signs gets it. Likewise with the PF/C and SG slots. V-Time: although I agree with y
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