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  1. Not sure where a non-facebook version of this video is, but this was well done
  2. Good job by SLU social media (seriously).
  3. Well...Interest in Billikens is up
  4. Less creepy than some of our past mascots
  5. See bottom right image
  6. I mean. It looks like the new logo, but I assumed with the new logo, the grey was "shadow." The mascot appears to be permanently shadowed and winking.
  7. Seems to apply to Section 201 only, but still quite a deal.
  8. Wow.
  9. Thanks. Are you on a Mac? It appears to work in my version of Firefox for Windows.
  10. Thanks thinks...( I am traveling)... Very much regretted checking my bag...
  11. Bartley has to sit out a year, correct?
  12. Try now. (I had the change the allocation for how much individuals could upload. Users are now limited to 10mb total).
  13. Thanks for these updates bills07