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  2. Thanks! If anyone else is experiencing problems, please let me know. There is one very small bug - but I don't think it affects user experience at all. Debating whether to resolve it before saying it is okay to take the old server fully offline.
  3. Are you still having problems with the main page after clearing your cache? @thetorch you also still having problems?
  4. For those experiencing problems with the main page in Chrome, can you load:
  5. To provide a little explanation, I think the problem is rooted in a WordPress plugin. The main site runs off of WordPress and the forum runs off of different software. There is a plugin WP RSS Aggregator which pulls in news articles and puts them on the front page. This plugin did not update properly after the server move, and I think anyone who interacted with the plugin (e.g. clicked a link) somehow cannot load in Chrome on desktops. I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin - and I was able to get things working for me on my home computer. (My gut is that my work computer is a completely different problem - but not sure.) If after clearing your cache and all relevant browser history, restarting your computer, and loading the main page still doesn't befuddlement will continue.
  6. Going to guess it still doesn't work now. (I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin that I think is causing problems).
  7. @slufan13 and or @thetorch Does chrome work for you now? I disabled a plugin or two...
  8. Okay. This is good to know, so it is likely a WordPress issue of some sort. However, the odd part is that at least on Chrome for me (at home), everything works fine.
  9. Okay... Now that's a puzzle. At least my problem has been I could not get anything on to work at work. I can get everything to work at home.
  10. I can the site to load from my home computer. slufan, with your laptop, have you been having trouble accessing the site from Saint Louis University?
  11. I will try to diagnose when at home. Hard to do when I can only access my web site on my phone
  12. I am actually having a similar problem from my work computer... Can you access from your laptop?
  13. Not going to lie. It is pretty great to have upgrades to software go much more smoothly with the new server software.
  14. should now be on a new server. Mainly the server software was on what was know as Centos 5.x, which is no longer supported as of last month. We are now on fancy-pancy 7.x, which actually may make some back end stuff easier for me (with 5.x, I had do do a few workarounds). During the move, I think we lost a few posts, but not too many. Additionally, the forum may not immediately accurately remember your last post read. Apologies for this. Hopefully everything runs smoothly, but if you notice something not working. Please let me know. If things work for the next day or two, I will try to do some upgrades to the forum software. But I don't want to do these until I have greater confidence the old software works before completely disposing of the old server. Again let me know if you experience problems, Steve