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  1. SLU Soccer 2017

    Only just now seeing this...is this real? (I don't see the tweet anymore in the @SLU_Official feed
  2. Off topic: Moderation

    More seriously, like the Rogers_Test post. I created a "rule" that newly registered members will go into a group called New Members and only be able to post 5 things a day. They can be promoted out of this group after 10 days or if their posts get 10 likes. This way people cannot come on and post a lot without waiting it out or receiving some approval from the community.
  3. Off topic: Moderation

    I just turned it on to be all in the open. If people are going to complain about trolling (which is the main reason this is being implemented), they will have to put a little skin in the game by calling a post a troll post. At least for now. I am open to counter arguments to keep it private.
  4. Off topic: Moderation

    Okay. I added a reputation system. Currently, your can react to 3 posts a day. You can say a post was good or a trolling post. I can then set some threshold that if someone's reputation falls below a certain point, they will be a member of the Metz club. They can then work their way out of the Metz club by posting good posts (as judged by the community). Right now, Skip has the best reputation. Of 1.
  5. Off topic: Moderation

    Gotcha. I am in the same boat. I am figuring out how award points (which will then (I think) partly determine Metz club membership)
  6. Off topic: Moderation

    On this, can you give people reputation points? My account can't - but I don't know if this is because I have admin permissions...
  7. Off topic: Moderation

    Volume has increased since Soderberg (graph starts April 2003; to Jan 1 2017) but declined during Crews.
  8. Off topic: Moderation

    Okay. People should now be back in the "Members" group. If you aren't, let me know.
  9. Off topic: Moderation

    Hrmm..about 30 people were accidentally added to the metz club. Give me a bit to fix this.
  10. Off topic: Moderation

    This is not intentional. I am playing with some board features... Edit: Negative signs are important in coding. My guess is you will be removed from the group upon your next post.
  11. Test by Steve

  12. Off topic: Moderation

    Life has been busy for me the last few weeks...but some replies.... Adding another moderator is under consideration. Odds are it will happen. I just have been contemplating. Multiple insiders have left - but we have also gained new insiders over the years. There will always be turnover - both in who posts on the board and who is an insider. I will concede that my more lenient moderation has probably driven off more than attracted...but I think skip nails it on why many posters have left: see below. Billikens.com use to be a much older crowd. When Majerus came on board, the iPhone came out a couple of years later. Online engagement grew dramatically among younger people, and then younger posters - who had a much different approach to posting on the internet - that the likes of Roy, AlumniFan, or Taj created a bit of a clash. I am not going to ban or limit younger posters largely because they take a different approach. Instead I recommend Old Guy's advice. Old Guy additionally is on point with a shortcoming of mine: I am looking into how to implement an alternative system here that takes users input more. Let me see what I can figure out.
  13. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I pause to close this because I do think it is fair conversation to discuss Pestello's statement. However, I am going to play it better safe than sorry and ask we keep discussion here more sports oriented.
  14. This is a good point. I will rename again.
  15. Not sure what I think of the new title...