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  1. First, thank you everyone for your generosity. We have a great community here, and it says something about how quick people were to support it with their pocketbooks. To reply to some of the comments in this thread.... Thanks for pointing this out. It should be fixed now. I have thought about doing another T-Shirt (with the retro billiken). I, however, thought of doing something a little nicer (e.g. a polo or button up shirt), since I am not sure if everyone necessarily wants to wear a T-Shirt to games in the winter. This is correct. I should note that donations to are not tax deductible nor have anything to do with Saint Louis University. The Billiken Club is completely separate, and I encourage that you join (I got my new membership card in the mail yesterday). However, all donations to are allocated to costs of the site, and I personally do not receive any profit from them.
  2. Many of you have asked me over the last few years when we will be holding the next fundraiser. Steve finally has gotten his act together, and the answer is over the next month.For newer users, has always been run with the support of donations from users. We have held five fundraisers since 2003, with the last one being in 2012. As the site has grown in popularity (e.g. having 1000s of unique visitors each week), so have the expenses. The site costs approximately $1100 a year to run (not including labor). Donations from our last fundraiser covered the costs of through March of 2014. However given the length of time since our last fundraiser, is currently about $2700 in the red, which I have personally covered over the past two years. I have always been proud to say that is supported by donations, and here, I ask for your generosity once more to help keep the site running without having to resort to ads or subscriptions. I recognize that everyone's financial situation is different, so I completely understand if you are unable to donate. I do not expect to both retire’s debt and cover the cost for the next year in this fundraiser (it would be great if we did, but this would require over doubling what we raised last time). You should be able to donate via PayPal at You can also mail a check to: Steven Rogers; 420 N. Sarah St.; Apt E.; St. Louis, MO 63108. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at Thank you for your support. Steve
  3. Not sure where a non-facebook version of this video is, but this was well done
  4. Good job by SLU social media (seriously).
  5. Well...Interest in Billikens is up
  6. Less creepy than some of our past mascots
  7. See bottom right image
  8. I mean. It looks like the new logo, but I assumed with the new logo, the grey was "shadow." The mascot appears to be permanently shadowed and winking.
  9. Seems to apply to Section 201 only, but still quite a deal.
  10. Wow.
  11. Thanks. Are you on a Mac? It appears to work in my version of Firefox for Windows.
  12. Thanks thinks...( I am traveling)... Very much regretted checking my bag...