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  1. Try now. (I had the change the allocation for how much individuals could upload. Users are now limited to 10mb total).
  2. Thanks for these updates bills07
  3. I believe you should be able to do this and most other moderating functions. To show how little I moderate, since the new forum software (I think installed in May) until about a week ago, I didn't realize I had disabled all moderating functions for all moderators (including myself). It was not until I tried to merge a post did I realize I had no moderating power under my "SluSignGuy" account. This is a pretty accurate characterization of how things work in practice.
  4. If you are clicking the Home icon on the message board, you will be taken to the main page of the Message Board. If you go directly to , the twitter feed should be on the bottom half of the page in the center.
  5. I think I have this fixed now, but let me know if not. It is very strange that the last forum upgrade seemed to break this. Ford should now be added. The twitter feed on the main page is just pulling this search string. (from:studurando) OR (from:CoachTFord5) OR (from:SaintLouisMBB) OR ("SLU" from:Atlantic10BBall) OR ("SLU" from:Frank_Cusumano) OR ("SLU" from:ESPNLunardi) OR ("SLU" from:ESPNAndyKatz) OR ("SLU" from:hochman) OR ("SLU" from:earlaustinjr) OR ("SLU" from:miklasz) OR ("SLU" from:FSMidwest) OR ("SLU" from:jppalmCBS) OR ("BILLIKENS" from:Atlantic10BBall) OR ("BILLIKENS" from:Frank_Cusumano) OR ("BILLIKENS" from:hochman) OR ("BILLIKENS" from:earlaustinjr) OR ("BILLIKENS" from:miklasz) If people think I should modify this string (e.g. add a local reporter instead of jppalmCBS let me know. I, however, am limited in how many terms I can add. Mainly, I will need to replace in the above
  6. Steve testing new post in thread.
  7. Hmm...That feature may have broke when I did a forum upgrade (not the main site upgrade). Let me play with it tonight.
  8. News section got a decent upgrade Will try to finish Stats and Scores tomorrow.
  9. All content is not transferred over yet, but just testing to make sure the forum works ok.
  10. After 6 years (!), I am finally going to update the main site. To update the site, it will be down / not usable for an extended period of time this weekend. The site itself will not appear to be very different, but everything under the hood will be. For those who dabble in web, we will switch from using Drupal to Wordpress. The biggest change for users will be that the main site will have a mobile version. The mobile version is not perfect by any means (there are some spacing issue I cannot figure out at the moment), but it is far better than the tiny front page that appears on phones. You can see a version of what the new site will be like at . There are still some rough edges (and don't hesitate to point these out). I will fix and smooth out what I can, but my web site design skills are limited by today's standards. I also need to clean up the stats and scores pages, but I do not want to do this until I transfer the site. One comment that has been made to me is that the main page and message board look like distinct web sites. I very much agree with this, but for now, I would rather not mess with the message board (in fears of making it worse), as this is the main draw to Perhaps in the future, I will try to get a more consistent look. Again, any other feedback appreciated. For a heads up about the next month, we will likely be switching servers in mid-September (same web host, new server), and after this I will likely hold the first fundraiser for in over four years. I will post details regarding this closer to. Thanks for your patience, Steve
  11. If this is SLUfan_42 I emailed you about at about 5:30 with a reset password.
  12. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for updating the schedule on the main page.  Just wanted to add a couple quick edits for accuracy:

    11/21 is vs. BYU in Vegas

    11/29 is vs. Samford at home

    SIUC game is on the road this year

    I can't 100% confirm the Coastal Carolina game at home as part of the Vegas Tournament.  However, based on the tournament format it is very likely.


    1. SluSignGuy


      Thanks for this.  I hopefully updated the front page correctly this time.

  13. Click on your username in the top right. Go to Account Settings. Then Display Name.