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  1. Have you seen how many tweets there have been about the incident? Ford even held a press conference today. It also is a delicate situation since a DUI is involved - limiting opportunities for humor. SLU is handling this well.
  2. Some may remember Tom Timmerman's Life on the Road Blog Posts (which I personally enjoyed). Thanks to twitter, we can recreate this for the Billiken Bus Trip Tonight. SLU first had a little trouble getting to Oleans The Billikens then had a tough loss But the night would just get tougher... And the Billikens chilled... The Rammer though got a little excited So Earl took over as play by play announcer, bringing the classic Austin flair The situation started getting national attention However, within the above article, a classic mistake was made Duquense (who has experience) offered their help... Then Crawford had a bright idea... ...and it worked Crawford was happy... And the SLU Managers Rejoiced And Earl was in for a late flight And Rammer puts down the Boxed Wine And stu fills in with the details... And Timmermann wishes he was there
  3. Said Mike that time
  4. Has the announcer been saying Matt Crawford instead of Mike?
  5. My guess is the practice courts. That is where they held them last year (before the Puerto Rico (?) trip). If enough fans show up that the practice courts can't hold them, that is a good problem.
  6. Service at times left something to be desired. But there are no good (cheap) happy hour bars around SLU.
  7. Using bold font would have made your attempt to making posting "great again" more clear.
  8. Sonofa...
  9. Closing thread to avoid politics.
  10. Commitment news does not go out of date as fast as a Billiken victory this season. But for you, I will update it.
  11. I generally like it. The head/chin goes so low though it looks like he is hunched and a little troll like
  12. My highlight is a student brought a puppet to the game. Good gimmick.