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I just have a question.

What is the history of taking back an offer from a player. Say player X verbals to SLU after being offered. SLU then in October learns another BETTER player is willing to go to SLU if offered, but SLU is out of scholarships. I know it is a rotten thing to do to withdrawl an offer (it messes things up for the kid they offered), but has it been done much in college sports.

I haven't heard of it happening, but I don't follow ALL of college sports very closely, mainly SLU and whatever pertains to SLU. But how uncommon is it to withdrawl an offer.


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I think JJ signed an LOI though, he didn't just verbal.

To my knowledge, and they always make a note of this in news articles, a verbal commitment is a non-binding agreement. I assume it goes for both sides. I don't think it makes much sense to be reneging on deals though.

Didn't we sort of renege on Blake Ahearn. I think Romar offered him, he did not verbal, but then Brad took it away.

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Most programs will not pull a scholarship once a player who was offered verbals. If word gets out that a coach isn't standing by his scholarship offers, the program is going to have trouble signing good players.

On the other hand, from time to time players tend to change their mind regarding their verbals. Spoon received a verbal from a top rated juco swingman who reneged and ended up at SIUC (I can't rememember his name).

According to the NCAA rules, both the program and the coach can technically back out without penalty prior to the signing of the LOI.

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