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Catholic Conference...Comparing RPI's

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Following is Catholic Conference some writers are talking about (With last season's RPI in parenthesis):


Dayton (16)

DePaul (63)

Marquette (7)

Notre Dame (10)

Saint Louis (59)

Xavier (20)


Georgetown (93)

Providence (55)

St. John's (66)

St. Joseph's (34)

Seton Hall (39)

Villanova (71)

This conference would have had an average RPI of 44, that compares VERY well to the current basketball power conferences. The SEC finished last season with an average RPI of 44 also, the Big 12 and ACC both finished with an average of 56, the Big East ended the season with an average of 72, the Big 10 75, and the Pac 10 96.

We would be in VERY company!!!

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I would love to see that conference happen, especially with the midwest side ... we would end up with a very good strength of schedule. I could see that conference getting a consistent 4 or 5 teams in the tournament.

No matter what happens .... I have never thought Conference USA would last ... it seems to me that the Football schools are slowly playing a larger role .. the basketball only schools would end up as 2nd class citizens

Lets hope the chips fall right and the Catholic Conference becomes reality

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while i have never been a fan of conference usa, i will say that if the papal conference doesnt happen, you all better hope that conference usa doesnt implode. if it does, i doubt that we will have major offers elsewhere.

again, i have faith in father biondi. we will come out ok in the shuffle.

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I remember when C-USA was first formed everyone looked at the 95 year RPI's and said this would be the 3rd highest rated conference in the land. Of course we know that never came to fruition.

Still, I would love this conference and think it we be on par with the current C-USA, but have similar schools as SLU.

Lets all hope Biondi gets us in.

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the rpi would have been higher had e carolina, houston and tcu never been added to the mix for the benefit of football.

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One thing that I do think is interesting is that the RPI of the Midwest division of the proposed Catholic conference is just above 29 and the East division is just under 60.

I think it shows the Midwest group brings more to the table than some would be led to believe

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CUSA did have the 4th or 5th highest RPI 3 years back I think. I am very excited about the Catholic Conf. Imagine how much fun the Conf Tourney would be After Games in the Bars! I don't know how the other schools are at soccer but Conf USA isn't all that great either.

You Billiken Club members should be showing support for the Papal Conf. somehow. I would but I'm a little busy still.

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