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Happy Anniversary!

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15 minutes ago, Box and Won said:

Just another painful milestone on the relentless 40-year kick in the gonads that is my Billiken basketball fandom.

"Why do we always come here"

"I guess we'll never know"

"It's like a kind of torture"

"to have to watch this show" 

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signguy, you are correct, liddell decomitted for a short time and announced for UNLV

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1 hour ago, SluSignGuy said:

ha!  I remember my first time walking into the Smith Center (after years of watching basketball games at Savvis), and I was like...is this a high school gym?

To add to the GW story, I was at the game with a very good college friend (Brett), who had heard more about the Billikens in 3 years than he cared to hear.  He and I were able to sit in the front row of the student section because it was still winter break.  Brett heckled HARD with all his acquired Billiken knowledge.  The absolute best was when Tommie Liddell was inbounding the ball about 5 feet from us and Brett yelled: "Bet you wish you would have gone to UNLV now, huh Tommie!"  Tommie turned around and exasperatedly said: "How the f* do you know all this?!"\

I think UNLV is the right school.  It was where Liddell briefly de-committed from SLU for.

It is the right school and that is a great story.

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