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TBT Question

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I guess it's safe to say that if you want to sell tickets to a semi-useless basketball tournament, hold it in Dayton and make sure you put a Dayton alum team in it.  Anybody know what the attendance was for that thing these last two nights?

And get me the attendance for tomorrow now that the Red Scare has done and gone.  

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I'll never understand the hate on the TBT.

It's a fun event that allows former players to come together and compete for significant amounts of money. It makes for great television in an otherwise basketball dead period (don't even think about saying WNBA). It provides relief from the 3,000th MLB game this summer. 

You can't tell me that if SLU had a team comprised of Hasahn, Willie, Liddell, Evans, Conklin, Mitchell, Jett, etc that you wouldn't be tuned in to every game, so why hate on Dayton for doing exactly that? 


What you sound like:


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