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New Idea for Big OOC Games in Feb.

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-sorry for my skepticism but I wouldn't trust an alogorithim developed by a BIG  AD under the guise of trying to help the non P6 conferences, my jaded eyes tell me, as the article reads, they pit two "equal" teams against each other, okay when SVU and San Diego State were  in the Top 10 this knocks one of them down a rung or two on the bracket which elevates a UVA/OU/pick your team and then when they have teams ranked 40 and 41 play the loser goes to the NIT opening a bid for Rutgers/Ole Miss/pick your team from a P6

-I do not believe for one second the P6 will do anything to legitmately help schools not in their conferences and this extends/includes the godfather of scheduling 

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Rammer and Rocchio discuss the potential Feb OOC major matchup games up to 7 minutes in this podcast.  Rammer hasn't read the entire article.  Rammer doesn't really want to necessarily give up that buy game with East Toenail State.  

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