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Congrats to Coach Stuen - named to 30 under 30 list

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Pretty big deal to be on this list. Glad hes on our side. 


"Saint Louis University men's basketball assistant coach Ford Stuen was named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) 2020 Under Armour 30-Under-30 Team, representing 30 of the most outstanding men's college basketball coaches under the age of 30.
"This is a very deserving honor for Ford and we are very happy for him," SLU head coach Travis Ford said. "Since the day I was hired at SLU, Ford has been by my side helping to build Team Blue. He works extremely hard both off and on the court, constantly working his relationships in recruiting as well as spending time developing our players."
Stuen, a 2016 graduate of Oklahoma State University, came to SLU in the summer of 2016 as the program's director of player development. He was promoted to assistant coach last summer."


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Interesting.  Xavier talking heads put together a podcast with Coach Ford Stuen.


He is totally open about being Coach Ford's nephew and how that has helped him.  He said Uncle Travis tried to talk him out of coaching when he first spoke with Ford.  Coach Ford told him that coaching was 25% basketball, 75% other stuff off the court.

Stuen, as Director of Player Development, he couldn't be on the court, so he really didn't "develop any player".  He was in charge of logistics, gear, camps, etc.  

He has been on the phone quite a bit during the quarantine building relationships.

He said it was strange going from a support staff to a coach for the same guys.   Jordan and Hasahn are in the last wave that remembers him as a Graduate Assistant.  The new players know him only as a coach. He is going from Big Brother to Mentor with the team.  He had to get on a player for not going to class last season.  Said he wanted to handle that, not elevating it to Coach Ford.

What is unique at SLU?   Stuen:  "Because of our players, our identity is being physical.  He said we morphed into it, it wasn't planned. They are trying to get more skilled players (mentioned Yuri) on the team now.  Toughness is through Coach Ford, that is who he is.  No BS on the court.  Ford doesn't say much about shot selection, offense kind of takes care of itself.  But if you are on D and he sees you aren't playing hard, you are coming out."

Coach T. Ford is a believer in a huge scouting report.  Diving in at a high detail.  Ford changes his team scheme based on personnel.  First team had to play half court and move in and out of a zone. We don't deny the ball, but we put a lot of ball pressure. Strong help side, stop the ball first.  Rebounding is always on the forefront.   First hour in practice is breaking down principles. 

Talked about recruiting overseas, Ray G. brought in a new way of thinking on recruiting, how Gonzaga did it.  Sent him over to the Canary Islands to a tourney.  Can't wear college logos, as the scouts want these players to stay home or go pro.  Lot more involved than recruiting here.  He was looking for a big.  Maybe the only college coach at the tourney.  He was able to build some relationships that he is still using.  He found Lorentsson over there playing against a team from Atlanta.  We know he sealed the deal, but said "Now we are still trying to get him here."

"If you were playing a dodge ball game, which 5 head basketball coaches would you want on your team?"  Answer:  Coach Ford is kind of old, so I'm not going with him.   Shaka #1, Anthony Grant #2, Eric Musselman #3, Greg Paulus #4, Cuonzo Martin #5  

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