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The pre Ellis days are killing us. Our RPI for the conference seaon is 41. Non-con is 192. Three losses in above 100 teams in the non-conference with no win wins against top 100 teams in the non conference destroyed our RPI.


That RPI remains incredibly frustrating. An overall RPI of 41, rather than 84 as it stands now, would have SLU in the NCAA IMO.

Without being in the know, it seems that SLU's non-conference schedule was in part due to the anticipation of having such a young team, that and the difficulties in scheduling for SLU. It's not like big BCS teams are clamoring to come to Chaifetz Arena and get beat. Even lousy BCS teams like Boston College and Nebraska refused to renew their contracts with SLU.

Also, I would like to believe that SLU is in the NIT, especially after that great road win at Dayton. I don't want to be the messenger of bad news, but that NIT is already down to only 29 at large NIT bids- thanks to the automatic NIT bids already bestowed on Coastal Carolina (RPI 135), Stony Brook (RPI 141), and the favorite of elements of this Board, Lipscomb (RPI 209). Going strictly by the RPI, SLU, with its RPI of 84, would be the second to last team in the NIT, with the possibility, if not probability, that more NIT bids will disappear to more lower conference regular season champs that don't win their conference post-season tournaments.

I hope the NIT College of Retired Coaches considers more than just the RPI, such as how well this SLU team has played since Cody Ellis joined the team, and that corresponding Conference RPI of 41.

Of course, if the Billikens can hit the jackpot in Atlantic City, all of this will be moot and SLU will be dancing.

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If we win 2, beat RI and Temple, we still have a shot at NCAA at-large, though it depends on other conference upsets, etc.

RPI is not a perfect science, for example Ohio State is 29 but is projected for # 2 seed.

Committee knows we did not have Cody Ellis the first half... possible wins over ND, Ia St, or Georgia with him.

And Majerus is a huge draw.

We have a great "story" with all freshmen and sophs.

Not probable, but possible.

NIT not bad, though, excellent season, one more win at least in the A-10 would be nice. :o

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Committee knows we did not have Cody Ellis the first half... possible wins over ND, Ia St, or Georgia with him.

I doubt neither Lynn Hickey (UTSA's Athletic Director) nor Stan Morrison (UC Riverside's Athletic Director) know who Cody Ellis is...

We should at least be 'in the discussion' (meaning top 10-15 on the outside looking in) because we are a different team with Cody..

But, IF we don't make the NCAA tournament, I can at least take solace in the fact that the Lipscomb Bisons earned an automatic NIT bid with their stellar 16-13 season....go LU!....pathetic!!!

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Latest NIT-ology has SLU as a four seed. If that holds, we get a first round home game. Glad to see the one bid conferences holding serve today. I think St. Mary's might have gotten an at large anyway. They smoked Gonzaga.

Still about 10 more one bid leagues to determine conference champs. No way all those one seeds will win. Figure three to four will lose in the tourney championship. Bills need to take care of business on Friday.

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