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  1. That is a good perspective. All i can say is i have spent some time in Normal, and I was always happy to drive back to STL.
  2. A fool would pick Illinois State over Saint Louis University. I have faith in people not being foolish, but I am proven otherwise all the time.
  3. Say Okoro commits, does that mean Diarra is out? I caught a lot of flack saying I think he was dead in the water and might be on his way out. I agree dead in the water was harsh, though.
  4. All i know is this roster is 8-9 people deep of players good enough to start during an average Billiken season. I cant wait.
  5. Haarms might want more PT. He averaged mid to low 20 mpg at Purdue. I am not sure if he will get much more than that here as Jimmy continues to develop.
  6. I honestly see this as a major plus. I think that French and JGood will receive some great feedback from scouts which they will use to better themselves over the off season.
  7. Gok is a career 30% FT shooter. He fits like a glove.
  8. Dead in the water is definitely too harsh. I hope he stays around because his body is absurd, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he left to get more reps elsewhere. I see us in win-now mode, and a grad transfer big would provide our best win-now chances imo. At the end of the day, Diarra seems like a great teammate so wish him the best on Team Blue.
  9. Doesn't make much sense to me that people would pick Richmond above us. We beat them easily in our most recent match up and are returning just as much as they are (probably bringing more in, too). Arguably the best insider (or my favorite) Jon Rothstein picked us ahead of them. I think more should follow suit, but we won't won't get the hype we deserve from A10 talk and others.
  10. Diarra seems dead in the water. I wouldn't be shocked if he left. Travis put him in four games so clearly did not want to redshirt him.
  11. Just going to spitball memories that are my favorite Barry Eberhardt 3 in the corner to beat Dayton Kwamain bank 3 to beat dayton Brian Conklin against Washington - enough said Beating memphis (what made it sweeter was Mizzou losing to Norfolk St. right as our game tipped) Michigan State game - even though it was a loss, it was absolutely electric Dwayne Evans absolutely dominating the A10 tournament in 2013 - especially beating Butler and fouling out their 7 footer Going 5-0 against Butler and VCU in 2013 - especially stomping Butler at home The NCState Game - it was miserable to watch but oh so sweet to also see Jordair take over Fred Thatch steal to hammer dunk against Butler 18-19 season Tramaine trying to get 40 Brooklyn victory - oh that was so sweet, I definitely shed tears of joy This whole season watching Javonte Perkins become the most lethal shooter I have seen in my lifetime Watching Has and Jordan both average double doubles. I am not sure if we will ever have a pair like those two.
  12. Day 3 of social distancing as the governor has shut down most things in my state... I have resorted to downloading TikTok to entertain me. This is quite the social media platform. I am addicted.
  13. What does one do without sports? I am truly at a loss for how I will spend my time/be happy.
  14. So we are reigning A10 tournament champs two years in a row!!!
  15. @The Wiz How do you think this performance changes GM trending? Any chance of knocking off the Bonnies?
  16. too logical for me to follow... the time is now to buy Billiken stock!
  17. I would swap Daly for Grady easily. Daly is a lethal scorer.
  18. They do six players whenever there is a tie in the amount of votes. I know it drives some people crazy, but I am fine with it. These teams are supposed to reward players and not screw them over for losing a coin toss or whatever a tiebreaker would be.
  19. Any games we need to pay attention to today for the bubble? Or are all of them a part of tomorrow's gauntlet?
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