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  1. Yep...and he had NBA players there and could win nothing. But this board thinks hes John Wooden
  2. That would require a coach who knows how to make adjustments....
  3. Very true. Its too bad he didn't end up with the SLU job. He is one hell of a coach. He left one year too early or he could've taken over for Romar. That would've rewritten SLU history and avoided the Brad years.
  4. I do like Daum, but hes failed 3 years in a row in the NCAA Tourney with better teams around him. Their best team was probably his freshman year. Campbell losing was a bummer. At least we get to see JA and Murray State get it going
  5. I feel you...yet somehow i get drawn back. I have probably missed less than 10 games since 1998... Seems I will be forever stuck on the refs robbing us vs Mich State in 2012, and Rob Loe suddenly losing his shot. That was the game, and the chance we had. Rick on the sidelines and Conklin playing insane with Kwamain. Draymond Green is still throwing elbows in the NBA years later..and getting away with it. Draymond Body checks Ellis...FOUL ON ELLIS!!! I'll never forget that.
  6. I am glad he got caught. Hated him at VCU. But they are going after him because he is an easy target. What about Coach K, Roy Williams, Calipari, etc... They get off scott free again and again. UNC literally had fake classes going, but somehow that story goes away. The NCAA never changes
  7. Belmont should get an at large bid, but will not. I am hoping Furman can win the Socon and someone knock buffalo out of the MAC tourney, because Buffalo and Wofford are locks for at large bids, so 2 more mid majors could squeeze in that way. Also someone besides Nevada or Utah State winning Mountain West could make that a 3 bid league.
  8. Well Ford cannot coach or keep players. I wonder if Yuri is reconsidering his decision right now. Richmond handled us once already..they could again..
  9. Well, for some reason my account seems to be broken, saying I have reached a posting limit for the day...) So I even though I've done nothing wrong I guess someone is punishing me for telling the truth? Once again I was right, we were let down. Ford had no plan for the game. How does the bonnies best post player miss more than half the game and you lose by double digits. Incredible. Watching Houston right now and realizing we had that team beat (albeit with CG) and took down Seton Hall just depresses me more realizing how this year was wasted.
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