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  1. ESL plays Parkview, not Hillcrest. Tyem Freeman transferred to Parkview a few years ago. It’s a shame we didn’t go after him.
  2. Quade will most likely head back to the east coast.
  3. Foul trouble for Carteare, Hasahn, Goodwin, and Bess really hurt us.
  4. His body language is always bad, so not sure it means anything significant today.
  5. I suspect Seton Hall may have done us a big favor in forcing our guys to come together. Road trips are huge opportunities for team chemistry, and I’m sure the boys were fired up last night. Let’s take care of business against Pitt and keep this train moving. Roll Bills.
  6. He looks lost because he’s playing out of position and Isabell won’t pass him the ball. It amazes me that some don’t see this. Go rewatch the 5 minutes stretch beginning around the 10:00 mark of the second half where Goodwin ran the team with Isabell on the bench. Our offense looked much better. We actually moved the ball, and Goodwin was a factor. Aside from Isabell dribbling the ball into the ground every possession, his body language is atrocious. This team will never be what it’s capable of if he’s running the point. I agree with others that Goodwin at the 1 and Isabell at the 2 is worth trying.
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